Top 15 High-Cost Affiliation Programs

High-cost affiliation programs can bring you a lot of money – but with so many programs promising you huge $ dollars, it’s hard to find the one that suits you. But with some research and comparisons, you will be able to find high-cost affiliation programs that are in your niche.

What is a “good” affiliation program?

There are many factors to consider when looking for the perfect affiliation program. These include the vertical to which a program can belong and the commission structure it offers. Another aspect to consider is the cookie policy and the variety of products available to promote.

Niches for the most profitable affiliation programs

First, consider the vertical / niche in which an affiliation program is located. Vertical is not an infallible way to find very well-paid programs, however, it is a good direction to start your research.
In general, the highest payments of affiliates (especially in relation to the price of the product) are found in the digital sector. This may include online marketing tools, online store manufacturers, website builders, any type of entertainment subscription, or digital tools. And much more because the Internet is a bottomless pit as we all know.
The fact is that digital products cost very little to “make” and nothing to deliver / ship. Because all a customer has to do is click on buy, fill out information from their card and download or whatever. Thus, digital products can afford to give their affiliates much higher payments.
Another industry with high profitability: Luxury products. This is a bit obvious: if the price is huge, then the affiliation tranche is all the greater. These programs offer high-cost membership products. In general, it is the only niche that will provide affiliated traders with substantial commissions on real physical products. (But these can often also be services).
Of course, these products have very specialized target audiences and their marketing is more difficult.
A third industry that tends to have higher payments: personal finance programs. These can deal with crypto, precious metals, IRAs, various pension plans, insurance.
In any case, be sure to check the validity and reliability of the product. Once you start promoting a scam on your platform, you will lose a lot of public confidence.

What makes an affiliation program “high ticket”?

You will notice that many affiliation programs listed here have recurring commissions, which can be a gold mine of profits. Don’t limit your research to one-off big commission programs. Think residual income in the form of regular monthly commissions that can keep on paying for years for services such as hosting, email marketing, analytics, etc. These type of services makes moving to another company difficult for the client.

The biggest pain point or the thought of having to setup new e-mail automation sequences, tags, and importing lists (with the risk of losing a heap of subscribers having to re-confirm or opt into your list) is too much hassle and potential loss of income for most, so they stay put with the service they’ve been using for years.

Once you have asked someone to register for a subscription model product (which generally applies to digital products), you will get this monthly passive income. Or, you can get commissions on any of their future purchases.
Otherwise, most of these high-cost membership programs listed here are either very expensive, making you a single large amount.
Another related factor: the cookie policy . This is the time that YOU have as a affiliate to obtain credit for a sale. For example, Amazon’s membership program only offers 24 hours after a potential client has clicked on your membership link. However, most of these programs listed here have much longer cookie periods – usually at least a few months.
This should of course be very important when searching, as most people do not make big purchases when buying impulsively. It will take them a few weeks or even months to make a final decision. And you want to be sure that you will be credited with this final decision

Products sold in very remunerative affiliation programs

And last but not least: keep an eye on the products offered in an affiliation program.
Of course, some personal finance programs can offer an investment opportunity in precious metals of $ 2,000, but they can also offer 30 other offers at low prices and low wages.
Certainly, you don’t just have to promote super expensive products, and cheaper products have a place to attract and warm a customer, but you don’t want to waste your time and money on a program that will never really bring you these high payment fees.

Top 15 high-cost affiliation programs

We have compiled a variety of high-cost affiliation programs from several niches with different commission structures. Find the ones that suit you.
Let me just emphasize: these are not in a particular order. Only 15 superb high-yielding membership programs. In addition, the details listed here may change, but we are trying to stay as up-to-date as possible.
Of course, you will only really know if an affiliation program works for you and your target audience as long as you follow up. Affiliate tracking software like Voluum Tracker does all of this for you. So keep in mind that although all of these programs sound good, never just rely on your gut – you will also have to follow to determine the best high-cost membership programs for you.

1. Kinsta affiliation program

Kinsta is a managed WordPress web hosting service provider. So another of those digital “products” that I mentioned that can offer high performance – in addition, it is wrapped in plans. So you also have recurring commissions. This is great news for us for additional passive income.
You will see some Internet hosting providers on this list. Many of them have high-cost affiliation programs.
Internet or Web hosting is necessary for an individual, a business, or anyone who can create an online website.
Hosting is also something that can make or break a website – it affects the site’s loading speed. This is very important if you want to have a website that sees a decent amount of traffic and can be classified on the results pages of search engines.

2. SEMrush affiliation program

SEMrush is again the digital category; it is a platform for digital marketing analysis and marketing automation with SEO services. These are all essential if you want to be relevant and visible on the internet. This will help you optimize your website for search engines.
You will also see some good digital marketing tools on this list, so keep an eye on if it matches your niche. As I mentioned, digital tools are capable of offering higher commissions.
The SEMrush high-cost affiliation program is beneficial not only for your customers but also potentially for you too, because, as I mentioned, SEO services, digital marketing and analysis are essential to be seen on the web. Their offers include separate commission amounts for sales, testing, and registrations. If you take a look, you will find that sales are where you will get the real high ticket payments.

3. Fiverr affiliation program

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace: you make a profile highlighting your skills and then someone from across the globe can hire you for a project or even on a regular basis. Not a bad way to make money online. But that’s not how we try to get profits today
Instead, refer people to their platform and get commissions based on the plan they are on. The different plans adapt to the different needs and sizes of those who seek to hire and more.
They have two models depending on the Fiverr products and plans you promote: a recurring affiliation program with revshare or a CPA, a “cost per action” model. With numerous promotion plans and monthly payments, this is one of the most flexible affiliation programs.

4. Teachable affiliation program

Teachable is a platform for creating online courses. You can design and activate your own set of educational courses here – which your clients will eventually pay for.
It’s another way to make money online. But like I said, that’s not why we’re here today
Although you may consider this an online business model one day if you have something valuable to offer, for now, their affiliate marketing program should very well provide you with this extra income with a lot less work.
Teachable has an affiliation program with very good commission rates which start at 30% and increase depending on the type of plans your godson subscribes to and the types of upgrades he pays. In fact, they have one of the best recurring membership programs with their generous commission rates and their important cookie policy.

5. Smartproxy affiliation program

Another product based on a digital industry plan for website owners. As I said, digital dominates the category of high-cost membership programs because it costs so little to manufacture and practically nothing to deliver. This does not mean that these high-cost membership products are not worth much, but, especially given their subscription-based model, they make a much greater profit.
Smartproxy is a residential proxy network with more than 40 million IP addresses. A proxy is a server application that links communications between two different computers. In general, proxys can be used to simplify or control requests and to provide increased security and confidentiality.
And you can make a lot of money with a first client through the Smartproxy affiliation program. Unfortunately, in this program, it seems for the moment that you do not have a recurring commission to generate long-term passive income.

6. Thinkific affiliation program

Thinkific is another platform for creating online courses. Although creating and planning a full, useful and effective online course can be a lot of work, platforms like Thinkific are helping you streamline this process. You can include video lessons, reading materials and even quiz to really make your point of view understood.
But we are here to learn something else today: the best affiliate marketing programs. And this site has one.
Thinkific has three plans from which you can obtain passive income if you motivate the others to join (via your affiliation link of course). With a large commission rate, recurring payments and a decent cookie length, affiliated marketing specialists have the potential to convert customers and earn this passive income.

7. Villiers Jets affiliation program

Here is our first of the luxury membership programs on the list. If you hadn’t guessed: the jets. For the wealthy naturally. But how does it work exactly ?
Customers can go to the Villiers site, enter their travel dates and select a flight like any other airline site. Except that this one is for private jets. Shared too, but hey, a jet is a jet. Below, I have included a screenshot of what their “product selection” process looks like, that is, the selection and payment of a flight.
This is what you will get a commission on. Not bad. A very profitable affiliate product. In addition, you have a one year cookie length, which is excellent.
Maybe we are not flying on jets yet, but with this program that knows ? Quite early

8. Sandals Resort affiliation program

I have never been a big fan of organized and all inclusive vacations, so a place like Sandals Resort has never been on my radar. However! I’m a fervent office fan, so I’m well aware of the scandal that the vacation of Michael and Jan’s Jamaica Sandals caused.
If it is still not obvious: Sandals Resort is a multinational chain of hotel complexes. They offer many services, dating evenings at weddings and family vacations (I guess you can just spend all your important life events there). But it’s a costly business that requires the sweet reminders that online marketing provides – which is always good news for us affiliates.
A bonus here is that you could even win one of their trips

9. Regal Assets affiliation program

This platform is focused on investment opportunities, particularly in terms of pension plans. Although their commissions may not seem huge, you can have your recurring commissions for life. Who, if you get even a few decent investors, you will have your own retirement plan taken care of
But on a more serious note: you are also well paid for qualified prospects. The definition of a qualified lead may vary depending on the platform, but this essentially means that you collect one or more information from a potential customer who has proven his interest in one way or another. Maybe with a call, an email or even a simple click.
In addition to this, you can make money through future purchases from your customers. In other words, this income sharing model (the affiliated merchant takes a share of the income stream generated by the client he brought) will also contribute to your profits.
With a few options available to promote, I am sure you will end up catching some in this high-cost membership program.

10. Shopify affiliation program

200% is a huge commission, but it comes with a catch. You will get double the amount of the package selected by the sponsored Shopify client, BUT it must have been active for two months.
Honestly, it’s not that difficult if you manage to get quality customers. They can’t all be perfect, I know, Shopify is an online store creation tool. It allows people to sell online by creating their shop on the internet.
And I presume that if someone has made all these efforts to set up and establish their shop, they will not give up within two months when they have just finalized everything.
As a member of the House, this encouragement to stick to it also rests partly on your shoulders. So if you have the platform, help people in their online business businesses.

11. WP engine affiliation program

And the next hosting service to appear here: WP Engine. They provide managed web hosting to owners of WordPress websites.
WordPress is of course basically the biggest name in website creation tools and models. Basically, anyone looking to create a website will end up running into WordPress if they don’t actually use it. And what I’m trying to argue here is that being a WordPress partner means a lot. So keep that in consideration. It also comes naturally with its drawbacks. But that’s what research is for.
In any case, it is another of these digital products by subscription with high commission rates and among the most profitable affiliation programs.
The two product categories available for promotion have decent commission plans, just keep an eye on the differences between the two.

12. Liquid Web affiliation program

Internet hosting service provider with quite interesting commissions.
These web hosting services really seem like a great deal of affiliation, don’t they?
As I said, digital products – and in particular hosting services – can manage these excellent sponsorship payments for membership programs.
There is only one problem with all of these superb high-cost membership programs for accommodation services.
The trick is to choose which one to go with. Either way, you should really focus on one rather than recommending or promoting the 15 accommodation services you find
But, you can always try several programs and test how it goes. Of course, if you are testing, you will also need to follow up and optimize with affiliate software – for which Voluum is there.

13. Capitalist Exploits affiliation program

Another gold mine for personal finances.
Who would have thought that investing would save everyone money?
They deal with risky / reward investments in a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to business insurance to hedge funds. The products promoted by their affiliates are essentially educational material on investment. For customers, the subscription service consists of a significant lump sum (minimum $ 1,500) for the year. This should not be reimbursed until twelve months later, each year.
With a one-year cookie length and two commodity categories to promote, Capitalist Exploits is a decent opportunity to try the financial sector. Just keep in mind that this is a very large payment that only takes place once a year for each sale.

14. ClickFunnels affiliation program

ClickFunnels is another of the high-cost affiliation programs that offer several commission structures. As you progress and convert more customers to their digital marketing courses, you can qualify for higher sales commission rates.
ClickFunnels is an online tool for creating websites and sales funnels, usually for affiliated marketing specialists. A sales funnel, also known as the purchase or purchase process, is the steps a customer must take to buy a certain product or service. This includes marketing campaigns, destination pages, sales pages, incentive page,s and member pages.
The sales funnel is as essential for the affiliate sales funnel as anything else.

15. Bigcommerce affiliation program

Bigcommerce is another e-commerce company designed to allow the creation of online stores as well as other functions such as marketing automation, hosting, and email marketing software. All of these services are combined into one, which means customers have to dig a little deeper into their pockets for a Bigcommerce plan. However, of course, this means that it is generally more efficient than paying separately for each service.
And it also means a high-cost affiliation program for us traders.
Again, you have to take into account that what they offer overlaps with other services provided by the affiliate programs listed here. So you cannot necessarily recommend everything at once. On the one hand, you will be perceived as not trustworthy since you tell users to subscribe to three different plans for the same product or service.
On the other hand, users will probably not even subscribe to several services anyway and you run the risk of submerging them and losing possible commissions. This is where you can use affiliate marketing software like Voluum Tracker to test which offers are optimal for conversions.
The two plans proposed by Bigcommerce have excellent commissions for affiliates as well as a decent cookie policy.

Become a high-cost affiliate

A word of advice: diving into high-cost membership programs comes at a cost. In other words, if it was that simple, everyone would.
If you are very new to the game, you had better start with some programs that have cheaper offers and therefore lower payments. This way it will be much easier to close a sale, test and improve your advertising skills.

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