Sales Funnels For Beginner e-Commerce – What Is A Sales Funnel? (Real Demo)

What is a sales funnel? Well, it’s. The difference between those sellers, those online e-commerce sellers who are barely getting by you know who are barely making profit just enough to keep the business alive and those ecommerce sellers who are growing and scaling exponentially.

While profiting the difference, is the sales funnel? So if you don’t know what this term is, you’ve got to know what this is. If you’re in the online space, it’s very, very important. Let me give you an example.

I love examples, so maybe this will make more sense for you. We’ve, got Stuart a and we ‘ Ve got store, B, store a sells a product for let’s, say $ 30 okay, and they know that it costs them five dollars to acquire each customer.

Well, what does that mean to acquire a customer? Well, if you’ve got an amazing product. Your job is now to put this product in front of people so that they now have the opportunity to buy from you, because you can have an amazing product, but without marketing nobody’s ever gonna see it.

You know your friends and family. Might know about it, but how are people on the other side of the world gonna hear about it? How are you going to generate leads and sales and it’s through marketing, so you pay for Google Ads Facebook Ads YouTube.

You do influencer marketing all of these things, they cost money, and so once you know what those costs are for marketing, you can break it down and you can figure out how much it costs you to acquire.

One customer so store a has done the math and they know that it costs them five dollars to acquire one customer. So that means that if they sell a product for 30 dollars, 30 minus five – that’s, a twenty five dollar profit.

Now we’re, not gonna go into the details about the cost of goods sold or any of the other profit stuff. We’re just gonna, for the sake of the example say that they profit twenty-five dollars. Okay, now store B sells the exact same product for the exact same price, so the same product for thirty dollars, but the difference is that if they have a sales funnel in place, so at the end of the day they profit more well.

How do they do that? Well, what they do is, as the customer is checking out their item. They’re on their website. They’re about to enter the credit card information and check out all the sudden there’s.

This pop-up, or this this page age that gives them an irresistible offer we call it an upsell. So we’re, increasing the sale of the order, and this offer is something that is in alignment with the niche with the category.

It make sense for the customer to buy it and it’s tempting and so let’s say not. Everyone’s going to buy into that, but one in three people go and they buy this upsell. They say. Yes, I will take that and they increases the order value.

So that means that she’s selling a $ 30 product, but the upsell is $ 20 okay, so that increases the order total to $ 50, but only one in three people take her up on that upsell. So that means that, for each person that comes to her website and orders a product, the order value is increased by about seven dollars.

So, while person, a is profiting $ 25 store B is now profiting $ 32. So, instead of $ 25 profit because of that upsell, every person who orders now increases the order value by $ 7, so 25 plus 7 is 32.

Did I do the math right $ 32, so store be pay. Profits. 25 stir be profits 32, even though they’re selling the same product for the same price, so they she didn’t have to increase the price of her product, so she’s still competitive with store a, but it’s, an e back-end, it’s in the upsell, and the great thing is that you could have as many upsells as you want right.

You could have another upsell after that, that’s, maybe a $ 10 up to seller a $ 5 upsell that is related to the product. They’re already buying it’s, something that the customer actually sees value in and again it increases the order total, so the order value increases and it’s, the same customer, so the cost to acquire the customer is Still only $ 5, so that’s.

How a sales final essentially works. It’s, so powerful, and one thing that’s important to know is that you, don’t have to give them all of these offers at once. When someone orders a product from you, your store, you can get their name in their email and you can now send the marketing materials through their email or Facebook Messenger and over time, give them different offers.

You know they’re now part of your sales funnel and say two weeks from now. You give them a new offer and some people will take you up on it. Some won’t and that’s. What we call the lifetime value of a customer, so it may seem, like you’re, one customer.

You know they made the sale, they bought a $ 30 product and that’s it. But if you have a sales funnel in place, you know that the lifetime value of a customer is far more than $ 25, because over the years they’re gonna buy several products from you, and so maybe their lifetime value is $.

200 $ 500 $ 1,000 and knowing that is valuable because you might say well. I know that over the next few months or several months or several years, they’re gonna buy more products for me, so that first product that I sell them.

The first product that gets them in the door, the first product that makes them a customer of mine – I’m gonna make it such a good offer that they have to buy it, because I know that for me, what’s? More valuable than the actual sale of that product, the $ 30.

It means nothing compared to the thousand dollars. I’m going to make long term, so I’m just gonna give it to them for free. I’m gonna give them a free product. Then you get hundreds and thousands of customers into your funnel, which funnels them into buying more things from you.

So that’s. Why it’s called a sales funnel think of it. Like you know, funnel you see big at the top. This is your low end product offer your $ 30 ecommerce product $ 25 ecommerce products, something cheap and, as the funnel becomes smaller, the offers.

The value of the offers increase, and so at the very bottom of your funnel, you might have something very high ticket. You know $ 1,000, coaching, a $ 2,000 event, a mastermind something of high value and yeah.

Not everyone who started at the top is going to get to the bottom, but maybe one third of those people do or one fifth of those customers do and so that’s important it’s determining the lifetime. So that is essentially a final and that’s.

What makes the difference between ecommerce sellers who are selling – and you know you see – they share – screen shots of their Amazon accounts or their Shopify stores, and they’re making 60 grand a month, but how much of that is? Profit versus sellers, who are making 60 grand a month and they’re profiting 40 50 60 %.

You’re wondering. How can you profit that much money with a physical product and it’s because of all the back end offers that’s, how it works. This is gold. This is so important for you to know. So I’m.

Going to share with you click funnels click funnels is a program that all of the top marketers in use. This is where all of the top marketers they go and they create these sales funnels and it’s so good, because you can customize things exactly how you want to do it now warning is that, as I log into this account a minute of Screen share for you to really illustrate this.

It’s. Gon na seem a bit overwhelming. I know myself when I first logged into my god. I got ta learn this. I got ta figure this out. Another thing to do, but this is going to be worth your time. It is worth spending a week a couple hours.

You know really immersing yourself in learning about funnels because, like I said it’s, gonna be the very difference struggling for years with an e-commerce business to actually like scaling your business super fast and growing and actually being profitable.

So my recommendation to you is to spend the time to learn this and use it on your own business or what you could always do is if you’re, an expert at something like this at creating sales funnels, you can market your service to Other ecommerce sellers and then you can help other sellers who don ‘

T want to learn how to create sales funnels. You can help create them for them. That’s, an option as well, but I always recommend that if you own your own business, you want to know basics about how the business operates.

You never just want to turn a blind eye and hire everyone to do everything. It’s important to learn to delegate, but you should have a basic understanding, so you know that they’re doing the right job.

So let me hop behind the computer by the way guys. One thing I want to share with you click funnels. I told you that Russell Brunson, what is the co-founder of clicks and russell brunson? Has this book it’s called experts secrets it’s all about marketing, and this book is amazing.

It’s. Really the my when I first learned about marketing. I read this book and I learned so so much. I recommend that you get it and if you click the link in the description, you’re gonna get it for free.

Does that sound familiar? You’re gonna get this book for free. Now? Why are you gonna get it for free? Well, Russell Brunson knows that, yes, it’s. Gon na cost money to send you this book, but long term.

He knows the lifetime value as the of you as the customer. He knows your lifetime value, that’s, why he’s, giving you this book for free. So, even though now you know that you’re in his sales funnel, I recommend you get this book because seriously it is really really good.

So let me hop by the computer to share this with you so before I show you what clickfunnels look like and I’ll show you one of my funnels. I just wanted to show you what other people’s. Sales pages. Look like because it’s kind of interesting, and it is a representation of what I was sharing with you earlier about the psychology and all of that.

So if you go to, this is where you can find services programs even products to promote as an affiliate, Clickbank and click funnels. They’re, two very different things: they don’t confused me for a long time.

So, for example, if you click on this one right here, the cinderella’s solution. So this is a sales page. Okay, so, as you can see this sales page, all of all of the information, all of it is everything is targeted towards one thing and they want.

They know what you didn’t want you to focus on and that’s. The video you know there’s, no menus it’s, not like a website where there’s. All these different places where you can be distracted, it’s, one thing and that’s.

The video, and so you’re very targeted, so this is a sales page. Now this sales page leads into the sales funnel. So once someone subscribes or buys or whatever it is that their call to action is once they opt-in to that.

They now get added to that person’s funnel well. There’ll, be asked to make a sale for different at different points in time or to whatever I do commitments along the way. So this is an example of one, and here we go.

They’re, trying to not get you to leave the page, so this was done on clickfunnels. It’s completely customized I’ll. Show you different one organifi. Actually, this is a really really popular supplements brand.

You can see here it looks like a website, but it’s. It’s, not it’s, a sales page, as you can see here. This is very clear, very clean, very direct lots of social proof, so this is a sales page. It leads into the sales funnel now let’s, go to click funnels and we can see on the back end what the click funnel looks like.

So this is the luxe curves click funnel. You can see there’s 18 steps. So, for example, once someone buys my product now, we’re gonna give them an upsell, and so we’re gonna upsell, our workout program, our fitness program, because the idea is to learn about the customers journey and if you Know what your customers journey is.

You know what resources, what they’re gonna need along the way in order to achieve their goals, so you’re, helping them to achieve their goals by providing them with the resources. The information, the products that they’re gonna need to buy whether they buy from you or someone else.

They’re gonna buy them anyway, so you might as well offer them yourself that’s. The quickest way to earning your million – this is the body beatdown program, the luxe curbs body be done program, as you can see here.

This is a page where we share a fitness program and fitness programs are great, upsells, any kind of course or ebook or any type of online digital program. Because, yes upfront, you have to pay a few hundred dollars to get it created.

But then there’s, no more costs, so any money you earn from that is 100 % profit, so those are always really good upsells. Let me just show you briefly what that looks like so here you can see here it’s.

A very straightforward sales page – and it says, upgrade my order, so that is the first upsell. Then we have another upsell for a product. So this is a product that is sold on the website, but because we’re gonna give it us an upsell, we’re gonna give it to them at a discount.

So you can see here. I’m. Going to edit this page, just so you can see it. This is a product that relates to the product that they’re already buying. So it makes sense for them to buy this one because it’s related, and this is what it looks like and then it says yes upgrade my offer.

So as you can see, I had two upsells already. I could have more than that. You can kind of push the limits and see what that threshold. Is it’s? Really up to you, then I ‘ Ve got a thank you page by the way none of these are actually completed and again the colors everything’s, custom to my brand right, so we use a lot of pink in her brand.

It’s, part of our branding. It’s, attractive for our ideal client, and so that’s. Why I like clickfunnels is you can customize things and then there are order pages, so people can actually buy on the page, so each product has its own order page.

So you can see here the traditional waist chain er the best, the black, the beige, the pink each one of these products has its own page, so that’s, essentially a sales funnel some sales funnels are really long.

Some sales funnels are really short. It really is up to you and the great thing is. I also want to share with you. So again, all of this is made on click funnels. It’s, actually really fun. If you want to dive in and really learn about it, it’s, really fun um, because you can customize anything now.

If you don’t want to build your own file, you can buy one, so other people who love doing this stuff, they create funnels, and then they sell them to other people. So, for example, here you can see that this person is selling a health funnel, so it depends on your industry right and it depends on what the purpose of your funnel is.

You know some people it’s for a product. As you can see these ones right here, some people it’s, a squeeze page, some people, it’s for a webinar, so to register for a webinar to learn information. It really depends so they have different options.

So you can shop around and buy a template so that you don’t have to make when and they’re, really not expensive. I mean the amount that this is gonna help your business 147 dollars it’s. Definitely worth it so that’s.

What I want to share with you today, knowing this, can make a huge impact on your business in terms of conversions and sales and overall just earning more money at the end of the day. So if you want to try this, you can get a 14-day free trial by going to Titanic James comm, slash click, funnels or click in the link in the description box below.

So I hope you guys received value from this video and if you want to dive deeper and learn more about this subject about sales funnels into everything marketing, because at the end of the day, if you’re watching this, you probably are an online Seller, you probably have some sort of online business and you know that marketing is king.

It’s all about marketing. You have to learn marketing if you are ignoring marketing. Your business is not going to be around for very long. So if you want to dive deeper, I recommend getting Russell’s.

Brunson’s book. You can get it for free, go to tatyana james comm, slash expert secrets. I’m, going to link it in the description below another thing i have for you is my free video training. If you want to learn more about e-commerce, you can go to tatyana james comm, slash free training.

I’ll, also link that down below for you. It’s, a seven part, video series, where I show you how to start your ecommerce business so hope you enjoy it. Give me a thumbs up. I’ll, see you in the next one ciao


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