Here’s a neat trick for doubling your sales that works like crazy.

Make them FEEL the heat and they’ll relax & buy

Imagine reading the following (5 minutes of your time) and doubling your sales.

Many years ago I sold holiday homes at an exclusive luxury trailer park. The usual “sales pitch” would last 2 – 3 hours, walking around showing them the gym & sauna, etc.

One weekend after a local TV promotion we had hoards of people turn up and there were only 4 sales reps to handle them all, so we had to rush each “sales tour” ASAP within 30 mins to get back to rush the next prospects around.

Before we opened the doors, I decided to cut out everything except 2 main, very powerful steps (until then I didn’t realize just how powerful they were).

Step 1: Get them to stick their hands into the outdoor heated swimming pool. Crazy I know, but just telling them that the pool was heated while we were standing 2 feet away didn’t do anything for them. You could see them shrug their shoulders as if to say “so what”.

But actually getting them on their hands and knees in most cases, to feel the heat, you could see a transformation in them, they really would get “somewhat” excited and shout to their spouse/partner to do the same. (you need to IMAGINE that this is in the UK where if it’s not raining, it’s probably cold & you’ll see more solar eclipses than outdoor swimming pools).

They would then seem to relax, open up more, and not feel they were being sold to. I know, this sounds daft, it’s just warm water – but it got them “sold” on not only the pool but the park and all its other facilities.
(and yes, after that “sales” experiment I was a total pain in the behind and wouldn’t let anyone leave the pool area until they had their hands in the water). If that failed, I’d try the same in the Jacuzzi later on)!

Step 2: Near the end of the tour of the park, we would end up in the exclusive owners-only lounge, I’d get them sitting on an old luxurious “Chesterfield” couch on a balcony overlooking the bay with sailing boats, etc. Buy them a drink and simply ask them this:

“Can you IMAGINE yourself sitting here on the balcony, AS AN OWNER, overlooking the bay, sipping on a nice cool drink and watching the boats sail by this time next week?”

It was almost impossible for them not to imagine it because they were actually doing everything I’d just asked them to imagine apart from being an owner. Around 75% of them would say the magic word “yes”.

It was then just simply rushing back to the sales office (while the feelings of the warm water and pictures of the boats sailing by were fresh on their minds) and sign-up around 90% of everyone who had said yes back in the owner’s lounge.

I was selling 2 out of 3 “sales pitches” after that and was nicknamed “twin deal Steve” because I’d get whoever was with the main prospects, their friends, or family members who had accompanied them sold at the same time.

So, how does this relate to converting twice as many of your prospects/subscribers into buyers? Place a heated swimming pool on your website and get them to stick their hand in No, seriously;

The more you can make them FEEL as if they’ve already got your product/service, they’re already halfway there to actually being a buyer/subscriber.

The more you can make them IMAGINE already having your product/service by painting pictures in their minds, making them imagine using, feeling the BENEFITS of the product as if they’ve already got it/using it the better.

Don’t just tell them about the benefits of your product. Make them imagine benefiting from it. Involve them, get them to imagine using the product, get them involved in your product on your sales copy, and “ask questions” straight after, (and because they can’t answer because they’re just reading your website) then answer the question for them. Basically, say “yes” for them on your page/email.


Imagine spending a fraction of what your competition does to attract new business. Picture customers buying from you again & again, as they lap up your simple yet oh so delicious marketing messages.

It would be like having a mysterious profit faucet that you just twisted open or closed, at will, confounding your competitors at every turn.

You’re thinking it sounds too good to be true. But what if it were good & true? You would want to know more yes?

Introducing, “Million Dollar Online
Advertising Strategies – From The
Greatest Letter Writer Of The 20th

(asking them to think, imagine if their customers will see the value as if they are already in and running the business and thinking about their customers [future casting], it’s also a question directed to them, but quickly followed up with the answer you would want to hear from them if they were with you in the same room, and give a REASON why “they” answered yes).

Imagination brings up relevant emotions and helps readers picture themselves using the product.

This brings it to life and increases response. What would it look and feel like to use what you’re selling?

Use “their” imagination as your strongest selling tool.

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