Increase Blog Traffic: 10 Techniques That Work

Whether personal or professional, blogs are very numerous on the Internet.
This lever is very interesting for the generation of traffic, but it is true that it requires a real investment as well as an important implication in terms of time.
Internet users generally only spend 37 seconds reading content on the web, 43% of readers only fly over it! To capture the attention of your visitors in record time, and thus increase the traffic in your blog, it is, therefore, better to follow a few steps.
Here are some tips for your results to live up to your expectations and the work provided.

Create your people

Before you even get into writing your blog, it’s important to know which target you’re talking to.
Thus, I strongly advise you to start by drawing up a detailed description of the personality of your clients. Knowing them well will allow you to better get into their heads and establish a more successful and loyal link with them.
Obviously, the typical profile of your customers already goes through their age, gender, geographic area, their purchasing habits, etc.
Also, remember to ask yourself how they can potentially discover your products on the web. What information they are looking for?
It is by studying these data precisely and by seeking to put yourself in their place that you will be able to create with the real stories and adapted content. Better a blog intended for a more targeted audience, but qualitative than texts deemed too vague and ultimately not interesting anyone.

Find content ideas

Then, it is necessary to find subject ideas to publish on your blog to position yourself on different keywords related to your theme.
For this, do not hesitate to multiply the sources of inspiration :

  • Ask your customers directly what they expect;
  • Take inspiration from events related to your sector of activity;
  • Find forums and discussions on the web;
  • Read other blogs on the internet;
  • Browse discussions and comments on social networks;
  • Observe the most popular social content
  • Brainstorm around you, both in your personal and professional circle;
  • Use the suggestions of the Google search engine;

Certain marketing and SEO tools are also specifically designed to help you find the terms most frequently used by Internet users in your sector of activity: Ubersuggest or SemRush.

Analyze competing blogs

Like any professional activity, writing a blog requires permanent monitoring. It also involves closely observing the blogs of your main competitors on the web.
Try to cross-check the different information on the best results of Google searches related to your activity.
Observe the texts of your competitors and try to find out which are the most used keywords. In this sense, do not place yourself as an average reader, but analyze which elements potentially make the quality of the content.
After all, nothing prevents you from taking inspiration from an already existing article on Google, by changing the wording as well as the structure of the page, and while updating the data of this text with more recent content. This approach is considered research and not as plagiarism or copy and paste.
It makes it much easier for you to write your blog pages and most bloggers on the internet use this technique!

Do better than other sites

Most subjects are already covered on the web today by bloggers. To stand out and attract visitors, you need to work more on content than on the competition.
The idea is to do better than what exists!
To create original content, you must therefore integrate your own ideas, personal experiences, stories into your blog article.
When your visitors discover your content, they must say “Wow ! There I learned something !”.

Plan its publications

Also, be aware that an efficient blog on the internet should not only provide quality content. To generate traffic, it must also publish regular publications.
So, in order not to be overwhelmed by daily tasks even if it means abandoning your blog, I strongly advise you to establish an editorial schedule of the subjects you want to discuss.
Obviously, the frequency of writing does not mean that it is absolutely necessary to supply quantity to the detriment of quality. It is absolutely counterproductive to fill your blog at all costs with uninteresting pages.
However, do not forget that regularity remains an essential factor of loyalty and SEO. Frequently published content, therefore, boosts blog traffic. Think about it and try to find the right balance between the amount of text provided and the quality of content in your marketing strategy.
In this sense, try to establish a schedule and stick to it, even if it means delegating the writing of certain articles to writing professionals, such as editorial content agencies or freelance writers.

Define a semantic field

Reflection is a major issue for increasing the traffic in your blog.
To ensure your presence in the first results of the search engines, it is essential to work the keywords in your content.
YourTextGuru, for example, is an SEO tool that allows you to analyze very precisely the semantic field of your query to meet Google’s expectations.
Again, it’s all about balance. There is no point in wanting to cram specific keywords in your page text at all costs, to the detriment of quality. Remember that reading should remain fluid and pleasant and that this technique, called “keyword stuffing”, may be penalized by search engines.
Besides, this is precisely why we speak of “natural SEO” … Logically, even if keywords are judiciously integrated into your content, your text must remain natural.

Give structure to its articles

Always in order to improve your SEO, do not forget to give an SEO structure to your text.
First of all, it makes reading more enjoyable and organizes your articles. Remember to integrate titles and subtitles, while ventilating the different parts of the page.
Likewise, in each of your titles, try as much as possible to incorporate keywords.
Certain elements make it possible to naturally improve the SEO:

  • Optimize the length and content of your title and your meta description;
  • Do not hesitate to repeat the keywords in your titles and in the body of your text;
  • Structure your content using h1, h2, h3 …
  • Ventilate your different paragraphs ;
  • Give relief to your contents with bolding, highlighting, flea lists…
  • Integrate links to relevant sources;
  • Think of the internal links between your different pages;
  • Add images optimized to position yourself on Google images (file name, alt attribute, size)

Use social media

Social networks have thousands of users. They represent an important source of traffic for your business. Remember to use them to increase the number of visitors to your articles!
Make social media relaying your texts. This will only increase your visibility while bringing more virility to your content on the web.
In this sense, do not hesitate to invest in announcements on social networks. These generally offer excellent returns, provided that they are properly targeted from the start.

Integrate action call buttons

Attached to an e-commerce site, the blog is a great way to place yourself as an expert in your field and to increase user confidence in you.
It is, therefore, a very good sales generator for your company.
However, just reading your blog, most internet users are not yet ready to buy your services. To push your visitors to buy, or at least to visit your pages, don’t forget to include action call buttons on your blog.

Send newsletters

If social networks are particularly popular to generate traffic, do not omit to use the newsletter in your marketing strategy either. It is still a very good way to increase its visibility.
In addition, it also makes it possible to build an already existing readership.
However, to generate clicks, newsletters must be of real interest to the reader. Try to slip relevant articles, privileged content to value the recipient, or even promotional offers.
The newsletter is a great way to reactivate your prospects or customers. However, any good trader knows full well that, if the conquest of new customers is very important, loyalty is all the more important!

Involve influencers

Finally, the last lever to increase traffic on your blog: the influencers.
Because the recommendation works particularly well, influence marketing is a preferred route for increasing traffic to your website in a viral way.
Try to get closer to a few particularly influential bloggers in your industry.
If they give you the floor or make a link to your site appear in one of their articles, it may well be that your traffic takes off suddenly, as will your sales!
Do not hesitate to knock on the giant door of your domain. After all, everyone who ever succeeded must have tried their luck before …

Be patient

Finally, one of the last tips I can give you to boost your blog traffic on the internet is to be patient.
Do not be discouraged if your blog attracts very little traffic for several months, it will take off one day! With persistence, all of your articles will gradually position themselves on search engines and on many keywords.
Tell yourself that the traffic of a blog is a fact that often increases gradually and requires continuous work. The most important thing is to be constant and persistent.
Generally, an interesting positioning and generator of traffic on Google is obtained after several months of regular publications. So don’t expect to get the benefits of your work after just a few days. Patience will be your best ally.

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