Using Facebook Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing (5 Steps On How We Generated $6,821 In 3 Weeks!)

In this video, I’m gonna share of you how it made six thousand eight hundred and twenty one dollars in just three weeks using Facebook, and the best thing is okay. We didn’t even spend a dollar on Facebook Ads.

How do we do it stay tuned for the video hey? What is up? This is Evans Eugene here from the affiliate brothers. Okay, so, like we said, we’re gonna show you exactly what we did to make six thousand hundred twenty one dollars an affiliate Commission’s using Facebook, organic free strategies.

Yes, okay, we’re gonna show you the five step: okay, the five step in the strategy that we use alright, to see how you be able to promote your a fully offer using a hundred percent Facebook organic. So we’re, not gonna waste any more time.

Let’s, hop on to the screen and let’s. Show you guys what the hell we did to makes it. Doesn’t enter in twenty one dollars in three weeks. Let’s, go alrighty. Let’s, get started alright guys. So before we get into the strategy all right, we’re gonna break it down to five parts.

All right, I’m gonna show you guys there’s. Some of the results that we’re. Getting in that, it’s, actually legit, okay, so this is a probably that we’ve, been promoting. You know for the past couple of weeks and it’s, something that we’ve, been promoting purely using Facebook.

Organic shot is, must hundred percent. You can see here, you know really good man. Honestly, this is amazing, is I think this is right here. There are five thousand something dollars. No, actually, there are six thousand dollars there’s, no than yes, six thousand four hundred I mean just purely based off organic strategies and we haven’t been implementing it for around three weeks right, so amazing, amazing amazing results and I’m gonna share with you exactly what we did step by step.

Okay, so let’s. Go over here, I’m gonna break it down, like I said, into five different parts: okay and I’ll show you guys exactly how we did it. Okay, of course, first step guys, choosing your niche and your products.

Ok. So if you guys have followed us for long enough, definitely choose a high ticket product, mm-hmm right, your niche um. It depends on what you guys want, but you know your product has to have a high ticket.

You know for us. Is you know this product called super accelerator for you, it might be. I don’t know could be a product on Clickbank could be a product from jvzoo whatever it is pick your offering products worse, yeah I mean you would want to take like evergreen dishes.

Like you know, we always go back and talk about health wealth or relationships do usually. These are ones that are very popular. I move in to be selling okay, so you know again just like whatever said you can pick a program or a product to promote from Clickbank or JV sue.

You know we have tons of videos that we talked about this in our channel, also the ones that, for example, like the one that we’re, promoting sa a super affiliate accelerator visa, the private ones, where those, I would say, is a little bit More exclusive, so definitely will give you a little bit more advantage in terms of promoting as an affiliate.

But again it’s really up to you and what we about to show you guys. Okay, it works for any offer so yeah so but anyways regardless, like I said, high ticket, it was not high ticket, get some type of reoccurring.

Monthly offer. Yes yeah. You got ta maximize the customers, value right yeah, so that’s. Gon na make your efforts well paid alright, so that’s that I’m, not gonna go too much into that, because really there’s, a lot of variations, so first thing guys the personal feed.

So this is our personal feed. Okay and our personal feed, like people, are always thinking like hey. Why using your Facebook, personal profile to do business, and what do you say to those people yeah, I mean a lot of people think that they have to do this with their business page but in fact, when you are actually doing it with your personal profile.

First of all, you’ll, be able to get much higher engagement rates because, honestly, nowadays, on Facebook, when you do it with your business page, they would want you to actually boost your posts or boost your content.

They want you to pay the sensor. So when you, but you I actually do it in a more sort of that organic way. Definitely especially with the strategy that we’re about to show you, you will get much higher engagement rate when you do it with your personal profile.

Okay, it’s, just like how we always say you know in other videos too, when we talk about affiliate marketing, you know you have to do it. You have to you, you want to promote or recommend your product or your your offer as a friend, right and honestly, all your friends on your friend list on Facebook.

Every one of them is like a follower. You write whatever you are when you post anything or when you recommending something these are people that will follow and we want to engage with you so yeah. So I’m gonna show you how you guys can add more targeted friends, people that are more likely to buy whatever your offer is, but I’m sure a little bit more about what you’re supposed to Post on your Facebook feed your personal feed okay.

So if you look at some of the things that we’re, doing first thing you have to think about is always think about value. First, okay, every single one of these posts; okay, even though this one is very simple: okay, but these are these posts, you know very simple, but it’s more for engagement, but if you like, some more of the value driven ones, for example, we Share stories inspirational stories that can serve as a value.

You know this is just something that well recently, we’ve, been able to treat our parents dinner with the affiliate Commission’s that we made. You know that’s like a story that we shared and you know, got a good engagement.

You know 64, like 66 comments right and you know there’s. Other value posts such as you know. Sometimes we hop on lives right and we share some value there right so that’s, something that you can also something you can post as well right and sometimes as well um if it loads.

Okay, we share. You know we congratulate some, some other. Our students that we’ve, we’ve personally helped and made results. These are the results. Post result showed not just necessarily your own results.

Sometimes it’s good to leverage other people’s results, hmm. So whatever you’re, you know it. Doesn’t not necessary for to make money on nish. It could be, for example, you know let’s, say you’re in a dog training nish, and you know your dog finally stop on the carpet or something I don’t know, you know now you can post that As well, maybe in Fitness right someone else, like guess, six pack, how about whatever how many pounds yeah or you hope the clients not show that show that it shows.

I write, show that how you’ll, be able to help. You know that client or the person yeah so either a different post, so this is a post out. Really these are the money-making post or you see. You know, of course, a lot of engaged, much higher, much higher games, man and there’s.

A very simple once it’s, call what we call bait post. So I you know it just made a blueprint on how we made five or six K in the past 14 days. Do you want to know how right and this blueprint is our lead magnet right? So you know people that come out yep.

I want it and I was PM them and we say: hey here’s, the blueprint and people that check out the blueprint. It is pretty much it’s, the beginning of the funnel right and the blueprints is the start that front end lead, magnet and then later on.

For some of them they might read it some of them. Why not doesn’t matter and then the four ones that are really serious? They’re, like oh man. This is really amazing. How can I know more, that’s when we talk about the offer mm-hmm alright, so it’s kind of like a lead, magnet type of post and either a post.

That really makes us up ton of money and really helped us make that you know six thousand something in the past three weeks. Alright, so these are just a different posts, so it’s, all very value driven or it’s more.

Like something like, oh, I want to give you something or something like this or just stories and all that um. So you’re, probably asking so Evan. How do you find the friends you know like yeah? Okay, I’m gonna.

Have really good content, but who’s, actually gonna look at it right? How do you find people to actually look at it? So we’re gonna move on to number two now, okay, after personal, for you number two is the Facebook groups so number three.

This is the third part, and this is leveraging Facebook groups, okay to find targeted, friends, the fun part yeah or people that were more lot more likely buy your products. Okay, because think about it.

You know Facebook groups, why are these people joining Facebook group? So, for example, our niche you know, make money online specifically with affiliate marketing, so we want to find how we find our friends to ad right, so we can show that so to show them those contents that we post, you know we usually find those friends with Facebook groups, because most likely they join these Facebook groups because they’re interested in affiliate marketing or they are looking for more information or looking to interact and connect with people who are also interested in whatever niche.

That is more. You know again. Facebook, member, like people, are here to connect and talk with others right and you all you have to do is just find. The right group find the right space. You know to find the people who are speaking the same language, then that’s.

What you would be, you have a much higher chance to find what week so called be the targeted leads or targeted friends here so yeah. So Facebook group is a great way to add targeted friends, okay, another thing about Facebook groups, which is really powerful.

Okay. So what we do is we have a few Facebook groups that we are very involved in. We choose around three to four groups where we’re very involved in the community and like it like, we said again it’s.

Some value always value first, so, instead of just you know you in the group – and you just you know, adding those friends and you’re, just trying to talk to them or outreach to them or whatever that is or you want to add them.

So you can show those contents that you, post on your feed to them. What we do is we choose three to four groups that we feel like the people inside are very engaging and they’re. Very you know they are our ideal audience and what we do is we engage in the group.

You know we see people, for example, there might be groups, you know, like you know this. One right here is a group that no super affiliate super affiliate community is a group that we always engage in the passive income lifestyle.

The group we always engage in and these are groups. You know if people ask questions or they have like you know they post stories or they post different things. You know we are there and we comment and we we comment and we we we all.

We answer those questions for them yeah, so it’s just very quickly. You know guys, especially for those of you just you know, looking to get started or how we did it. When we first started was we added a whole bunch of different groups? Okay, I was maybe you can start with ten grooves and then what you want to do is again instead of just adding those people from the the member list or the friend list right, it’s better to actually try to add those who are Actually active okay, and how do you able to see that is, you know they’re, usually the active friends, the ones who are engaging with the most recent post right, and so there are two ways you can do it first.

You know you want to look at people who have been either liking or commenting on the most recent posts. Okay, these are people who will consider as more active okay – and you know you can definitely you know just add friends.

I try to connect with them or just that whatever was talking about you know, you want to give value to the community to their group right. So let’s say if you’re, doing a value pose that you can actually post it on that specific group.

Okay – and you want to see like you will see that people will start to engage with that poster, and these are people what it shows that they’re interested in what you have been posting or your content is much easier for you to go And start talking with them right when you add them as friends and talking to them a messenger because right away, you guys already have something in common.

You’d, be right it you can just simply just shoot them a message and say hey! Thank you for liking or like engaging with my post, but a lot very, very easy. I would say very easy open there, all right.

That would definitely open up the conversation, and you can just keep doing that like you want to test it. You know if there are groups where you don’t feel like you’re, getting a lot of engagement, you know what, then you can just remove it and try to find.

I would say: aim for three to four three to four good ones where you can just be able to add value. Deliver value at the same time, be able to engage with the members inside consistently, and that will really give you a very, very solid lead.

And you could be able to do on a very consistent basis exactly what he said. All right guys, so visual groups is super. Duper duper duper powerful. Okay, like you know, so the objective once again is for you to find people that are targeted.

That will be interested in what you have to offer and number is what you want to do with Facebook boobs is you want to build Authority? You know using what you know what Eugene just said: the value for value, first type of mentality, people once you start to help answer questions deliver value in a group.

You start to build Authority and people start to listen to you. Can we, like click on one, to show them as an example, quick example sure let’s order this one passive income, lifestyle by our buddy Jonathan Montoya, show Jonathan G.

His group is amazing. Yes, awesome, awesome, awesome ours, so one of the group’s. I would post our story. Mmm and people engaged. You know like these people. You know we will send them a personal message afterwards, which is you know, step number four on our on our overview: thingy, alright, but yeah, and then, before you send a message.

These people – I would say these so called leads. I’m, not cold leads. I was a deal a bit warmer. Okay, because again they’ve, seen your content and again, if you, if you actually doing it consistently and you see, people are consistently engage with you, those, I would say a very, very warm they that you can easily start engaging start talking exactly so.

This is like how we leverage Facebook groups – okay, so that kind of answers. The first part, is how you get people to look at your stuff, and what, from a friends you’re supposed to add, is based off the group’s.

Okay, so at this point you know just a brief recap or a recap: all right is you know. Every day we post one or two times, maybe a value post could be a simple quote: post alright, now we start adding friends from different groups and we engage and deliver value in these groups.

Yes, and by doing that, okay, you are only going to be adding interacting connecting with people who have the same interests. Alright, most likely won’t be in the same niche and that you know these, and these are not friends who are not.

You know like irrelevant, you know sometimes like if people are not interested in what what your content is or what what you’re talking about in in your post. These people are not gonna interact with your data inactive, and that is going to hurt your engagement.

This is like the last thing you want, especially when you are utilizing a strategy where you be using a hundred percent organic with Facebook’s. Alright, so let’s, move on to number four number, four guys, the messenger part the messenger part – and this is even more fun.

The money mm-hmm M stands for message also stands for money. Never did the dollars on your dollar sign, okay, so, okay, so that’s like you know, after you know, up to this step, we know we’ve, adding targeted friends mmm-hmm, and we’re, getting them to engage with Our hosts okay, so um.

What happens is how we’re gonna get them to buy our product. Is we’re gonna start reaching out to them and talking to them on messenger mmm-hmm? Okay. This is very important because you want to be like, like I said, you want to be like your friend, and you want to recommend products like your friend, and you know, the best way is gonna, be, you know actually engaging with them.

Okay and understanding where they’re at and what their struggles are we at the end of the day, you know when you’re, an affiliate, you’re just trying to solve their problems right. You’re. Just trying to solve their problem user and then you know, try to bridge you know, show them that your offer is the solution to their problems.

Yes, and if you want to do that, you need to first talk with them. Right have a normal conversation, guys right and again what we were teaching you with the the Facebook group that makes it easier or like it’s easier for you to open that conversation will not be awkward or like having that person feel like or Be skeptical, but this person trying somehow right again start a normal conversation and I really strongly suggest you guys to actually take a look at that person’s profile.

First right get to know a lot. You know one or two things about a person. So you you’ll, be able to start the conversation very naturally and just like whatever was talking about. You will want to start understanding and learning more of what this person might be struggling or my desert.

The so called pain. Point didn’t have in that initial because again, remember you have your offer. You want to see where you’d, be able to provide a solution alright to solve whatever problem. They have your offer that you are trying to promote right.

So exactly okay, guys, so super super super important. Okay and really a lot of our money is made in the conversations. Okay, like Yugi, said, solve problems, understand so understand our problems, and you know try to offer if it’s a good fit.

Okay. So like so, you know like I said you know all these different posts that we do. You know we all these people that are highly engaging are people that we can talk to okay and look for and the best people to talk to, like you know, people that engaged with posts that are into groups or people that have left.

You know a comment saying that they’re interested in something that we have to offer, for example, that bait post out this one right here. If you’re interested in a blueprint, knock an outreach to them with a reason.

So it’s, not gonna be like. Oh, I’m, just kind of they’re, not gonna be like oh man, you know is trying to tell me something stop outreaching to me or it’s more. Like hey, I’m here. This is the information you asked for and then you can start a conversation so for a beginner or starter they might ask.

So how often should I do these people? I think, like you know what MA twice or three beautiful you know two or three times a month a month. Okay, I mean I, we see that we have different types of posts right, yeah.

So, of course, guys don’t, always just do they pose again mix it up right. I think we can leave a leave a file in the description below kind of a show, give us a formal or give you guys. What type of post that I proven to be high engaging is something that you guys would be able to.

You know, implement and execute right away. Should we talk about it like the RVL um? Maybe it’s in it’s in the father is in the fire. Yes yeah! Yes, so our vo is just a formula that we use to post. If you guys want to learn exactly what that is check out the file below so yeah just to wrap up this messenger part, you know a lot of our conversations.

It’s. Just about understanding the problems mm-hmm and offering a solution – yes, okay and with everything we’ve done here. Personal feeds, the value, the value first, mentality that we do in the first two into step: 2, step: 3 mm-hmm.

When you talk to y’all messenger, you build a little bit of authority and they all feel like hey. You know this guy is giving me value and not trying to sell me on anything. Okay – and I think another really big thing about messenger – that people kind of overthink is that oh man, I feel like I’m selling them I don’t want to sell.

I don’t like to push be pushy, but guys, if you guys have a really good offer. I thought. Oh, I say you have to have a really good offer that you believe in then you’re, not trying to sell you. Just you really just recommending and helping them out, and also guys when you also have really really high quality content.

That is also a way to attract people who are interested in you right at the end of the day or even though, like you know, you are selling them the offer or the the program but like at the end of the day.

They end up, buying or decide to buy or invest in that program because of you right and again, we want to say that you know when you’re able to really utilize all the the content you put in in your personal feed and also In your Facebook groups that really allows you to attract those who will be interested in what you have to say or what you as a person represent, and this is something that is going to be so much easier for you to transition to your office.

Mhmmm and yeah, so after the messenger after you give them, you talk about the offer you send them to the funnel, and then you know the funnel doesn’t work. All right sauce, you know we ‘ Re depends on the funnel what it depends on what the funnel is.

Maybe you know you get their email at least, or maybe you know after that, you can follow up, or maybe they book a call whatever. That is that’s, pretty much. How we have been able to close a lot of our sales recently talk to the high-ticket ones is really through this entire process, and by doing that is not just just like, whatever keep emphasizing value.

First, okay and very, very high touch, and I think that when we do that, we were able to put a lot more personal touch, a lot more human element inside this whole process. And this is something that people want to see.

And that is the only way that will allows you to stand out amount. Other competitors, especially when people nowadays are only trying to automate everything right, only go for it done for you stuff. This is the way where you’d, be able to let the other people see that you know what we’re, real mm-hmm, we care okay, and we would be able to give you a lot more value compared to others who are Just trying to automate the entire process exactly guys, so that’s, pretty much the end of this video, very simple, very, very simple.

Yes, so a question that a lot people ask is you know? Oh, do I have to use my personal profile on my friends and family to see any of this? It’s very embarrassing. You know promoting stuff and it ‘

S like the thing is like what, if I told you, I just think about it another way lower. I told you that every single one of these post that you’re making and everything that you’re doing with your personal profile.

It’s. Gon na make you ten thousand dollars a month. Think about it. That way, like are you gonna post, it hell yeah, you’re gonna post it’s. Definitely gonna pose so don’t, let, like you, know your friends and family in that judgment, because you know it doesn’t matter.

Do your business is more important than them. Your freedom is more important than them. Okay, you know what them what we do is we unfriended all of them? Okay. This is a time where you do have to make a decision.

I mean again, you have to understand the the power and the potential of the amount of money that you’re, actually able to make right, especially when you are actually implementing what we just taught you and honestly for us, because we treat this business.

Something that something very serious – and you know we have to be professional about it and again like if we afraid that you know our friends, a family might judge us guys. Then you have to unfriend them.

Okay, good right! Now you’re, not using Facebook for entertainment. You’re, not using Facebook to hang out you’re using Facebook for business. Okay, it’s, two different things. You have to make a decision and it’s a legitimate bit.

I mean you can make money, you can make a ton of money. You know we making like Michael. Are you know that month that amount just in the past three weeks right? So it’s, definitely doable guys or I don’t.

Let anybody tell you otherwise, alright guys, so that’s. The end of this video. I hope you guys got value out of this video. If you guys do it smash that, like button, he’s gonna help us out about the YouTube algorithm, alright, and also, if you guys, are interested in learning more about failure, marketing how we are gonna build a six-figure affiliate marketing business in 2020 hit the subscribe now to hit the notification icon, so you know when we all right, you guys want to learn more about this high-touch.

You know this this. This value first strategy has a promoting high ticket check out the link in the description below there’s. Gon na be a free case, study video for you, and you have to watch all about that exactly it will go more in-depth or basically, what we just share with you in the video in like.

If you ask us to can’t explain everything for you, which we want to do, but the videos going to long right this there’s. Only that much we can actually share in. You know in this little video that we should you’re watching here, so guys.

Alright, you want it. You want to see it. I like to pick the link description below alright and yeah, so that’s. Pretty much the end of this video see you right there on this next, yes right now, you see it in front of you click on it, because you will see you’ll, get even more valuable, alright, see you! There bye, guys

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