WP Engine Vs Kinsta – What WordPress Hosting Is The Best

A quick online search for the best-managed WordPress cloud hosting providers almost always mentions Kinsta Vs WP Engine among them. WP Engine and Kinsta offer excellent performance and are incredibly fast (which is an important factor for Google ranking), and offer excellent customer support and high-quality cloud hosting services.

If you do not know which one to choose for your company or blog, we will help you make the right choice by comparing the two according to specific key parameters.

We will examine each host individually, then compare them according to their functionalities, performance features, assistance, availability, prices, advantages, disadvantages, and most notable features.

WP Engine

WP Engine’s a leading and awarded digital experience platform in the WordPress community, renowned for its performance and ability to perform even the latest computer-optimized virtual machine architectures.

This and other factors allow the platform to provide its customers with the most efficient, secure, and reliable configuration on which to create superb digital experiences with WordPress.

More than 120,000 customers trust it in 150 countries thanks to its performance.

They partner with world-class infrastructure providers such as the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services platform to continuously improve their proprietary WordPress optimization stack for customer performance.

WP Engine’s the only WordPress host among its alternatives to have received a distinction for the management of Web content, as in the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice.

As a pioneer in managed WP accommodation and the first to raise the bar, WP Engine continues to improve its services to provide its customers with the higher speed, service, and assistance they need.

Let’s take a look at what WP Engine offers.

WP Engine’s infrastructure

WP Engine‘s software stack is refined with the flexibility to evolve dynamically in the mind so that your business can thrive in unpredictable traffic conditions, especially if it becomes viral.

Its EverCache technology – proprietary caching software – makes the digital experience of its customers fairly fast and scalable. In addition, the flexibility of their packages allows them to take advantage of more traffic, equipment, and functionalities in order to be able to adapt to millions of visits and website visits every day.

WP Engine’s server solutions

By partnering with other top-notch services like Amazon Web Services, WP Engine is able to provide leading infrastructure to its customers for high-availability cluster server solutions. This guarantees you disaster recovery and scalability.

They also offer new generation Google hardware that offers high performance and helps pages load faster than ever.

Diversity of evolutionary options

WP Engine also offers a wide range of scalable options that are powerful enough to meet the needs of their business and professional customers. A dedicated virtual machine is also available which offers better insulation and constant performance.

It also offers four infrastructure options from which you can choose: shared, single node, dynamic web scaling, and cluster. We will examine them in our review of the functionality of WP Engine below.

Safety of the WP Engine

You should not compromise the security of your website, which is why the WP Engine platform offers several safety layers to choose from, as well as a dedicated security engineering team.

It also allows you to adapt your security posture according to the needs of your business. They also offer daily automated backups stored for 60 days, as well as years of WordPress-specific safety experience filtered through the security environment of its DXP.

In addition, they included Global Edge Security, an advanced and high-performance security solution, especially for WordPress for all their clients. This feature is built in partnership with Cloudflare, a leading company in the field of web performance and security.

With Global Edge Security, you benefit from a WAF managed to mitigate threats on the outskirts and inspect SQL or XXS traffic injections, DDoS protection, and CDN Cloudflare for improved site speed.

Updates to the WP Engine plugin

WP Engine‘s Smart Plugin Manager is a tool that helps you safely update plugins on WordPress by integrating artificial intelligence. The tool automatically checks updates to WordPress plugins every 24 hours, ensuring that your site is not lacking when updates occur.

You not only save time and effort through the tedious process but also avoid the vulnerabilities of plugins that have a large number of known entry points for WordPress site attacks. So your plugins stay secure and up to date.

WP Engine – Best WordPress Hosting with robust architecture, unequaled speed, foolproof security, and 24-hour technical assistance, WP Engine offers the best WordPress hosting experience.

WP Engine’s development tools

WP Engine works in collaboration with developers to provide the right tools they need at their disposal. They also added features and solutions designed to make life easier for developers, such as Local by Flywheel, the best local WordPress development tool.

This allows developers to spend more time launching sites and less time debugging local environments. The workflow of WP Engine‘s developers has development, staging sites, and production environments, which help developers create projects faster, start smoothly, and effectively maintain what they build.

Access to the Genesis framework

With WP Engine, your developers can quickly create secure WordPress themes, optimized for search engines, fast and attractive. It also has tools such as Page Performance that give them a real-time view of performance data and recommendations, developers can accelerate the performance of their site.

Registration to any WP Engine plan gives you free access to more than 35 Premium StudioPress themes so that you can create web pages and mobile and reactive websites in just a few hours. The themes are integrated into HubSpot, ready for electronic commerce, optimized for Gutenberg, easy to personalize, and optimized for referencing.

Multi-level agency program dedicated to WP Engine

WP Engine partners with agencies and offers them a dedicated agency program on several levels with support and benefits that will help them develop their business while delighting their customers with better digital experiences.

The platform includes more than 4,500 agencies dedicated to providing WordPress solutions for businesses. Each partner agency receives a free WP Engine developer account, a list on the page of their recommended agency, and specialized documentation for developers.

The higher levels offer joint marketing, dedicated business assistance, and personalized training programs to evangelize the benefits of WP Engine.

WP Engine Support

The award-winning WP Engine client support team ensures that your problems are resolved quickly and correctly. It offers high-quality support and access to resources such as a directory of experienced WordPress consultants and experts who join the platform to offer maintenance or development services 24/7.

WP Engine migration services

The WP Engine automated migration plugin helps you migrate to its platform in a few clicks. Once you have downloaded the plugin, you can use it by entering basic information on your site, and the migration will be done automatically.

In case you are stuck during the process, you can always contact their technical assistance team which is always available to help you in case of a problem. Make sure to check your site and check that everything seems correct before changing DNS.

WP Engine never invoices the migration of the site – it is always free, whether or not you cancel during its 60-day reimbursement guarantee period.

WP Engine’s price

WP Engine’s prices start at US$27 / month for a basic single WordPress site.

If you want to use WooCommerce for eCommerce solutions pricing starts at US$32 / month, and personalized plans for large companies. Annual packages are slightly cheaper.

Advantages and disadvantages of WP Engine


  • Excellent support
  • Access to StudioPress and Genesis Framework
  • Great security
  • Fast speeds
  • Good performance
  • Evolving and flexible
  • Secure updates of plugins
  • Adapted to developers
  • Excellent support
  • Daily Backups

The disadvantages

  • No lower-level plans
  • Bandwidth limits
  • Migration from the site requires a plugin

Kinsta Review

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider designed for scaling and performance so that your site stays online even in the event of traffic peaks.

Its entire infrastructure is based on the Google Cloud platform and does not fall under traditional accommodation categories, which means that it is different from conventional, shared or dedicated VPS infrastructure.

Kinsta uses orchestrated LXC software containers and LXD-managed hosts for each site so that everyone is housed in their own container with everything they need to run it (Nginx, Linux, MySQL, PHP). Software resources are 100% private, so no one else shares them with you, not even your own sites if you run several.

Whichever plan you choose, Kinsta offers you the same basic infrastructure and provides a transparent and painless dedicated plans upgrade or downshift for your startup plan or a custom plan –

Starter or Enterprise.

This is different from WP Engine, where you need to switch to a VPS from a shared environment, then to a cloud hosting or to a dedicated server, and perform several site migrations at each stage of the process.

The Kinsta hosting configuration is private and secure by design while allowing scalability (upwards or downwards) of the server resources according to the needs and according to the requests of your site.

Let’s see its notable characteristics.

Kinsta is optimized for e-commerce sites

The Kinsta platform is optimized for Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. E-commerce sites can require a lot from their owners, in addition to generating many dynamic page loads bypassing the cache.

Customers who use Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce daily can increase the speed of their stores thanks to Kinsta. It offers a quick cache of pages at the server level and an automatic bypass cache in the payment process and excludes the cache of certain pages such as my account, my basket, or my payment.

Kinsta Performance

Kinsta obtained the “leading” performance title during the annual review Signal review, which places him as the fastest WordPress host on the web. The review rigorously tests the performance of the best hosting providers, andKinsta has not failed for five consecutive years.

Kinsta has also performed well in tests such as Blitz.io Test, which detects whether a site is hiding its home page and determines the performance of the caching system. He managed to manage 5,000 simultaneous calls without a problem.

Kinsta is friendly to developers

Like WP Engine, Kinsta also boasts of being friendly to developers, of having built its dashboard and tools while thinking of WordPress developers, and because they are also developers. They offer accessibility features that allow developers to benefit from a more efficient workflow, including:

  • SSH, WP-CLI and Git access on all their plans
  • Personalized configurations like Trellis and Bedrock, plus Sage and other start-up themes
  • Transfer environments in one click to easily transfer changes from the transfer phase to production
  • Restore automatic backups for transfer and production
  • Publication and page reviews available by default
  • Switch between PHP motors in one click
  • Possibility of loading sites via reverse proxies
  • Complementary modules such as Elastic search for faster search and Redis for faster database performance

Kinsta migrations

Kinsta offers unlimited free migration to new customers who wish to switch to its platform from your existing platform. Kinsta has a team of migration experts who will take care of everything for you, without however undergoing downtime. They also inspect your migrated site before it is online again.

Kinsta assistance

Kinsta is designed by developers, which is why its entire support team includes Linux hosting engineers and WordPress developers.

Most of these experts have created plugins and themes, managed their own servers, and contributed to the platform so that you can benefit from the expert advice of active users of WordPress.Customers can also chat with experts and team members who support Kinsta’s large clientele and Fortune 500 companies.

Support is available 24/7, with an average response time of 1 minute and 19 seconds compared to the average time of 3 minutes of WP Engine. Kinsta also monitors availability by the minute, and staff is always aware of this before you even contact them for your problem.

Presence Kinsta

Kinsta has 20 data centers around the world on five continents, as it is exclusively powered by the Google Cloud Platform. These centers are available on all their plans without hidden costs or additional costs.

Everything is interconnected on the top-level network of the Google Cloud platform to reduce distance and jumps and ensure faster and more secure data transport.

Apart from having excellent performance to take care of any traffic spikes and traffic surges, it also means the Google Cloud hosting platform provides a faster and more reactive main WordPress dashboard and quick file transfers.

Kinsta content delivery

Kinsta CDN ensures that the dissemination of your content is supercharged because it cares about the performance of your site from anywhere in the world, not just from data centers.

In partnership with KeyCDN and by providing free bandwidth on its plans, the Kinsta CDN guarantees that your content is delivered and cached from the 34 POPs of KeyCDN worldwide, including regions such as America, Asia, and Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia.

The CDN also automatically protects your site against malware while offering industry standards such as HPACK and GZIP compression

Kinsta’s prices

Kinsta offers 10 levels at different prices with their starter plan at US$ 35 / month for a basic single WordPress site.

Kinsta does not recommend running an e-commerce or membership website on anything less than their Business 1 plan costing US$115 / month. Pricing rises up to US$1,650 / month for Kinsta’s Enterprise plans.

Additional personalized solutions are available if you want more, and plans are only limited by the total number of visits.

However, there are no strict limits on bandwidth. The overrun costs are $ 1 per 1,000 additional visits to the limit of your plan, and a 30-day reimbursement guarantee is available if you wish.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kinsta


  • Fast speeds
  • Nice performance
  • Adapted to developers
  • Overall presence
  • No material bandwidth limit
  • Excellent assistance 24/7
  • Manages the migration of the site
  • Team of experts in engineers and developers

The disadvantages

  • Does not offer themes or access to the Genesis framework

Kinsta Vs WP Engine

Which is the best hosting provider WordPress?

Both suppliers have their own advantages of the platform. To answer this question, we will therefore compare them to specific metrics:


WP Engine offers high performance for your site, as does Kinsta, even if it only works on the Google Cloud Platform. Kinsta also informs you that each site on its platform does not share accommodation with others, which is reason enough to trust its performance.

WP Engine offers accommodation on a large platform, with an entire server dedicated to your website and several nodes working to serve your site continuously. That way there is less downtime, and if you have problems, cloud accommodation is available to minimize the effects of the problem, but it is an expensive business.


Safety is essential for any site, which is why your accommodation solution must prioritize this component and pay particular attention to it.WP Engine protects websites by limiting write-type processes to disk and by recording everything written on disk to track any malware.

Both suppliers have system analyzers that ensure that your plug-ins are secure and up to date and that all those that are compromised are automatically disabled.

By having environments dedicated to websites, WP Engine and Kinsta guarantee that your site is nowhere among the vulnerable sites, which has an impact on its performance and ensures that you do not share resources such as disk space, processing power, memory, etc.


The two hosts offer excellent support, except that WP Engine offers it at different levels and for different types of problems. Kinsta, on the other hand, has a flat support structure so that there is no back and forth or redirection.

Whether the request is basic or advanced, it will be processed. They both solve the problems in less than five minutes on average, which guarantees less hassle along the way for their customers.


Kinsta is more expensive than WP Engine to the point that it is inaccessible to business owners without larger budgets. Their cheapest lower-tier plans start at $35 but lack essential functionality like assistance, and the next higher-tier (useable) plans start at $115 p/m, but you only get imported SSL certificates and more phone assistance.

The packages of Kinsta are not very reasonable, although they allow you to save by having a global presence on the five continents for a wider range. They also do not charge strict bandwidth limits as WP Engine does.

Content delivery network

The WP Engine CDN supplier is MaxCDN, which has a solid reputation, while Kinsta uses the services of KeyCDN, which is a reliable HTTP / 2 CDN that accelerates and also supplies.

These partnerships with CDN services improve the performance of your website so that both services offer an ace on this front.

The only difference is that if WP Engine has 19 locations for its CDN, Kinsta has 33.Availability checks: Kinsta and WP Engine monitor the downtime of your site, with WP Engine at 99.95% while that of Kinsta is 99.9%.

Conclusion – Kinsta Vs WP Engine

Kinsta WP Engine has several similarities, which does not facilitate the declaration of if one is better than the other. However, when you dig into the key features, you will see the notable differences between the cloud hosts, and one begins to come out victorious.

One of the biggest differences is the cost.

With WP Engine, apart from having fewer server locations, you get a rock-solid website performance tool for your money, unless Kinsta has specific functionality that you need to access.

Otherwise, WP Engine offers partnerships and development workflows, powerful cloud hosting, security features, the most knowledgeable cloud hosting companies for WordPress sites, external backup, Google Cloud Storage, and more.

You need to develop your business at each stage of its growth, the foundation of any e-business depends on your website having an excellent performance with an entry-level plan and more cost-effective pricing plans for when you’re ready to expand, which is why it is our winner for being the ideal hosting solution for this tour.

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