Convertkit VS Contact Constant : Which One is Best

Email marketing is a proven way to increase your company’s revenue without question. But doing it the “right” way with better tools can make all of that hard work worth every minute spent researching and deciding which service best suits you, so I’ve done some research for this guide!
I’ll take an in-depth look at ConvertKit vs Constant Contact– and show why one may be more suited than another based on different factors like pricing or features needed by businesses today.

Constant Contact VS Convertkit: Major Differences

Firstly, what are the main differences between Convertkit vs Constant Contact?

  • ConvertKit is generally more expensive than Constant Contact
  • Constant Contact has higher email delivery rates
  • Constant Contact does not offer pre-built landing page templates, unlike ConvertKit
  • ConvertKit does not provide Live Chat support, while Constant Contact does
  • ConvertKit offers more email automation features
  • ConvertKit is geared towards bloggers, whereas Constant Contact targets small business owners

Which one should you choose? Convertkit features advanced email automation, beautiful landing pages, and email templates, as well as an easy-to-use dashboard. It is more targeted at digital and affiliate marketers than ConstantContact. ConstantContact, on the other hand, is better suited for e-commerce businesses (works well with WooCommerce).

Constant Contact: Should You Go for It?

ConstantContact provides a variety of marketing tools and solutions when compared to Convertkit. SMEs and nonprofit organizations can use these tools to capture more customers and establish more lasting connections.

Constant Contact helps you

  • Launch your email marketing campaign in minutes
  • Engage with your customers on-the-go
  • Upload products to your online store
  • Spread the word about you
  • Create a fantastic website seamlessly
  • Boost your sales with Google Ads

There are many more options. Constant Contact is more than just an email marketing software. Constant Contact offers a one-stop solution for all of your eCommerce and marketing requirements. Constant Contact is a lot superior to Convertkit that only provides email marketing services. Let’s look at the options.

Constant Contact Features

Let’s talk about the features of Constant Contact in detail so you have a clear idea of what you’re getting.

Email Marketing

Constant Contact makes it easy to create email marketing campaigns that look professional. You can customize and design your emails with the email editor. It is also responsive to nearly all devices.
Email marketing automation can help you increase sales by sending a welcome email, triggering email series, or segmenting your contacts. You can also resend emails that have been closed to you. This can be an enormous benefit.

Ecommerce Tools

Constant Contact helps you find new customers and keep them engaged on the go. You can track, segment, and automate your emails seamlessly.

Social Media Marketing

Constant Contact allows you to keep in touch with your audience. The software allows you to manage your social media marketing and email marketing. It allows you to schedule and post your social media posts. It can also help you make analytics-based decisions.

Tracking Tools

Constant Contact helps you track your results in real-time. And you can also improve them accordingly. You can see who’s opening the email and sharing it.

Event Management Tools

Email marketing solutions do not offer features such as event management tools. Constant Contact makes it possible to make use of email marketing for attendance, charity events and entertainment shows. Eventspot is a great tool to help you manage your events.

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact offers a free pricing service. For 60 days, the trial is free. That is more than enough to experience its power for yourself. Next, you will need to decide between ‘Email Plus’ and ‘Email Plus.

The cost of ‘Emails’ is $20 per month. This varies depending upon how many contacts you have. However, you have the option to send as many emails as you like and also enjoy other benefits. The ‘Email Plus’ starts at $45 per Month and grows according to the email list.
Now let’s see what Convertkit offers at what price!

Convertkit: Should You Go for It?

Convertkit is a little more straightforward than Constant Contact, without a doubt. It offers a seamless way for bloggers to automate their email marketing campaigns. Bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and digital marketers choose Convertkit for:

  • Fair pricing
  • Built-in opt-in forms along with double-opt-in support
  • Content-friendly email capture tools
  • Seamless email sequence builder
  • Awesome landing page editor

Convertkit offers everything you need, from landing page editor to paid newsletters. Convertkit is a good choice if you are able to run targeted campaigns or sell digital goods. But don’t invest if you don’t have a lot of money.

Convertkit Features

Let’s understand all the important features Convertkit offers. And then you can decide on your top pick. Generally speaking, Convertkit has user-friendly features. But you need to play with HTML codes sometimes.

Sell Digital Products and Services

Convertkit makes it easy to sell digital products and services. Convertkit provides detailed analytics that will help you determine what works and what doesn’t. You can also use the tool to create lead magnets for your email list.
Constant Contact, not just Convertkit helps you to sell digital products and services.
There’s more! Convertkit allows you to create sales pages that feature distinctive ‘buy now!’ buttons. Convertkit seamlessly delivers all of your digital products within a few clicks. No third-party integration is required.

Email Marketing Features

Personalize your emails based on the audience you are targeting to increase open rates and CTR. This could be used to send Content A to novices and Content B for advanced-level audiences. This is truly admirable.

Convertkit makes it easy to send emails that showcase your brand. Convertkit also allows you to create and use templates for your email messages. You can also send timed content directly to your subscribers. Automate your sales funnel like an expert.

Convertkit Creator Pro

Convertkit is designed for content creators such as bloggers and YouTubers. Convertkit’s Creator Pro features allow you to send personalized emails and benefit from the Deliverability reporting dashboard.

You don’t even need to create Facebook segments for specific people to target with your ads. Convertkit allows you to segment your Facebook audience individually. Convertkit also allows you to change an incorrectly added link in an email. It’s amazing, isn’t it?
Let’s now discuss the pricing for Convertkit.

Convertkit Pricing

Convertkit pricing includes the ‘Free’, ‘Creator’, and ‘Creator Pro’ plans. You can start without spending anything if you have up to 1000 subscribers. Convertkit’ Creator’ Plan starts at $29 per month and allows you to have up to 1000 subscribers.

The Creator Pro is $59 per month and can be used by up to 1000 subscribers. The pricing is determined by how many subscribers you have. You can also create unlimited landing pages and broadcasts.
All plans include digital products, subscriptions, email support, and selling.

Constant Contact VS Convertkit: Side by Side Comparison

Again, it depends. Constant Contact is the clear winner when it comes to pricing. Convertkit does not offer as many features as Constant Contact. Convertkit’s Convertkit does not offer the same features as Constant Contact. Convertkit, on the other hand offers beautiful email templates that can help content creators grow.
Constant Contact can be deployed on Android and iOS, as opposed to Convertkit which is only a web app. It’s possible you might wonder why Convertkit was chosen. It’s intuitive and simple to use.

Summary: Constant Contact VS Convertkit

If you are looking for a full-fledged online marketing stop, go for Constant Contact. It offers a lot more functionality than Convertkit, without a doubt. And the pricing of Convertkit may also be a little high for beginners with a little more than 1000 subscribers.
Which email marketing solution would you like to choose and why? Have questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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