Literally, anybody can do this. It doesn’t matter. What country you’re in it! Doesn’t matter, your level of english per se, or even, if you’ve ever written a book or have any experience doing this today, we’re, getting into how you can publish low content books today to be making Hundreds of dollars a month or even thousands of dollars a month depending on how successful you are you guys, love the video i made about publishing your self-published book, but the great thing about this one is you don’t need to be a writer.

You don’t even need to be an inspiring writer to go into what low content books is. We have to first understand what is content to me. Pretty much content is like information. Magazines, youtube videos, videos in general newspaper articles, it’s, all information that encompasses content, the same thing with books.

There’s, tons of information in there, which is content so low content books means there’s, not much information. There’s, not much words and it’s, just a simple book, so it’s super easy to sell these books online because you can make hundreds of books within a few days instead of taking months and months and Months to write a book, if you’re ready, i’m ready.

Let’s. Get into today’s. Video [, Music, ] hello. My name is kat beo. If it’s. Your first time here i want to give you a warm welcome to my channel. We talk all about videos, just like this, where we try to find legitimate ways to make money online, diversifying your income with different side, hustles and everything else that encompasses your financial health.

So today we’re, getting into ways you can sell low content books today on amazon, which is one of the number one search engines in the world pretty much the goal of low content books is instead of you.

Writing you’re. Going to be making your end reader do the writing so some examples of low content books are journals. Notebooks meal, diaries, diaries in general, coloring, books, activity, books, puzzles calendars, guest books, anything like this, so if you’ve heard the trend pretty much.

Your end reader is going to be doing most of the writing. You can make one page copy and paste it for the entire book and sell it online. What is great about these books instead of self-published books? Is these books pretty much sell themselves? You do not have to make a trailer you don’t have to pitch it.

When you are selling a notebook online people know what it is, and that’s. Why this way to get online selling books is the easiest way that i have found to become a seller of books online on amazon. Alright, let’s, get into the tutorial.

You can do this 100 for free online on your own with different softwares online. However, one software that i have found to streamline this to make this super simple that anybody can do is book. Booked book fault is a low content book creator that makes this process super super easy for you by already creating templates for you for the interior of your book and then also templates for your cover, so the cover you can create within this platform that i will Show you right now what’s, really cool with book bowl? Is they have features inside of this software, where you can use key research, so we’re gonna just look right now at hey.

I was just looking at coloring books here, so you can see that the what the average prices are going on amazon and the average price is about 749.. You can see different keywords here, but the great thing is, you can look, what are the most popular selling books on amazon through what you want to do.

So, if you want to do a coloring book, you can kind of see what other people are doing. Different keywords: how the covers look to get an idea? I think a colored book is going to be a little too complicated for today.

So i’m going to type in notebook, as in a notebook is just all the same. It’s, just every page is exactly the same. Super easy. So really the only thing we have to do is create a cover. Like i said, with low content books, we’re gonna be making one single page and copying and pasting it into the entire book and then to be able to sell this online.

So the most work you’re gonna be doing is on the cover and that’s, pretty much it loading come on. Why is it so wow? Okay, so you can see here here is a very simple cover here. It’s, some leopard print with the word notebook on here.

You can also see just very basic ideas here here’s, just some text here, just literally, is just a color with the word notebook, but you can see these are the top selling books on amazon for notebooks.

You can see the average price is 4.99 for these books. You can just get an idea here, the options okay, so you can also do key. Research here use the keywords to figure out what are the best popular titles stuff like that, but we’re just going to get into creating it real quick.

Just to show you how this is done. You can do your own research on your own when you’re deciding to create what you decide so like i said you can do journals. You can do recipe books, not where you’re actually following a recipe, but your end reader is going to be putting their own recipes in this book.

So we’re, going to go to create here in book bolt and then you’re, going to go to book bolt designer that’s, where you’re, going to be designing the actual cover and the Content of your book, so we’re, going to do the interior of the book, so what the actual in raider will actually be reading and then i’m, going to be doing 6×9 book and i’m going to Do 50 page book [, Music ], so here is your book template right now? This is the bleed line, so you need to stay inside of this and then this is your spine.

So, for the sake of the video, i already downloaded my own image here, which is chevron. I’m gonna put it all the way to the edge here and pretty much just fit it to fill the screen once you have it where you like, you can duplicate it for the other side and then i’m just Gon na press flip all right now you have it where you would like, you can add a little box or something that you want.

So i’m gonna go down to shapes here. I’m gonna find a box. I’m gonna pretty much place it. Where i find looks nice, you can change the color here. I’m just gonna keep it simple and white. For the sake of this video, okay and then i’m.

Going to add some text, i’m, going to write the word notebook put this here in the middle and then i’m, going to change the color to black and i’m going to change this to white. All right – and essentially this is the exterior of your book this.

This is your notebook. It’s very simple. You can play with different things to make it look very nice, and then you can go to your interior, [, Music ]. The interior is where book bolt to me is so worth it, because you do not have to be playing around with formatting and all this different stuff.

You just use the templates. They already have to create your book. First, we want to get the right size. We’re six by nine and we’re doing 50 page book, and now you’re just going to find which one you like you can see in their platform.

They have all these different kinds of templates. For you, monthly to-do lists online shopping, tracker chores lists reading lists the list goes on and on and on of all these things, you can just copy and paste to make your own book.

So, for the sake of this video, we’re just going to do a normal page and there you go. This is your interior all 50 page, it’s, a notebook, so every single page is exactly the same: low content, books.

Okay, so if you’re, somebody like me who is into design – and you want to have the best looking cover possible – i’m, going to show you what i did and what i do to make my low content books really pop Out and stand out, but if you are somebody with not that much experience with design or you don’t want to pay anybody to make you a cover.

Their platform inside of bookbowl is awesome. You can just use a picture, create something simple. Just like you saw with the leopard print is one of the top selling notebooks on amazon right now it could be super simple, as that and you’re good to go.

You’re done so before we head over to the other platform to make a more personalized cover. I’m, going to show you one little cool thing that i really like on a book bolt. So you’re, going to go down to shapes here.

You’re, going to pick a shape. You can also download a shape from the internet that you like. It does the same thing, but for this for simplicity, we’re just going to use one already in here. You’re, going to click patterns here and then you can do horizontal or you can also do a vertical pattern.

So you can see here that this is already your book cover. It’s, just like black and white, and then you go just like you just did before you create a little box here, make it a different color and then add your text as before.

So there you go, you have a very simple cover. That was free and super easy to do in about literally a minute all right now we’re gonna head over to canva, where you can make a more customizable cover, use the contents of bookbull to create you a very simple and easy low Content book that you can sell online, so i’m here in canva and i’m just going to create a little cover.

So i’m, going to be looking for a circle here, just type in circle. If you don’t already have an account with canva check my link in the description. You do get a free trial. Okay, so first i’m, going to be looking for a circle.

I found one that i like, so i’m gonna put it right here in the middle uh. Just like that. The next thing i’m gonna look for are some plants that’s. The look i want to go for so typing in plants here all right when you find what you’re.

Looking for on the side here, you’re, just going to add it onto the screen. I’m, going to add some more plants to it, so i’m, going to keep looking for what i find desirable. Then i’m, going to add it to the screen.

I’m, also going to add some more plants just to fill in the space a little bit more, all right so now my cover is completely full. So now we’re ready for some text. Go to your text option here. You’re, going to add a heading and i didn’t mention to you.

I’m, going to be making a password reminder tracker kind of book, so password tracking. So i’m, going to title it now play with different fonts one. I personally like is gaggling because it’s, a very strong, looking font there you go.

I’m, going to add some other text and i’m going to change this font to one that i like called cupcakes. We’re, going to make that smaller and then i’m, going to add some more text here and then i’m just going to change that font to i like apricots on here.

If i can spell – and there you go, i have my title all right now to make the back cover. Like i said before, this is not a self-published book as far as actual content, so you do not need to put a summary or anything.

So what i’m going to do is duplicate the first page that i just made, and essentially i’m just going to take off all of the text that i just put on [ Music ] and there you go. That is going to be the back of my book.

This is the front, and this is the back, and this is a password tracker. It’s called what the f is. My password kind of cute right. It’s kind of cute. Now what i’m going to do is save this as a 6×9, and then i’m, going to add it to a double page, so i can actually format it for online all right.

I just did that now. Your book is gonna wrap like this, so that’s. Why it? This is the back, and this is the front, and then there’s. Gon na be a little space here where the spine is. I just filled that in with the color of the book and you’re gonna save your interior as a pdf.

So here’s, the insides of my low content book that i decided for my password book. You can use the free ones on book bolts, they have copy in place. You don’t have to do anything, just copy and paste it.

However, i wanted some color, so i did my own. So this is where they can write their information. If they ever lose the book, then this is the actual content that starts so i got them started there from this page on everything is exactly the same copy and paste.

So, every page after this is the exact same page. It’s all the same, and this is a book that i’m gonna put online and see what happens. Okay, so you’re, going to pdf that and then that is done. Then you’re, going to go to kdp.

Right now. Add the book online. All right, i already have an account with kdp, create an account with kdp. It’s free and what we’re going to do is go to paperback right where it says book title you’re, going to create a title for your book.

You can go back into book bowl to see specific keywords that rank in your industry, so mine, for example, is password book password tracking, so that’s. What i’m going to put in my title, then you’re.

Going to add an optional subtitle, if you would like – and i’m, going to add password log book if it’s, a series that you’re. Creating add that if there’s, an edition at that, you can add your name as the author or you can also have a business name like password books or something, and then you’re.

Gon na add a description all right. So, on book bolt now you’re gonna be finding keywords. Keywords are so important, so people can find your book and you can be making the most sales as possible. So you’re, going to use book bolts to help you do that, so i have already typed in password book.

So i’m just going to copy and paste the top keywords that have high competition, because that means lots of people are doing it, which means a lot of demand for it. You can see how many searches a month are here.

This is almost 400 searches a month on amazon and about 140 on google. We’re, just gonna find the ones that are most relevant to the book that i made all right now that we have our keywords that we picked from bookbull.

We’re, going to now put this into our keywords on kdp. Now you’re, going to choose your category for your book. It’s kind of complicated, because this isn’t really a fiction. It’s more like office or organization.

I haven’t really seen that so i’m just gonna do the best i can, i will say the cover is nature, so that might be something someone’s. Looking for [ Music ] pick what what you think is best and then you’re gonna click.

Save. Does your book contain inappropriate images for children under 18? No, it does not, and then you’re gonna save and go to the next page, all right. So if you are on kdp, they’re gonna assign you a free, isbn number.

I did talk about that in my other video. You can check that video out right here somewhere and you’re gonna assign a us isbn number publication date. I’m just going to put that for today and then, since my book that i was showing you had color on the inside, i am going to do the premium color with white pages, but you can do black and white for most of the Things on book bowl, they also do have colors.

So my book is six by nine, no bleed and i’m gonna keep it as a matte finish. Now you’re gonna upload, your manuscript. This usually can be a pdf [, Music ] all right now you’re, just going to add your cover, so you’re going to do that right here.

You can create your own through theirs or you can upload, which is what we’re gonna. Do. If you decide to use your cover in book bolt, just they automatically save it as a pdf. If you’re using another platform, make sure it is saved as a pdf all right now that both of them are successfully uploaded.

We’re, just going to confirm that everything is in line and nothing’s over the lines and everything is going to print properly. So you’re, just going to wait until this says finished, and then we can take a look at the final product all right now that they’re all uploaded.

We’re gonna just take a look on how they turned out, so you’re gonna click launch preview and it’s. Gon na show you what your book looks like uploaded all right. So here is my book uploaded on the left side.

You’re gonna see. If there’s, any errors a lot of times what you’re gonna see when you’re trying to do it yourself is the sizing is going to be off. They are gonna. Let you know if you’re gonna create your cover through book bolt.

All of this is already optimized for you. You’re, not going to have to worry about sizing, so you’re, going to click the big arrow here to flip through this is going to be the cover page where it opens, and then you have your book that starts you Can flip through and see? Nothing is past the perimeters.

Nothing is in the spine. It looks perfectly aligned. You can go through all of your pages just to make sure once you ‘ Ve done that and you approve it. You’re gonna just go down the bottom here, and click approve.

This is going to pretty much suck everything in and make your book a book all right. Now that you’ve approved it. It’s gonna. Let you know what your printing costs are. It’s gonna be about four dollars and 35 cents, so your book has to be priced higher than that to be able to make a profit.

So you’re, going to save and continue [ Music ]. All right now you’ve made it to the final part of publishing a book online is the price, so they’re. Going to tell you pretty much right here, this is when things get a little tricky, because the price is going to change.

Depending on what country you’re in, however, you can choose different countries. You want to sell in. I like to just do all worldwide countries, doesn’t matter here. It’s, going to tell you the minimum you can do is seven dollars and twenty five cents after the royalty, printing and all the other stuff.

So we’re, going to do ten dollars and 88 cents. Why that number just sounds good to me. Your printing cost is 435. You’re gonna get 60 of this, so you’re gonna make two dollars and eighteen cents a book.

Once you’re ready to go. It looks good to you. You’re, going to publish your paperback book one step further. You can do this on kindle, so it is a digital book. However, since my book is about writing down your password, i’m, not going to do a kindle version, but if you were to do like a self-care book or something like daily affirmations or a poem book, something like that quote book, you can definitely Put that on kindle to make more money as well all right now it’s, pretty much in review.

That’s. What they’re telling you you can also go forward with an e-book, but that is pretty much it. So how you can scale this to be 100, the most easily you can make in just a few days is, for example, this book.

I can keep all the content on the inside. Exactly the same, all i have to do is change the size, change the color change. What’s on the front as far as the text, and i have a new book new book new book, i can do this exact same color inside everything and just change the size.

Some people want a notebook that can fit inside of their purse. Somebody might want a bigger notebook that is the size of a normal piece of paper. Some people want medium, so you can take the same copy and pasted format.

Do this in different colors? Do this in different sizes change the the title, and you can do this and put it on amazon and hundreds or thousands of dollars a month by doing this super simple: how long has it been 30 minutes 40 minutes and we have one book done well there? You have it that’s, just an introduction of how to streamline your book sales with low content books super easy with a platform like book bulk combined with canva or any other software you like.

But if you have no experience, you can stick with book ball 100, and it is super super easy bookball is not free. There’s, a basic pricing and there’s. Also a pro pricing. I use the pro pricing because there’s just so much you can do with it, like the keyword.

Research have all of those templates on the inside to just copy and paste and do practically nothing to get this online. If you use 100, what’s in book fall, you can get a book uploaded, probably within 20 minutes.

If you need any other ideas for low content book ideas, let me know, in the comments feel free to subscribe to my channel to join our family. We have videos like this every single monday and thursday, and i will see you guys in the next video good luck: bye.

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