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In this video I’m going to show you how you can make money on YouTube without showing your own face in 2021, I’m gonna break it down step by step. How you can get started yourself so that hopefully you can grow your own channel and make money doing this. I’m going to break down step by step what you need.

In order to start, I’m going to show you where you can find all of this and where you can hire people or do it yourself and then. Finally, I’m going to show you how you can create a video out of all of these steps.

So if you’re interested in making money on youtube without showing your own face in the next year or just want to get started right now that’s totally fine then make sure you go ahead and keep watching, and then let’s just get started hi guys.

My name is Jory from automation. First, on this channel, we talk about youtube, automation and youtube cash code channels, which pretty much means that you’re gonna make money on youtube, and you’re gonna grow, your own youtube channels without being on camera aka, without Showing your own face, so if you want to learn more about that, make sure you go ahead and subscribe to the channel as we’re posting a lot of videos about this.

You can also join our free Facebook group by clicking on the first link in the description down below so make sure you go ahead and do that and then I’ll see you there and with all of that being said, let’S just jump into today’s, video, where I’m gonna break down step by step, how you can get started with youtube automation, all right.

So before we start let’s. Show you a great example. So youtube automation is creating your own youtube channel owning that channel, but not making the content yourself. So right now I’m on a channel called animal facts and if we scroll down you’ll see that these are all videos about animals and they’re, simply listing animal facts.

The channel name says it all right. If I click on one of these videos in the first place, you’ll see that there will be an ad playing. So this is one of the ways that you make money doing this youtube automation, business model, so people click on your videos.

You’ll see I mean they will see an ad and you will get paid for that, but right now what you guys should pay attention to is that in this video you won’t, see a person, the human behind this channel.

The person behind this channel is not on the channel itself. He’s, not showing his face or she um, and you guys can see that these are all just uh stock footage clips with a voice-over um. So I’m not going to show you like, let you guys hear the voice over.

You can check that out yourself if you want to, but just take more than that that there will be a voiceover in these videos. So what these channels do is that they use free stock footage or clips videos pictures whatever videos, content that you’re allowed to use, and they then combine that into an actual video.

So this is kind of the business model, so you create videos without being on camera. You then put ads on your channel once you’re illegible and you can make money on youtube without showing your own face.

So in the first place you’re, probably wondering how do i start a channel like this? How do i create a video like this one without being on camera myself? Alright? So i’m gonna break this down into three steps.

Probably maybe some more but just keep watching the first one is having a script, because if you’re going to create videos like this, you need a voiceover which i’ll, also get into, which is point number two.

A voiceover step. Number three is video editing, so i’m gonna break down and show you step by step where you can get this done all right. So what i use to create scripts is upwork all right. So upwork is a platform where you can find freelancers.

That will do the work for you. If you’re just starting out, you can always decide to just create a script yourself, so what you can do is go to. Google, for example, 10 dog breeds, and then you can simply see um that don’t chat, for example, i don’t know that much about dogs, but let me just click on this.

I’ll, then find articles that i can use to write down a script now you also see if i scroll down that animal facts is indeed showing up right here, which is awesome to see. Now you can do that, but you can also go to a platform called upwork or you can go with fiverr and on air.

You will find people that will create the script for you, and this is what the youtube automation business model is all about. You’re, not gonna do any of the work yourself. You’re gonna outsource it so that you have time to manage more channels that’s.

What i personally do as well, so i know i own a couple of channels where i don’t show my own face. I’ve got people working on the channel, but i don’t. Do it myself? I don’t create videos. I’m, not on camera, which is why this business model is so great because you can then mo you can install multiple channels and manage all of it instead of being a content creator, because if you do that it’s hard To scale to more channels right, but on these platforms you can find people that will do the work for you, and i know that’s, probably not the right way to put it because these people are just copywriters freelancers, video editors, that’s what they do so a lot of people have questions like.

Why would they go ahead and do this for you if they can do it themselves, but the reason for that is because they’re, not a youtuber. They don’t want to have a youtube channel, they are a script writer.

They are a video editor right. There are voiceovers, so they’re, not willing to be a youtuber um, which is the main reason and also they might not even know how to do all of it. So they might be good at video editing, but they might not know how to be on camera or how to write a script or can do a voiceover.

But on air you can find a lot of people. So if you type in scriptwriter, which is what i did, you can scroll down and find all of these people, what i recommend doing is clicking on hourly rate right here, filtering on 10 and below, especially when you’re, just starting your channel, because You’re, not going to make a lot of money right away, but you ‘

Ll then see all of these people. That will indeed create scripts for you, so you will then give them instructions, so you kind of have to be the ceo of this business. Give them instructions on what they need to do.

What kind of scripts that need uh that they need to create and they will then deliver it at work, and you can do this with voiceovers as well. So once you’ve got the scriptwriter done. You’re, going to need a voiceover, so what you do is type in voiceover on upwork once like.

Once again, you can use any platform for this. You can use your friends whatever you can figure out yourself. I’m, just trying to explain step by step what you need in order to create a video like the animal fat channel.

So next up you need a voice over. So what you can do is go to upwork once again, type in voiceover find all of these people that are doing voiceovers. You can also filter this. So if you do hourly rate, for example, 10 and below you’ll find the cheaper voiceovers.

However, i found that for this category there are still so many good quality voiceovers that it really doesn’t make a huge difference. All right. If you don’t scroll down, you just need to take the time to find the right person that has a good voice good fit for the channel, and you can then go ahead and hire him.

You can also invite people to your job by the way by clicking right there. They will then get an invitation to apply for your own job. Once you’ve got these two done. You need a video editor so that he or she can combine it into an actual video.

Once again, i use artwork. So what you would do is type in video editor and you ‘ Ll then find a lot of video editors. Now this process is no different than with the scriptwriter or with the voiceover.

You simply search, and you then find a lot of voice. I mean a lot of video editors, but the main key here and that’s, where a lot of questions come in as well is how do you find content? Do you steal? Do you download it from other people like? How do you do that? I personally don’t recommend doing it.

You can do it. You can use footage that’s, transformational for like up to seven seconds, i believe, or even longer, meaning that you can download videos from youtube. If you then add your own commentary, your own funny meme to it whatever it’s transformational and you can use it and then it falls under fair use on youtube.

However, for my own channels, i don’t. Do that most of the times i create new content, so i use free stock footage and i create new content now right now, you might be wondering where do i find all of these clips, so the websites that i use for this is called pixabay and pixels.

You can already see that i search for pools and on this one for cars, but what you can do on these websites is find free, stock videos and images that you can use for free in your videos, for example, if you would type in mansion right, because You’re, doing a video about the top 10 mentioned from rich people, whatever you type in mention, and you find images and videos.

So for this specific um, let’s, see for this specific keyword. There aren’t that many great videos, so i can also go to the other website and there are a ton of websites like this type. In mention let’s, see if i can find more there you go.

This one does have some decent videos, so i can go ahead and click on one of these and i can then download these for free and if i click on info, you’ll, see free to use and then right here free to use.

No attribution required, meaning that you can simply download this and then use it in your video without having trouble with copyright or whatever you can also search for luxury home, and there we go.

I’m, going to find way better videos, so you want to make sure to switch up the keywords so that you can find the right videos. So once again, what you can then do is click on one of these videos and you can.

Let me pause that you can then download them and you can use those in your videos, so you can use a video editor to then find these clips and these images and then combine that into an actual video, so that’s been watched.

The youtube automation business model broken down in terms of the content, so what you want to do is get a scriptwriter or do it yourself find a voiceover or do it yourself if you just want to get started and then find a video editor that then combines Those into an actual video, so you’ve, got a script, a voice over and then clips images all sorts of content to make that a nice engaging video, which is exactly what this channel animal facts is doing.

There are so many examples of channels like this um i’ve used like a ton of examples on this channel. So if you’re new here, make sure you go ahead and subscribe as well to learn more about youtube automation.

Once again, if you take a look at this video, you ‘ Ll, see that these are simple stock free videos that they use. They then do a voice over and that’s. It. You can upload that to youtube. You can monetize put ads on the video and you can make money so that’s, pretty much the youtube automation business model broken down for 2021.

You can make money by putting ads on your videos by doing sponsored deals by doing affiliate, marketing and way more. I’ve also made a video on that. You can also find it on the channel, but yeah that’s, pretty much.

It for this video, if this video helps you out, make sure you go ahead and leave a like on the video. I would really appreciate that subscribe. If you want to see more, join our free facebook group for more value and then i’ll, see you in the next one have a good day.

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