How To Deploy An Effective Marketing Email Strategy

Whatever your activity, one of your primary objectives is to establish good relations with your contacts in order to help convince them to buy things you recommend and retain them as long-term buyers.

Email marketing is one of the most important levers to activate and you need to deploy an effective marketing Email strategy to achieve this goal.

Many tools are available to you, but a good knowledge of the issues and practices is essential.

1. Marketing email strategy

The definition

Email marketing or marketing email is defined as designing and sending emails as a direct marketing channel.

It is a mass media whose objective is to promote a brand, product, or service to your contacts.

These contacts can be your prospects, your customers, your partners, or even your ambassadors.

E-mailing is a generic word that brings together several types of email.

The objectives of marketing email

E-mail is at the heart of all phases of the client relationship: prospecting, conversion, loyalty.

It is the most used marketing medium because it is easily accessible, including by audiences unfamiliar with the Internet.

According to an SNCD Email Marketing Attitude study;

90% of Internet users consult their main address at least once a day.

45% manage their purchases from this same address.

If you have not yet developed a marketing email strategy, you will lose sales opportunities.

Marketing email is an effective tool for addressing various targets, prospects, and other Internet users recruited from address bases.

The first objective is direct sales.

Commercial emailing then contains all the relevant product information.

You can optimize your messages with promotional coupons or create emergency purchasing situations to re-stock within a few hours.

Another objective is the development and enrichment of the client relationship.

It is a question of bringing interesting information, of stimulating the clientele which sees pass regularly before its eyes the name and the image of the company.

She then integrates it into her references and can call on the company. It is a means of loyalty that increases the notoriety and attachment of customers.

For this objective to be achieved, emailing campaigns must be finely punctuated so as not to appear intrusive or to be declared in spam.

2. How to get consumer commitment by collecting emails legally and building a list of quality contacts?

Your goal is to collect as many e-mail addresses as possible to increase the number of mailing list subscribers and generate better turnover.

To legally collect the email addresses of your prospects, you have two solutions: the opt-in or the opt-out.

Targeting recipients well is crucial to creating an effective campaign.

Be relevant by targeting the right offer to the right person at the right time. Factors such as the business season or period and the conditions of the marketplace are important.

3. The choice of good software

To optimize the performance of a campaign, good email marketing software is essential.

There are good solutions on the market.

Top 5 Email Marketing Platforms

like Aweber, GetResponse, Systeme, ConvertKit, or Constant Contact.

Although similar, as they all provide automated email sequences, click tracking, automation, and tagging  They don’t all offer the same functionality. To choose, you must clearly set specific goals of what you want to achieve with your email marketing for your particular business.

Message design

Apart from the very content of the e-mails established according to your objectives, certain elements must appear there:

  • The subject of the message conditions the opening rate. You want to keep the approach corresponding to your brand but do not hesitate to use catchy expressions or emojis. The object gives the first impression of the email and must arouse interest, curiosity.
  • The name of the sender is essential for the recipient to identify the brand.
  • The preheader, or message displayed after the object, must be constructed and relevant to draw attention to the campaign.
  • The call-to-action or CTA, to be optimized as a priority, often comes in the form of a button that invites your visitors and customers to take action.

    It encourages recipients to choose various stages, fill out a form, buy a product or click on another page.

Your CTA’s must be convincing for them to work.

Three factors are important:

Placement, design, and message. If you place multiple CTA’s on a page to increase the chances of conversions, make sure there is no competition between them.


The request for feedback

To assess your marketing email strategy and determine if your campaigns have actually worked, you need to measure feedback and responses.

The first way is to collect feedback from clients to get their opinions and get a glimpse of what they really like.

The easiest indicators to collect are the rebound rate, the opening rate, the click or CTR rate, and the conversion rate.


All the means explained above to develop an effective e-mailing strategy are within your reach to succeed.

Some additional points are worth highlighting.

You must have a long-term vision that ensures real consistency in sending your emails. Identify the major events in your business as well as the general events during which suitable commercial offers can be launched. These are benchmarks in your company to plan your marketing strategy by e-mail.

Also, don’t forget about social media in your marketing strategy. You can integrate the sharing buttons within your marketing emails so that your content is broadcast on social networks.

I note that the sharing buttons thus placed receive a click rate higher than the forward button. The email and its content are found on the recipient’s networks and those of his contacts.

Finally, e-mail remains the major tool today to communicate with your prospects and customers.

Learn how to start using email marketing to quickly grow your business.

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