Quickstart Guide: Branding Your Channel | Ep. 3 ft. OffbeatLook

Hey there everyone! It’s me, Camille,and today I’m going to show you how to put the ‘you’ into YouTube. There are lots of different opportunitiesto personalise and brand your channel and taking advantage of them canreally help make your channel stand out. The first place is the channel icon. This is basically the imagethat represents your channel. It appears in multiple places,like at the top of your channel homepage on the video description,and when you comment.

So choose wisely. The nexthugely important piece of branding is your channel banner. Your banner is a large spacethat shows what your channel is about and why viewers should subscribe to you. A lot of creatorsput their upload schedule here and other helpful informationabout their channel. Personally, I like a large, textured imageand I change it out every few months to keep my channel fresh.

And channel art looks differenton desktop, mobile and TV displays so I recommenduploading a large image to be safe. Another often under-utilised space isyour channel description and the About tab. This is a short overview of whatviewers can expect from your content. It should describethe types of content you’ll produce your upload schedule if you have one and you can also include linksto your website and social media accounts. Now that you havethe visual elements of your channel set up let’s talk about making a channel trailer.

It’s a short videothat’s on your channel page and can be the first thingthat displays to unsubscribed viewers. It’s a way to pull in new subscribers,so make it fun, engaging and clear. Mine have evolvedover the years, and right now I usually have my latest videoplaying there. Next, let’s talk about making a playlist. To create a playlist,you do that on your channel. Find a videothat you want to add to a playlist click the three dots that appearwhen rolling over the thumbnail.

And click ‘Add to playlist’. You’ll see options for playliststhat you’ve already created as well as an optionto create a new playlist. Select the playlistyou want to add the video to. Do this for all videosyou want to be a part of the playlist. And finally,as you scroll down on most channels you’ll see videosare grouped together in sections. Sections are a way to organiseyour content and brand your channel. They help you showcasewhat types of formats, series and topics.

You do on your channel. To add a section, click ‘Customise channel’ on your main channel page. Scroll down to the bottomand click ‘Add a section’. You’ll see content and layout options. In the content drop-down,you’ll see that there are a few options that are automatically generated for you,like uploads and popular uploads. There are a few options thatrequire you to first create a playlist. To select a playlistyou want to highlight on your homepage choose the option for ‘Single playlist’.

Set the layout to horizontaland then choose your playlist. Click ‘Done’. You can add up to ten sectionsto fill up your channel homepage with horizontal rows,so be sure to showcase lots of content once you have enough videos. I hope these videoshave helped you to get started on YouTube. Remember,don’t worry about being perfect just start making videosabout things you love and check out the Creator Academy coursefor more info.

I wish you all a happy, healthy life. Bye!
Source: YouTube Creators
Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkRfArvrzheW2E7b6SVT7vQ


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