Understand Search Insights: Research Tab in YouTube Analytics

Hey Creators! Ever wonder what people are searching for on YouTube? Maybe you want to know what search terms your audience uses the most. Or, maybe you want to see what viewers across all of YouTube are searching for to help you come up with future ideas. With the Research tab in YouTube Analytics, now you can. The Research tab in YouTube Analytics will provide you with search insights to help you discover content gaps and create new videos that viewers are interested in.

We’ll walk through what insights you can find in the Research tab and how you can use this info to help with your channel’s content planning. Let’s dive in. To find search insights, go to YouTube Studio on desktop then Analytics. Then go to the Research tab where you can explore what people are searching on YouTube. Here you’ll see three tabs: Searches across YouTube where you can explore some of the top YouTube searches.

For thousands of topics and keywords Your viewers’ searches where you can explore what your viewers and viewers of channels similar to yours are looking for on YouTube and Saved, where you’ll see the saved search terms that you’ve explored. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these tabs. First, the Searches across the YouTube tab. Here you can explore some of the top YouTube searches by topic. These searches from across YouTube viewers.

Not just your channel’s audience. For example, if you type in “how to” you can see the top “how to” queries that people are searching for like “how to create a YouTube channel,” how to upload videos on YouTube,” and more. These search queries can help you develop ideas for future videos. Now let’s take a look at Your viewers’ searches. Here you’ll see the top keywords that people are searching for that relate to your channel. We’ll also show you the search volume on YouTube for that keyword.

All this data can be filtered by content gaps and geography. A content gap is when viewers can’t find enough quality search results on YouTube for a specific search query. This happens when viewers can’t find any results for the topics they searched for viewers can’t find an exact match for the topics they searched for or when viewers can’t find high-quality videos for the topics they searched for example if the only content that shows old or low-resolution. So, if a keyword or phrase has a content gap tag.

This might be a starting point for your research into future topics for your videos. And finally, the Saved searches tab. Here you’ll see any search term that you previously saved. To save a search term from either of the two other tabs click the bookmark icon. These search insights are meant to be a helpful starting point for you to create more relevant content that your viewers are searching for and interested in.

Maybe you’ll discover a new search term that you don’t have a video on yet. Or, maybe an unexpected topic has a higher search volume than you thought so you brainstorm a new series around it. Creating videos around these popular searches can help fill content gaps on YouTube which could help satisfy your viewers and potentially grow your channel. For more information about the Research tab in Analytics check out the links in the description. Thanks for watching.
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