Tiktok Affiliate Marketing | Step-by-Step Tutorial & 4 LIVE Examples

Hey fellow dappers, Adam Dukes here, and in this video I’m, going to show you how to earn money on tick tock via affiliate marketing, tick, tock, ain’t just for teenagers to talk to the latest drake song.
It’s, a fantastic platform to generate a ton of attention and awareness send a truckload of traffic to any web property. You desire, it could be a website, it could be a blog, it could be a youtube channel.

I do it all the time it could be a sales page, a landing page, a facebook group, a shopify store, an amazon listing wherever the hell you want to send traffic tic tac is the place to do that for free.
So i got started on tick. Tock april 21st of this year – and i pushed i didn’t want to do it. I was 38 years old, too old, for it um. I was wrong, and so i built up a following to about 60, 000 and september 22nd.
Right around that area. I got shadow banned, meaning my videos weren’t being shown to people outside of my following, so i started a brand new account october. 4Th about six weeks ago and i’ll flash up on the screen.
What i was i’ve been able to earn since october 4th. So this is to prove to you. You can get started with little to no following earn money. Relatively quickly, i hate using the word quickly when i’m talking about earning money online, but you can earn money relatively quickly.
I’m going to share with you. Three live examples of people outside the make money, online space, earning money with tick, tock and affiliate marketing, and also a fourth one, a lady who is absolutely crushing it with the amazon associates program.
One last thing: a lot of people ask: can i do tech talk without showing my face? One of these live examples is a guy doing very, very well outside to make money online space and he’s not showing his face.
So yes, it’s absolutely possible. So let’s, dive right in how to earn money on tick tock with affiliate marketing all right. So a quick wonder on how to earn money on tick tock via affiliate marketing.
In three shockingly simple steps so step number one is you need to determine? Who is your market? So here’s, a few questions to help you find your market, your target market, your pocket of people, your starving crowd, whatever the hell you want to call it, but you need to this is step number one.
This is a step that a lot of people skip or don’t spend much time on, but you need to find out who you want to help. So what is a problem that you’ve solved for yourself in the past? Maybe you’ve lost weight.
Maybe you’ve gained confidence. Maybe you ‘ Ve got your ex back. Maybe you tried the keto diet. Maybe you built a business whatever it is. It could be building a tic tac following your instagram, following whatever it is.
There is one question to help you find a market. Another one is maybe an obstacle. You’ve, overcome very similar to a problem. You’ve solved. Another one. Is maybe a skill you’ve mastered? It could be really anything, it could be, video editing, it could be web design.
It could be. Maybe you’re, really good, with microsoft excel spreadsheets as an example. Another one is: what do family and friends? Ask you for help with what’s, the number one thing they come to you and ask you for help with what do you enjoy talking about? What is something that you talk about kind of almost non-stop for myself? It’s online business.
I do this from pretty much sun up to sun down. I really enjoy doing it’s been 10 goddamn years doing it, and i like doing it so that’s. What i talk about so step number two is: what are you going to sell, so you’re, going to need to find a product, a service, a software and recommend it, and then you’re, going to earn a percentage of the Sale, which is called affiliate marketing so how to find products.
This isn’t a deep dive. I did a video up here if you want to check it out on a deep dive on how to find hidden, gems, uh, but a quick overview. You can use clickbank.com, it is a marketplace of hundreds, if not thousands, of digital products, that you can become an affiliate for amazon associates.
You can become an affiliate partner with amazon and sell any product that they or recommend any product that amazon offers and you earn a commit percentage of the sale. It’s, pretty small. I think it’s, one to five percent of the sale.
However, amazon has a lot of trust built in and you can make a good amount of money which i’m. Going to share here in a couple minutes with a lady share, a sale is another one. It’s similar to amazon associates it’s, got huge million billion dollar brands that you can become an affiliate for another one.
Is you can just search on google? This is one of my favorite ways to do it. So a couple examples you would want to type your niche plus affiliate program, so example would be keto diet, plus affiliate program, build confidence plus affiliate program.
Again, i got a video up there on a deep dive on how to kind of do this, google search, but that’s kind of the gist of it. You just go to google and type in whatever your market is whatever your niche is plus affiliate program.
Step. Number three is: how are you going to communicate with your market so for this example, it’s, obviously going to be tick tock. So you’re, going to be putting out tick, tock videos. For me what i’ve done pretty consistent consistently over the last six months.
Is i do two tick tocks each and every day, like i said, pretty consistently, i’d, say six out of the seven days. I hit two videos each and every day that’s, the secret. There is the consistency which goes with anything whether you’re, trying to lose weight, improve your relationship with your partner, your spouse, your kids, your parents, working on your mindset going to the gym.
I just started: training jujitsu it’s. The consistency of going each and every week, so consistency is the key to success. What i talk about a lot, so let me show you a few examples of people earning money.
So here is a woodworking one woodworking world. As you can see, this guy has about 74 000, just over 74 000 fans. He has a link tree here. This is the one account that i was talking about, that he doesn’t show his face, or very rarely does he show it here.
It is he’s, got a mask over his face. If that’s even him, but he shows woodworking videos cutting wood, doing whatever with woodworking. I know nothing about woodworking, but, as you can see, he just does videos and he gets quite a bit of views on these videos and if you see his link here, it links to his link tree, which is right here: access to 16 000 woodworking plans.
This is ted’s woodworking. It is a product on clickbank that you can earn commission. So if you click here, this is his affiliate link and it opens up ted’s, woodworking, which i think is like a forty dollar product and he earns like fifty percent of the sale, as you can see, make ninety four hundred and fifty thousand This is another product complete guide to building a woodworking shop.
This is another product and then how to make money with tick-tock. I imagine that’s, another product as well. He’s, an affiliate for that’s, one example. Next example, a lady named janelle, it looks like she has a huge following of just over 2 million followers and she shares keto in low carb.
Rep recipes looks like she’s lost 25 pounds. As you can see, she kind of shares. What she has for her snack lunch weight loss tips lunch. Obviously she’s, showing her face here. What she has for breakfast keto pumpkin pie, all kinds of things.
She has a link tree as well, so you click on the link tree and it opens up her link tree account thrive market. That is an affiliate program. It is a diet and or it’s, some type of a food service, yeah, a food delivery service and you could become an affiliate for it, so how to find that you could type in thrive, market affiliate boom right there thrive market affiliates.
You click on that and you would apply for their affiliate program. I’m, not sure exactly what they pay. Let’s, see if they show it here. I don’t, see the percentages for a physical product. It’s, usually in the five to maybe 20-ish percent, but you just join right here, join and earn, and you can become an affiliate for thrive market if weight loss, keto losing weight.
If that’s, your market website and cookbook merchandise, she’s selling merchandise. She has a link to her youtube, an app she probably has an affiliate for this app as well. She has a facebook community, the keto box, that’s, another affiliate program, it’s, a monthly subscription service, not sure what that is, but as you can see, amazon must have she’s, probably on amazon associates.
So she’s, earning money, quite a few different ways with affiliate marketing and tick. Tock. Here is another one. This guy ‘ S. Name is kyle. He has about 85, just over 85 000 fans and he talks a lot about uh dogs, dog training, animal training.
It looks like with a horse here. He just makes kind of lifestyle videos, uh dog, walking dog walking here a couple, other videos of him and his dog. If you click on his link up. Above again, it goes to linktree and you click on kyle’s thing and med circle.
I imagine is an affiliate program puritized, i imagine he’s, an affiliate for that another one here, train your dog to be street safe. You click here. He’s eve either an affiliate for this product, or this is his own product.
I’m, not too sure he might be doing both, which is really smart, earning money with affiliate marketing, but also selling his own. How to walk your dog, i guess for 11, so that is another example. The last example this lady, who’s, absolutely crushing it with the amazon associates program.
She has just over one point: she has 1.3 million followers names rachel. She has a link tree and she just does videos things you didn’t know you needed from amazon. I don’t know what version this is she’s on, like i, don’t know 40.
50. 60, but they’re, really really interesting. Videos. I’ve watched quite a few of her videos. They’re products that you would never expect and they all look really really cool and, as you can see, she’s.
Getting look at that almost a million views on this one: 350. 000. Half a million here, uh 350. 000. Here, 600 000 – a million on this one, but that’s. All she does things you didn’t need, you know you need it off amazon.
She includes her boyfriend, her husband or partner, in a lot of her videos as well, and then, if you click on her link tree, it opens up here here’s, all her amazon fine. So if you click on the amazon, it will open up her amazon, page rachel meters and if you buy any of these products again here’s.
The tape measure here was the tape measure video right here. I believe one of these ones was the tape measure, but if you buy this product for thirty dollars, she’s. Gon na earn, like i said anywhere from one to five percent, but here’s, all the products she’s talked about on her tic toc videos.
So she’s. A great example of absolutely dominating the amazon associates program with just simple little tick: tock videos similar to that, as you can see it’s very possible to earn money on tech talk via affiliate marketing.
The two keys here is pick a market of topics that you like to talk about. If you’re, going to be creating consistent videos, one or two videos a day or whatever your schedule permits, you need to do something or you want to do something around a topic that you have a passion for or an interest in.
It’s, going to be very, very hard to consistently make videos if you have no interest in it and then step number two or key tip number. Two, i should say is the consistency. What i talked about at the beginning of this video is be consistent.
If you can do one video a day that’s great, if you could do two a day that’s great, if you can do three a week, do that just stick with a consistent schedule that’s sustainable for You hey, if you like this video, make sure you hit subscribe down below click, that little bell notification, because i release two videos each and every week for your viewing pleasure.
As always, if you have comments, questions or concerns, please drop them down below. I’ll. Do my absolute best to answer them. If i can’t answer them, i’ll, try to find someone who can or point you in the right direction the right resource, as always.
Thank you so much for watching. I truly do appreciate it.

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