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What’s going on everybody it’s another great day live in the brett way and today i’m talking about where i get my information when i’m looking for those under the radar nft projects let’s get into it all right guys when we’re flipping and trading nfts two of the most important.

Things are speed of information and quality of information okay so what do i mean by that okay so speed of information aka how quickly word spreads to you that a project is hot right now or set to explode because of a big announcement all right and so the perfect example of speed of information and why it matters is that back in the.

Day i remember following alex becker and i would have his tweet notifications on and so since i had his tweet notifications on any time he would tweet it would show up right on my phone and so one day i just had my phone open i was on openc and i saw that he tweeted about this photography project called black and white nights okay so the.

Interesting thing about this project is that the price was very very low and there was only about 150 in the collection and so since i had notifications on i was already on openc and i could search real quick black and white nights what actually happened is i was able to snipe one of these nfts for under 0.04 eth and in less than 10.

Minutes i sold it for .4 e so i made a clean fifteen hundred dollars in less than ten minutes all because i had information faster than other people so everyone who saw that same tweet just 30 seconds after me i actually was able to buy it at .04 and sell it for 0.4 eth in 10 minutes now bad side of that story was i sold way too early the floor ended.

Up hitting over 4e but hey i made 1500 in 10 minutes i can’t complain okay so guys that is why speed of information is so important that is why i always stress to people that are new in the space to get on twitter so if you guys are used to being on instagram or whatever social media you use you guys need to understand that crypto and nft.

Information lives on twitter and if you’re not on twitter you are at an extreme disadvantage if you’re just following nft instagram pages i guarantee you they’re getting that info from twitter then they just go down to instagram make a nice little graphic for it and then they instagram post it and you’re way behind and that’s why you’re.

Probably buying the top every time or just chasing constantly so i started using my twitter account specifically for this reason i’ve had a twitter account since like 2012 never used it had like 200 followers and then two or three months ago i got into nfts started going on twitter and that has changed my life quite literally so you absolutely.

Must be on twitter so i want you guys to be conscious of that 0.001 of thought is original thought meaning 99.99 of thoughts are just ideas that other people see from other people and so that’s why twitter is perfect because i’m going to see what other people are thinking use my own brain take my own take on it and then make a buying.

Decision so guys if i make a decision to buy an nft it’s typically because i saw someone on twitter talking about it then i jumped in did my research said yep i agree with this i’m going to buy in so i want to make sure that you guys are on the same level playing field as me and you guys are getting the same type of information as me so twitter is great.

For speed of information but it’s also great for quality of information okay so what good is it to have fast information if the person that you’re getting it from is not quality so so you guys need to be very careful on where you’re getting your information from that is why i’m so big on kosher plug’s plug pass just because it’s a group of very.

Serious people just talking about nft is doing it at a high level every single day but there’s multiple other people that you can get good information for for free on twitter so that’s kind of what i want to talk about today guys i want to kind of give you guys a good base starting point on who you should be following on twitter if it is your first.

Day on twitter so you know they’re going to be quality because these are people that i’ve been following for months now and have proven to be giving me good solid quality information without any fluff that’s going to be pumping their own bags they’re just giving their genuine thought and overall it’s really good insight and perspective on the nft.

Space so but before i do that guys i do want to talk about one project that i’m actually really excited about and i do think it is an absolute sleeper hidden gem because i actually know who this is and some of you might not so so it’s called castle kid nft and it’s actually brand new very under the radar so i wanted to tell you guys about this.

Project because i do think this is a hidden gem so guys this is actually colin tilly’s nft project and if you don’t know who that is he is probably in my mind the biggest music video director in existence right now he shoots all of the top videos in hollywood i’m talking justin bieber rihanna like the top of the top and he has dozens if not.

Hundreds of music videos with hundreds of millions and even some with billions of views so he is actually coming out with his own nft project called castle kid nft and the artwork is being done by twenty thousand so so one of the things i’m most excited about this project is like the real world utility that they’re adding to it so they’re gonna be doing.

Giveaways for holders to come onto these huge music video sets so if you’re a fan of artists like justin bieber post malone wiz khalifa any of these artists you have a chance to actually come onto one of those sets as they’re shooting it and see how the magic is happening on top of that guys you will actually get access to a lot of amas and you’ll.

Actually get direct contact with colin through their discord on top of that i think he’s made some like master class videos so if you guys are interested in videos or shoot music videos or anything like that you could learn a lot from being in this discord and on top of that i mean guys he is an a-list the top-of-the-top music video director like.

I’m so big on betting on people and investing in people this is someone that has the most insane poll possible like we just saw post malone and the weeknd put board apes in a music video just a few days ago and that reignited the whole market single-handedly now a music video director is making a profile picture project and has that much power.

Guys my imagination goes wild thinking about the possibilities of what he can do so i am super excited about this project i stumbled upon this someone in my community actually showed it to me and i got very excited thinking about these possibilities like all right guys just so you kind of know the level of music videos this guy is shooting uh jay.

Baldwin bad bunny october 14 2019 463 million views okay wiz khalifa no sleep and absolute classic 173 million kendrick lamar all right the definition of a classic 147 million uh chris brown yeah 3x this is over 10 years ago 290 million so absolute classics the guy’s been around for a minute but at the same time he is still.

Shooting the top of the top brand new videos kid leroy justin bieber 350 million in just a few months so imagine what this guy can do with the platform and the skills he has that’s all i’m gonna say i’m gonna leave it at that this just absolutely amazes me and makes me so excited that people like this are entering and interested in the nft space.

And guys i have seen literally no one talking about this so this is an absolute hidden gem i highly recommend following them on twitter uh they actually have announced they’re doing an ama tonight at 9 00 pm eastern time so i will definitely be tuning in to that if you guys are interested in this project definitely do that as well follow them.

On twitter follow colin on twitter as well if you like i’m just really excited about this project so i’m a video nerd and this is the coolest thing so guys you guys the castle kid definitely something to keep on your radar and then one other project i want to talk about that’s kind of in that same breath is actually going to be the meta citizen.

But guys meta citizen is a really cool project because they’re actually doing a full-length documentary about the indie artist collectors and hackers that came together to reboot the internet redefine art and kickstart the metaverse aka they’re doing a documentary on nfts but they’re actually doing a drop so if you’re into videos this is a cool enough.

T project because each one of these tokens that you see on the screen right here is actually giving you fractionalized ownership of their production company and so this is basically an nft project for all the video people out there that want to come together and make a collective decentralized production company which i.

Think is the coolest thing in the world like if i had this three or four years ago when i was making videos uh i would absolutely be taking advantage of this because this is like an instant network in the industry which is huge so i love seeing innovative projects especially in the industry i came from so super excited about this project guys.

Definitely check it out if you are a filmmaker really cool idea and i’m really excited for the documentary but alright guys on to what we all came here for these are the people you need to follow on twitter to make sure you’re getting the best information as fast as possible i highly recommend following them and a few of them definitely have.

Notifications on i will tell you whose notifications i have on so you guys can do the same so one of the most insightful accounts you should follow on twitter is probably nft whale alert and this kind of really lets you know like what is going on this hour and so basically every single hour on the hour nft whale alert bot tweets hourly top.

Sales and we’ll list which projects have the most quantity in sales and then right after actually we’ll do hourly top volume so that way even if you’re not looking at openc or you’re out of the house you can just look at your phone and see which project’s trending right now there’s nothing better than seeing an nft whale alert tweet and your.

Project that you just aped into is the top hourly seller so i love following an ft whale alert it really does let you know uh where your project’s standing and that if you’re out and you see it slipping down to like the bottom three that hey maybe this is a good time to exit or strap in for the long run so nft whale alert uh definitely something you.

Guys should follow keep in mind guys every person i talk about will be linked in the description below so if you guys are new to twitter i definitely recommend following everybody uh if you just want a few there as well so next person this is the person where i actually got wolf game from so my last video if you watched it i called wolf.

Game on the screen the floor price was .069 i got a wolf at 0.4 and so shout out to otto suen he is the absolute goat and has been on fire lately his twitter has been blowing up for good reason this is the person who has been calling almost every single project that’s been running right now and i don’t know how the man has the.

Time to do it but he is always on twitter i swear he doesn’t sleep so if i had to recommend anyone on twitter it’d be otto suen especially because he called wolf game he minted over 80 sheep and four wolves right off the bat and he might be the number one biggest bull holder so auto suing i can’t say it enough guys this is who you need to.

Follow he is just so active and overall i think he has i think over seven million in nfts so the guy is a certified whale okay and then moving on to one of the most famous for being controversial in the space is beanie and beanie just really respects the technical side of d5 really understands the technology of nft’s on a deeper.

Level and he actually is i think a part of the wolf game team or maybe advised them so i think otto got information about the project from beanie but for whatever reason i didn’t see beanie’s tweets i saw autos and autos tweets were enough for me to look into the project and then i made a buying decision uh based on what i talked about in the last.

Video so if you want to see why i bought it go to the last video so beanie is definitely one of the top people in the space has some of the most interesting tweets and i highly recommend following him he’s just very well respected and has a lot of big projects under his belt all right and then moving down the list we’re gonna go down to shamdu the high.

School phenom insane traitor uh really just funny tweets tells you kind of how it is he’s 17 or 16 i think he’s in high school tweeting i swear from class because he’s tweeting all the time but he has a project called head down where they actually buy nfts and fractionalize them for their community holders and.

Overall he’s been into projects like the pudgy penguins early he has an ape he’s just been around the block and it’s just really interesting to see people of all ages and skill sets coming together in the nft space and succeeding together so the sham do is someone that i really like to follow he has just a different interesting take on.

The market and he doesn’t hold back he gets it to you straight and ultimately i think shamdu is one of the best people to follow in the nft space if you’re just interested to hear other people’s perspective okay and then moving on to probably one of the best low-key nft flippers i’ve ever came across we’re going to talk.

About coal ethereum today so cole is the founder of the pudgy penguins but on top of that he’s been flipping nft since the nba top shot days and so guys he actually minted over 40 sheep and some wolves as well i think he possibly could have turned four eth into a seven figure play which is madness off the wolf game but cole has just been tried and true.

One of the most respected people in the space for his calls and his flipping ability so definitely recommend you guys follow cole i really like his insights and overall good information that you know you can trust okay and then to all of my data analytical nerds people who like charts or they want to see market updates on the trends in the market.

Zinnica is going to be your guide there cynica almost on a daily basis is tweeting market recaps threads where basically he just gives his perspective on what’s going on each day so this day was pretty red that was yesterday but he just goes through which projects were the most successful today which projects went up which projects went down and.

Kind of gives you a condensed uh insightful take on his view of what happened and why so very very interesting to read i read these almost every day zinnica is probably one of my favorite people simply because i’m a data guy and he talks data so it’s really fun to just nerd out and see his perspective on things he always just.

Gives it to you how it is i think i keep saying that those are the people i gravitate towards there’s some people out there that really butter it up and kind of just pump their own bags so these are all people that kind of just are straightforward and give you like an objective take on things in their perspective so that’s why i follow them.

And that’s why i’m sharing them with you guys now pranksy this is someone who is i don’t know i wouldn’t say they give it to you how it is it’s not as straightforward but they are the most profitable trader and nfts ever they’re number one on the profit leaderboard on nansen and pranksy i mean honestly i think they minted over four or five.

Hundred apes which is just nuts and sold almost all of them very early rip but still the most profitable so always good to hear from some of the best people in the space and i mean profit doesn’t lie it’s on the leaderboard it’s on the blockchain so you got to respect it and i mean they walk the walk so pranksy for sure.

Vincent van doe is a very interesting take a lot of money an absolute whale of whale multiple fidenzas multiple seahams more of an art blocks high art guy but doesn’t uh stray away from the meme nfts like the penguins as well so this is someone you guys should follow really i don’t need to give my opinion on these.

People too much if you’re starting from nothing just follow all these people and you’re going to be way better off than you were before i’m happy to give you guys the hacking the secret but this is just an ultra whale and he also memes quite a bit so it’s entertaining and knowledgeable definitely someone you want to keep your eye on and hear their.

Insights of course you guys know i talk about kosher plug all the time this is who i used to get all of my calls from way back in the day and still do to this day he has a private alpha group where you can get pretty much the best the best that’s the plug pass and really guys he’s just so active and always just very very concise if you want to watch.

His videos on youtube you’re going to get seven or eight projects to look at in like seven minutes so kosher plugged is straightforward this is the project very objective he has a system down he knows a good project when he sees one and then moving on to ryan d crypto another fellow youtuber definitely subscribe to ryan on youtube i mean.

Subscribe to kosher as well but subscribe to ryan makes very good quality videos and has had very good calls with nfts i know he may have started the little baby ape pump so ryan has made many many good calls and he actually has a project coming up as well so he kind of sees both sides of being a builder and an nft flipper so ryan d.

Crypto if you want good videos and tweets definitely follow him of course bento boy had him on the channel just a few weeks ago he went from zero to 100k and flipping nfts in high school uh so yeah he walks the walk as well people have been doing this for a while we can identify trends we can cut through the and really just.

Go straight to the core why are people gonna like this nft what’s the value behind it and then make a decision buy or know so we see trends we know how to hop on them we know when we get out these are people you need to follow now moving on to the next person nft llama this is someone i’ve never engaged with ever in my life but he has a private.

Group he i like his presentation how he formats his calls he takes it really professionally and i respect that so nft llama has a full-time job of just making calls so that’s definitely someone you want to follow for sure all right guys and so i just want to make one thing clear this is not financial advice we always say it but keep in mind that.

These guys have been wrong before everyone i followed has been wrong before but if you’re kind of new to the nft space or you don’t know what’s going on it’s just great to check on twitter see what all of these people are talking about and then kind of make your decisions from there so these should be giving you leads and then you go do your.

Own research in the discords so something that is an absolute must look at twitter get the information get the lead then go do your research aka join their discord see what people in their discord are saying is it hyped up are people excited or is it dead if it’s excited that’s a good sign go to their website read about the project is this.

Something new and exciting that people are gonna ape into or is this just a copy paste road map that is just a straight rug pull so use twitter use these people as projects that you should look into and then look into it and make your own decisions don’t just ape and follow any influencer blindly especially me especially these.

People because we’ve been doing it time and time again we have experience that doesn’t mean that we can see the future that makes sense great keep going so squid squid is someone who i don’t know at all i just saw people i follow retweet his stuff and i really like the way he articulated his thoughts in a very straightforward and honest way so.

Shout out to squid follow squid good information okay now we’re going to be moving into what i like to call the big leagues of nft influencers these are people that with one single tweet can just cause waves in the space and will instantly shoot a floor at point 2.3 these are people if you’re gonna follow and listen.

To their trades you absolutely must have notifications on and i’m telling you if you saw their tweet 15 minutes after they tweeted it it’s too late okay so these are people that have such a big following that one single tweet straight up moves the market there are only 400 000 wallets on openc and they have more followers than there are wallets on.

Openc so you must have notifications on and this is play at your own risk this is not hidden everyone in the space sees it when they tweet it so alex becker one of my favorite people to follow he has been very focused on his project and is more focused on coins right now so it might not be the best nft calls but if he does he’s going to drop an absolute.

Bomb his project is nuts the floor to his project is 14 8 right now so him and elio trade these guys are both nft youtubers as well but they also focus really heavy on crypto gaming so they kind of tie in together but keep in mind a lot of what they’re tweeting is really just about coins and crypto or their nft project.

That they have together but they do talk about the occasional nft project and if you can catch one of those early you’re set to make a lot of money all right and then moving on to who i think is the absolute goat this is jrny crypto i remember watching his videos way back in early july when he was calling the board apes before their mint he made another.

Video calling the apes during the mints and then he made another video calling the apes under one eath saying that he thinks this project can do really well he ended up actually minting over a hundred apes and i’m pretty sure he has almost all of them still which is absolutely nuts on top of that he did just drop his own collection literally.

Yesterday and it’s a pass to get into his private discord group i know he’s signed a lease for an office for over 30 people he has a huge team and on top of that he’s sitting on eight figures of nfts alone so the amount of resources his following he has a huge youtube channel over 600 000 subscribers twitter 600 000 followers.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a project in the space with so much leverage such a big following and so many resources at his disposal so i actually got one of his passes to be in his private discord and i’m never selling one of those those have infinite potential because of the size and the respect this guy has in the space he is definitely out of the last.

Three the most nft focused though his videos might be a lot about crypto he has been an absolute baller in the nft space i know he has hundreds of doges as well that he minted all right and then moving on to some of the people that are actually in my community that have been doing very very well lately with their.

Calls are actually going to be popeye and scourge so these guys are actually the certified shot callers in my personal discord so if you guys are new and you have questions or you’re just trying to figure it out or you want to go and see what other people in the space are talking about you can actually join my personal discord completely for.

Free it’s in the link in the description below and popeye and score twitter’s in there making calls left and right they’re both very active on twitter so i highly recommend you follow popeye and scourge uh scorch is actually gonna start making youtube videos very soon which i’m excited for but these are two people that have been making very good.

Calls and hopefully you guys can benefit from them in the future but all right guys that’s a simple straightforward video but absolutely so crucial i know so many my friends are asking me what nft projects to buy and they don’t even use twitter they’re looking at nft instagram profiles or facebook pages and it just cracks me up.

Instagram facebook is not it when it comes to nfts you have to be on twitter if you’re serious about it if you’re putting money in the line make a twitter follow these people take the information take the leads they give you and then go do some research okay that is the key to making it in nfts the market is hot volume is flying but it is.

Such a fast-paced market nfts move at light speed okay if you get into one of these projects early you could see a 3 4x in a matter of 40 minutes and if you don’t sell it’s gonna go straight back to where you bought it from so you guys need to be on it spend time doing research following right people get the information as fast.

As possible and make sure you’re getting quality information from people that you trust guys that’s gonna do it for today’s video i hope this helped you guys if you liked it hit the like button below it really does help the channel i really appreciate it subscribe turn the notifications on to get this information as soon as possible but as always guys.

Have a great day thanks for watching i’ll see you in the next one
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