Tailwind, The Best SMO Tool For Pinterest and Instagram?


Tailwind is a social media sharing tool that specifically focuses on the sharing sites Pinterest and Instagram. These two sites are dictated by an algorithm few understand and even fewer can properly explain.
Tailwind takes all the guesswork out of growing your accounts by having you post at the best times and suggesting the proper hashtags to use in order to gain the kind of following and engagement you are seeking.
Who is Tailwind For?

  • Bloggers
  • Harnesses
  • Pinterest users
  • Instagram users
  • Etsy users
  • Facebook users


Tailwind’s original purpose was to assist Pinners with their content. Without Tailwind Tribes, you will get assistance on when to pin your content, and with Tribes you get access to a whole community who loves Pinterest and helps to bring your content to as many people as possible.
Some of the great things you can do on Pinterest with Tailwind are :

  • Preset your entire Pinterest weekly (or longer) schedule ahead of time.
  • Use the Pin Inspector and Board Insights tools to see what posts are working best for you.
  • Use Tailwind Tribes to reach new audiences and pinners within your niche.

Additional tools for Tailwind Pinterest users :

  • Drag and drop calendar
  • Bulk uploads
  • Website insights
  • Multi-board pinning
  • Summary reports
  • Post to Facebook
  • Pin from Instagram
  • Invite teammates
  • Multiple accounts


When starting a blog you should be exploring any option to get the word out on your blog. Here, if your blog is best represented on your Instagram channel you can link to it here and use their hashtag tool to take the guesswork on what your hashtags should be.
Some of the great things Bloggers can do with Tailwind are :

  • Grow your Pinterest reach and drive more traffic to your blog.
  • Gain access to a larger reach of your target market through Tailwind Tribes.
  • Automate your social media posts, which can save hours of time every week.


The Facebook and Instagram algorithm can create a problem for content producers. Tailwind will provide the best tips and tricks to beat the algorithms and actually get it to work for you rather than against you.

  • Automate photo and video drying with time-saving shortcuts.
  • Use Tailwind SmartSchedule feature to post at the times when your audience is the most engaged.
  • Auto Hashtag suggestions for every post.
  • Content Plans that provide ready to post ideas for your niche.
  • Free branded landing page to make your profile stand out.
  • Add clickable links to Instagram post with a single click.
  • Analysis of your likes, comments and popular posts.

Additional tools for Tailwind Instagram users :

  • Hashtag lists
  • Hide hashtags
  • Caption formatting
  • Auto post
  • Schedule videos
  • Tag users
  • Tag rentals
  • Browser extensions
  • Multiple accounts
  • Invite teammates


Tailwind analytics not only shows you have well your content is doing in a clearer and more representative way than their host apps, it also shows you how much of your recent success is attached to Tribes and which Tribe helped the most.

Tailwind Analytics Features :

  • Measure engagement and performance of every pin, board or category.
  • Analyze traffic and returned with Google Analytics integration.
  • Automated email reports and notifications.
  • Learn the best day and times to post.

The analytical report

Tailwind probably has the most complete Pinterest and Instagram report on the market. On your way to the official Pinterest website, Tailwind’s analyzes are integrated directly into its dashboard. You can easily analyze and measure your performance. You can even follow the progress of each pin (Pinterest) or image (Instagram) if you wish.
It is also possible to connect Google Analytics to your Tailwind account. This way you can see the impact that in Pinterest and / or Instagram on your website. Through this complete and detailed report, you have access to several practical information, in particular:

The performance of your profile

  • This feature allows you to consult your spin-offs in terms of subscribers, but also comments, pins and re-pins.
  • Tailwind also offers you virality and commitment scores to find out more about your impact on networks.

Group tables

  • You will be able to discover a complete analysis of each group table.
  • Also discover the data from the group tables of the previous week concerning your pins, your new subscribers, your re-pins and your comments, as well as the virility and the score of your engagement.
  • Tailwind offers you the possibility of filtering the tables according to their commitment, subscribers, etc.

Pinterest pins and Instagram publications

  • This analysis allows you to understand why certain pins or publications generate more traffic compared to others.
  • You have the option of filtering them according to their table, comments, re-pins or their date of publication.
  • You can also do a search using the available search bar.
  • Tailwind offers to filter the date, category or website of the pins or publications in question.
  • From there, you can also reschedule a publication, if necessary.
  • This function can also be used to find similar content.

The weekly report

  • A free report is sent to your inbox every week.
  • The latter will allow you to compare your performance from week to week.

The Pinterest analysis includes other interesting information …

  • Your daily average of the pins and pins of the previous week, in order to make a quick comparison.
  • The precise performances of your last pins as well as an option that allows you to re-pink and comment directly.
  • The “Word Cloud” will allow you to know the keywords and subjects commonly used with your content.
  • Traffic analysis is also very handy for knowing where your visitors come from, how many times they have visited or consulted your pages, and of course, how much income they generate.
  • By opting for the Enterprise formula, you will be able, among other things, to compare your performance with that of the competition.


In order to use Tailwind you will need to have either an existing Instagram or Pinterest account. From there you will need to decide which pricing plan best suits your needs. You will also need to continue to create your own content. Tailwind is a marketing tool and not a content creation one. You can schedule when your posts and pins will go live, and the software will assist you in the best high engagement times to post. The software will also suggest hashtags that best represent your content and the ones that will give you the best chance to go viral and improve your impressions and commitments.


In order to use Tailwind you need to head to their official website and log in either using your Pinterest or Instagram accounts. Don’t worry! Sign up is free and gives you the opportunity to look around the site and get familiar with which will help you decide if the software is for you. You will also be able to add the account you didn’t choose to use as your log-in later in the process.


When you are continuously creating great content and you are still struggling to pick up a following, Tailwind can help provide you the best information to get your product or service out to the right customers. Starting an account from zero when it can often be time consuming to create content and post it each and every day can be frustrating. Tailwind takes this guesswork out of the equation.
When discussing social media we often hear about “algorithms.”They are also our favorite thing to blame when something didn’t get the traction we hoped it would have. Typically, if we post organically, we are at the mercy of search engines that decide what content is of value and what isn’t. With Tailwind, you get info on the best times and hashtags to beat the guesswork and ensure your content hits the right people at the right time.


The downside to Tailwind is that you have to create a ton of content to use it properly, and all of that content has to have depth. This will help the “Tailwind Tribes” of Pinterest get your content off the ground and increase engagement. Beyond the overcoming amount of content that you will have to create, you will also need to show some reciprocity to the “Tailwind Tribes” by sharing their pins as well.


Tailwind, like many other software products, has a tiered payment model where users can pay to access the features they are most interested in.
Tailwind has four pricing third ”Pro, Lite, Professional, and Enterprise :

  • The Pro level costs $ 9.99 per month, and is charged at $ 119 annually.
  • The Lite model costs $ 99.99 per month and is billed annually at $ 1.199.
  • The Professional third costs $ 799.99 per month and is billed annually at $ 9.599.
  • If you find the features of these too limited, Tailwind does offer the Enterprise plan which you have to reach out to the company for to get a direct answer on how much the cost will be per month and annually.

In addition to the third party, if you are looking to gain access to the “Tailwind Tribes” that have specific areas of expertise and can assist your content in going viral, the company up-charges for this premium service. The “Tribes” are charged annually and come in three thirds. There are the Tribes Max, Tribes Elite, and Tribes Unlimited plans. Tribes Max is billed at $ 119.88 per year. Tribes Elite is billed at $ 239.88 annually. Tribes Unlimited costs $ 359.88 annually.
If you are looking to take your social media marketing to the next level and save yourself hours of time posting content to Pinterest or Instagram, give Tailwind a try!

The benefits to use Tailwind

  • Ability to create multiple items from both any web page, with extension.
  • The smart queue will help you publish your publications at the best times of the day.
  • Rapid planning of pins with group tables.
  • Ability to join people sharing the same interests through the tribe option.
  • You benefit from a complete analysis on your subscribers, engagement trends and brittle speed and publication, table or category.
  • You can find relevant keywords to attract more traffic to your Instagram publications.

The disadvantages

  • The user interface can be a bit complex to use at the start.
  • The planning page can get quite slow, especially when a lot of pins have been planned.
  • Tailwind is not yet available in French unfortunately.

My opinion on the Tailwind tool

Tailwind is a real saving of time, both for Instagram users and for those who use Pinterest. Its publication planning system is practical and very intuitive.
In addition, Tailwind generates traffic benefits to certain publications and pins. The additional options, such as the tribes for Pinterest and the search for hashtags for Instagram, are also very welcome. In the end, it is a complete and practical tool that you will not regret.

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