How To Promote ClickBank Products For Free?

From a beginner to the game, to an experienced affiliate marketing specialist, ClickBank products contain a treasure trove of valuable affiliate marketing offers.
The screen below welcomes you to their home page; to start as an affiliated marketing specialist and explore their market, simply click on “promote” and then “Join ClickBank”.
But registering is the simplest part – what comes next? In this article today, we will discuss how to promote ClickBank affiliate products, and how to do it for free.

What is ClickBank?

If you are looking to get your feet in the water of affiliate marketing, you are in the right place.
ClickBank is an affiliate network market, which means it’s where you go, as an affiliate, to find the offers you want to promote. Since 1998, there have been the first ages of affiliate marketing.
Registration for ClickBank is fairly simple, all you need to start with is name, email, phone number. Once you are there, with more than 4,000 ClickBank products available to promote, you can easily find something interesting and profitable for you.
A weak barrier to entry and a huge selection of ClickBank products make it the ideal membership network for beginners. It is useful for everyone, but in industry, it is really appreciated for its friendly approach for beginners and the great variety of its market.
First, ClickBank offers digital products, but they also offer many “physical” products from the vertical entertainment, lifestyle and game sectors. And one of the best parts of ClickBank is that their products are particularly good for free promotion!
This article will guide you through the best strategies to generate traffic organically.

Can you really make money with ClickBank?

If you are very new to affiliate marketing, or if you are just a cynic, you may be wondering: is this all legitimate? Well, we are here to prove that with just enough effort and knowledge, this is certainly the case.
Before addressing the promotion of ClickBank products, we will address the benefits of their platform. After all, it is important to know how to use their strengths to your advantage. And of course, you need to know why it is advantageous to invest your time in this given affiliate network to make money.

  • ClickBank products tend to have exceptionally high commissions – even rates up to 90%. This is usually because most of their products are digital and therefore do not cost much to manufacture, so these ClickBank products can afford higher payments.
  • Available in more than 200 countries, ClickBank is one of the most international affiliate networks. This is of course an essential consideration for anyone who has global affiliation strategies in mind, or who simply does not want to be limited to certain geographic areas.
  • ClickBank offers a 60-day cookie policy, which means that you will always receive a commission from anyone who has consulted your membership offer and made a purchase within 60 days. Compared to, say, a program like Amazon Associates that only gives affiliates 24 hours, this cookie policy is incredible.
  • One of the few networks to offer recurring commissions; and recurring commissions on ClickBank products mean continuous passive income for you. And it is the dream of any affiliate
  • Lots of digital products, and as I said, they are good to promote because with minimal manufacturing costs, commissions are exponentially higher than physical products. In addition, the sales funnel is shortened (shipment and handling). This makes delivery, downloading, use, and satisfaction much easier and faster for customers. However, this may result in higher reimbursement rates.

How to make money with ClickBank for beginners

As I mentioned, ClickBank is ideal for beginners because they have a very small barrier to entry and a plethora of products. These are some of the most important considerations for beginners when entering the affiliate marketing industry.
But there are a few other features that make ClickBank particularly attractive to beginners …
One of the most delicate steps to get into affiliate marketing: creating, configuring, and launching your own website. Do you want to hear the incredible news?
ClickBank is one of the few affiliate networks that does not require a website to start! In other words, you don’t need any destination page to start promoting ClickBank products.
Although you may need to consider creating a website and using landers in your affiliate marketing strategies, it is always nice to start easily with networks like ClickBank where you don’t need a website. Read this article for more information on affiliate marketing without a website.

Resources for beginner affiliates

Where can the beginners of ClickBank find out about the industry? Well, there are lots of options – it’s almost scary. To start, stick to the few that I suggest here to stay focused and avoid being overwhelmed.
ClickBank has its own blog full of items that you can view. You may have heard of their series of affiliation marketing courses “ClickBank University”, but it is no longer active.
ClickBank, CB University was launched in 2014, but since then ClickBank has set up a new educational center: Spark by ClickBank. This third resource pays off but provides hours of video tutorials and more.
ClickBank and Voluum work closely together – the integration between the two platforms is transparent. The joint use of the two platforms will make your affiliate marketing experience even more fluid and successful.

Best practices ClickBank

A low barrier to entry can also lead to poor quality. Unfortunately, you may need to filter many second-rate products and sales pages that may not be of interest to you.
Fortunately, their search function is quite advanced, which makes it easier to find the products you want to sell.
Another challenge, which is accompanied by a weak barrier to entry and a prosperous network: all the more competition, in particular for some of their most popular products.
Although competition is a sign of a healthy and profitable offer, you don’t want to get stuck promoting alongside hundreds of other affiliates. Use the different metrics of ClickBank products to find an offer that suits you.
Although they have many metrics before they start promoting an offer, it is still quite difficult to say how the offer will work.
Usually, you will only be able to measure the performance of conversion rates after investing time or money in traffic. This is where a tracker is useful. Do not lose an ounce of data, be sure to follow everything.
Now that we have covered some of the basic and preventive aspects of ClickBank affiliate marketing, let’s take the next most important step: decide which offer or which ClickBank to start promoting.

How to choose the best ClickBank products

Take these simple steps to find the best ClickBank products to promote that will be powerful enough to generate traffic organically and make money.

Find a good product in the affiliate market

One of the most decisive steps to make money from ClickBank products: choosing an offer.
With a multitude of measures available to predict and compare the performance of all offers and products on ClickBank, be sure to use them wisely.
Here are the ClickBank metrics to find a product that will bring in money:

  • Average $ / Conversion: average commission that an affiliate earns for each conversion of the given offer, including the income from all sales (initial sales, incentive sales and rebilling).
  • $ / Initial conversion: average commission that an affiliate initially earns for each conversion of the given offer, including the commission on incentive sales or order increases for the first sale. Does not include affiliate income from product rebilling. Only appears if the supplier offers recurring products, such as subscriptions and subscriptions that regularly charge customers over time.
  • $ recurring/rebilling: average commission that an affiliate earns for each rebilling payment of the supplier’s product (s). Appears only if the supplier offers recurring products.
  • The average total of rebills: the average amount that an affiliate takes as a commission resulting from rebilling.
  • Grav: “Gravity” performance statistics. This number represents a unique calculation by ClickBank which takes into account the number of different affiliates who have won a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks. Since the most recent transactions have a higher value, this number may give you an idea of the products “in vogue” at the moment, such as the number of affiliates promoting and selling. However, high gravity may also indicate that there is a lot of competition for the promotion of this product.
  • Cat: “category” This section provides information on the category and sub-category of the ClickBank Marketplace of the product.

Choose a profitable vertical

A simple search for “ClickBank products” will reveal a whole bunch of product classifications from their market. Affiliate marketing specialists share their views on the products that best convert.
However, many of these rankings come from affiliates who have a lot of experience, as well as a lot of time, dedication, resources, and blogs.
In other words, they are not just focusing on a vertical sector and finding some of the best ClickBank products to promote. On the contrary, they have the luxury of simultaneously exploring many sectors and products.
As a beginner or as a person who does not devote 100% of his time and effort to affiliate marketing, do not make this mistake! You focus on a vertical niche.
Although ClickBank offers many popular high commission products, stick to one category. The good news is that there are some exceptionally profitable categories with excellent products.
Below are 3 of the main categories of ClickBank products; these are some of the most user-friendly categories for conversion. In addition, I have provided some examples of specific ClickBank products that are popular among ClickBank affiliates. The commission rates indicated may change.

Electronic commerce and electronic marketing

Live Marketing HQ (E-business – starting committee 75%)
Videly (Video Marketing – 50% starting committee)
IM Jetset (affiliation marketing – starting committee 50%)


Text chemistry (Marriage and relationships – starting committee 75%)
Patriot Powered Gear (Survival – 75% Starting Commission)
Shyness and social anxiety system (Marriage and relations – starting committee 75%)

health and shape

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic (regime and weight loss products – starting commission 75%)
Carbofix (Food supplements – starting committee 70%)
The Lost Book of Remedies (Remeds – starting committee 75%)

Consult the ClickBank affiliation resources

Most ClickBank products provide you with affiliate resources provided by the supplier or owner of the product itself.
Below are some of the affiliate marketing tools that product owners can provide, making your job much easier (if they are of good quality and match your image / voice !).
I have included screenshots of sales pages and more than several ClickBank suppliers for the affiliation tools. Of course, this will be different for each ClickBank product, so keep in mind that these are just examples.
To start, here are two examples of pages of ClickBank supplier affiliation tools:
This is a food supplement and a weight loss product of the Health & Form – Organizational category.
I have collected some of the affiliation tools that you can access as an affiliate ClickBank via these two ClickBank products:

  • Access to a Hoplink (reference tracking URL for ClickBank affiliates)
  • Country-specific content: a variety of images, texts, and custom videos – sometimes specially designed for A / B tests
  • Social media content: Facebook advertisements, Youtube banners and other media, Reddit, Digg
  • Email scanning: campaign-specific advertising text
  • Examples of video integration links: video links and miniature video images for unpacking, advertising copy and testimony videos
  • Reduction vouchers
  • Active competitions / promotions
  • Description of commissions
  • Notice of restrictions

Organic traffic monitoring

Although you have many advantageous factors to take into account when choosing a ClickBank product to promote, you will not really know how well it will work once it is put into practice.
In general, your best bet to find the optimal offer (the one with a solid and active market but not too much competition) is to try to test. What exactly does the test involve?
This means meticulously counting clicks, rebound rates, conversions, incentive sales, time spent on your website or your destination page – and much more. Once you have analyzed these metrics for a given membership offer (or a ClickBank product in this case), you must then compare its performance to other offers or products to find the best as well as the optimal approach.
How to do it all ? This is where your affiliate tracking software will shine; Voluum Tracker can do all of this more and help you grow, evolve, and succeed as an affiliated marketing specialist.
And as I mentioned, ClickBank and Voluum and perfectly integrated. This means that tracking your ClickBank offers could not be simpler … you have both the instructions to integrate the two platforms as well as a video tutorial at hand.

Promote ClickBank products for free

The big question of the day is of course how to generate traffic to the affiliate links of these carefully selected ClickBank products. Free.
Naturally, as is life, nothing valid is completely free.
Providing free traffic (as opposed to paid traffic) is time-consuming work. Surely you don’t have to spend a dime. But, to really start, you will have to write at least fifty articles, publish videos at least once a week, regularly publish quality content or spend active time in groups and forums.
Here are the 5 best ways to generate free traffic for your ClickBank products to get the conversion rates you need:

1. Write a blog

It is one of the most proven approaches to obtaining organic traffic in the affiliate sector. By focusing on your niche, write a variety of articles and blog tickets to enhance your credibility in your vertical area and get views and readings as internet users fall on your messages and click on the links to your ClickBank products.
The most popular article formats: product reviews, product comparisons, notes, or product classifications. These blog formats are the most conducive to the natural insertion of affiliation links, that is to say. without being too commercial. By discussing products in an honest and natural way, readers will appreciate your content more, producing higher click rates (CTRs) and a higher probability of sharing your content (which means more traffic).
Of course, before you start writing a storm about your ClickBank products (I imagine some kind of film editing), you will need a strategy.

SEO advice

Optimization for Search Engines (SEO) is a term you have heard of and with which you should be very familiar. Reflection is the main source of organic traffic to your website and should dictate most of your writing strategy. First and foremost, the keywords; these are the search terms for which you want to optimize your content.
Short-slag keywords are more general terms and long-range keywords are longer and more specific. For beginners in particular, it is much easier to classify an article for a long-range keyword because there is much less competition.
It is best that your entire blog focuses on the classification of one or a few short-tailed keywords; it is much more difficult to classify here, so you must stay focused on your niche.
Your blog must have a “pillar article” – this is your main article to which the rest of your content, or a group of your content, refers. This pillar article will be the longest and most in-depth post on a certain subject.
Let’s say your niche is luxury pet products, the items that refer to this pillar topic could be “luxury products for cats”, “choy your puppy”, “the best pet food on the market” , etc. This strategy is preferred by the Google algorithm because it maximizes the satisfaction of the user’s intention.
One of the most important factors in the SEO classification is backlinking – when other sites link your article as a reference. To create free backlinks, you can do this either through content exchanges with other sites or naturally.
By naturally, I mean that your content must be precious and shareable – it means that not all of your articles should be just selling points of more than 2,000 words. When collaborating with others, you can ask invited editors to publish on your blog or write content for another site, including links to your publications.
One of the main reasons to have a blog is to build your email list using a ClickBank funnel.

2. Start a YouTube ClickBank

Promoting your ClickBank products on YouTube is another great way to generate free traffic to your affiliate links. If you like making videos, vlogging, and having decent equipment, you can start right away. You don’t need money and a minimal technical configuration to operate a YouTube channel.
YouTube is nice because, unlike blogs, competition is generally not as strong; there are just not as many affiliated vloggers as bloggers. Although some industries like beauty are quite saturated, most niches have much less competition than the traffic of search engines.
Speaking of which, there are also referencing tips for YouTube (after all, YouTube is one of the biggest search engines on the market). Optimize the title, description, tags, extract from your video to generate organic traffic.
To promote ClickBank products on YouTube, there is another set of popular video formats: unpacking, reviews, rankings, product comparisons, collaborations with guests/experts.
Never forget to include a call to action (CTA) and remind viewers what to do and where to click. You can flash CTAs during your video or you can direct users to links in your description – but in any case, always remind them to increase your chances of sale.
If you are interested in starting a YouTube channel, discover best practices, insider trading and more details in our YouTube guide.

3. Promote ClickBank products on Facebook groups and forums

Another effective way to bring organic traffic to your ClickBank product links is to interact with your subscribers or those interested in this niche.
On a blog, this generally means responding to comments or the activity of social networks if your content is shared. On YouTube, it works the same way: respond to comments, encourage users to subscribe or follow your channel and collaborate with vloggers from your niche.
However, you can also diversify – consult Facebook groups and forums. Be sure to spot the most active and publish and comment. Create social media pages and forum profiles on several channels to maximize your online presence. Also, look for platforms like Quora to answer/ask questions and develop your reputation.
Of course, it is essential to find a balance here: do not be spammed. Try not to engage in discussion threads, conversations or groups containing spam either; these will not bring you much useful organic traffic to your ClickBank products.
The items or resources that you decide to publish or share should also not be too commercial; in fact, should be shareable and valuable content that viewers will want to transmit. This content should then lead to another article/video with a sales pitch.

4. Instagram and Pinterest

And now we move on to some of the most visually-oriented social media platforms; here it is quite easy to get traffic started. In Facebook groups and forums, you will focus more on the verbal side of the content rather than on the photos.
After all, your photo / me / video can’t contribute much to a conversation or a thread
If you like photography, content retention, or the world of influence, then Instagram and Pinterest could be great options for you. Most of us know quite well how to create an account on one or the other – if not, it’s free, easy, and fast.

Instagram for ClickBank products

On Instagram, the more interested subscribers you have, the more clicks you will get on the affiliate links of your ClickBank products. And more commissions.
These are just some of the strategies described in my 2021 Instagram Affiliate Marketing Guide – find out how to place your affiliate links, how to organize your flow and how to create attractive content.

Pinterest for ClickBank products

For Pinterest, the basics remain the same: choose a profitable niche and a ClickBank product that interests you. Here, you simply create your pin and include your affiliate link with a catchy photo to attract commissions.
Try to join the Pinterest group tables to really boost your pins and accounts. Connect with other users and in particular group founders to obtain more activity.
Pinterest is great because it is so easy to understand: all you have to do is keep publishing and pinning. There are not many complicated algorithms, referencing, technical knowledge or creating sophisticated content is necessary.
If you have a website, use Pinterest and Instagram to obtain free traffic which you then generate organically to your blog. Create attractive and engaging destination pages that will encourage users to buy and offer commissions to you.

5. Create a mailing list

With all the sophisticated forms of communication, social media and advertisements that have been developed, e-mail marketing may seem a bit retro – however, it is still very relevant.
Email communications can be personal and active means of promoting your ClickBank products.
As with everything, but with even more important email marketing, don’t be spammed. You have to be careful and find a very good balance between maintaining communications and not boring them. Also, a balance between promoting your ClickBank products and not being too pushy.
How to receive emails? Once you have redirected users to your website or channel, offer them additional exclusive content, only available by email.
For example, if you write a plan, make the last three days exclusive by sending it by e-mail. If users appreciate the content of the first four days, they will enter their email address to obtain advice over the past three days.
The same goes for videos – if you attract users with quality content, then offer the rest via email registration, you can gather contacts and traffic interested in this niche.

Affiliate marketing and ClickBank

So we have come to the end of our dive in promoting ClickBank products.
The majority of everything covered in this article can be done for free. However, if you have trouble spending hours generating organic traffic or if you just want to increase your speed to commissions, you can consider the paid traffic route.
In any case, email follow-up is essential to find the best strategy to promote your ClickBank offers, and one of the best ways to build your email list is by using a ClickBank funnel

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