How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

13 Tips for making money with affiliate marketing.

The 5 steps to embark on affiliate marketing

1) The concept of affiliation

Membership is a very advantageous concept for the seller as well as for his affiliates.
The principle is to promote (via a blog article, via Instagram, via Facebook, via Facebook Ads or Google Ads advertising …) a product or a service.
It’s a bit like selling the product, except that you only act as a prescriber (you don’t sell directly, you present the product, and the manufacturer of the product does the sale).
In short, as an affiliate, we do not touch a commission on the sales made …
The risk is thus low, and the affiliate is only paid for performance.
It allows the seller to leave the promotion work to affiliates (or to use their strength to help him and have more impact).
Affiliates will promote quality products without having to go through their creation.
They will be able to devote themselves to marketing the chosen product.
Traditionally, affiliation works well with the following techniques

  • Appear in Google’s search engine for 1 keyword related to the purchase of the product (eg find an email tool, choose a household robot, which is the best smartphone within € 150 …). In this case, you have to create a Blog.
  • Advertising via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads … but it is absolutely necessary to master the KING and the advertising platforms.
  • Make Growth Hacking to get in touch with typical prospects via social networks

2) How to go about affiliation as a seller

If you are the creator of a product and want to benefit from the help of an army of affiliates ready to take care of the promotion, you will have to start by thinking like an affiliate.
There are two main criteria to be met in order to obtain affiliates.
– The price: The more expensive, the better (be careful not to lose “customers” anyway !).
The affiliate will seek to promote articles that offer a good commission. He will therefore find a product that will make a good sum for each sale.
If you sell an ebook at 15 Euros and offer 6-7 Euros to the affiliate, there will be few interested.
Some CPP enthusiasts will think twice about their return on investment.
So try to offer a fairly expensive product. If you are the author of several products, you can pack what will be much more attractive to your affiliates.
For example, you sell ebooks at 20 Euros. You can pack 6 ebooks for 90 Euros.
– The percentage of commission: The highest possible.
You will compete with competitors who offer 70% of the price of the product to their affiliates at each sale.
The choice will be made quickly if they have less to gain with you …

3) How to go about it as an affiliate (the person who prescribes the product)

We saw part of the affiliate approach in the previous point.
It takes a good price to have a good return on investment depending on the type of promotion chosen (for example the PPC).
The percentage of commission continues in this line, if you get most of the price of a fairly expensive product at first, you will have a lot of leeways to promote it.
You know that in the English-speaking world, some affiliates focus only on products that bring them more than $ 100 in sales commissions?
There are now 3 other very important criteria to take into account in finding the right product to promote:
– The sales page (Product presentation page or landing page or sales pitch): This is really what will decide the outcome of the prospect’s visit.
Is she professional and does she inspire confidence? If you were interested, you would be willing to pay on a site like this?
This is a point to consider because if the site does not inspire confidence, a product, as good as it is, may not sell well.
Always consider that there are 2 types of people likely to buy a product:

  • Internet regulars, who no longer hesitate to buy any product, trust and know the different affiliation platforms, and know that there is little risk to be had.
  • And there are people who rarely order who may also be interested in a digital product on sale, and who will think twice before launching, even more, if the price passes the 50 Euro mark. They will mainly have to think of them by choosing a product with a quality letter of sale.

– Is the information available easy to find for free?
The second important point to think about.
I am thinking, for example, of cooking recipes. Imagine an ebook containing 100 pizza recipes.
Now, look at the number of pizza recipes you can get for free by doing a google search for “pizza recipes”.
It is obvious that you will lose a certain clientele on a product like this.
– The product sells well?
Depending on the case, you will have access to an indicator of the success of a product.
On the site http://www.1tpe.com for example, you can see for each product the interest for affiliates.
The stronger this figure, the more the product is sold. So you will quickly be able to see what is selling well in each category.
Be careful with this figure, the interest in the affiliate may mean that an affiliate sells lots of products or that some affiliates sell one or two copies: the product sells, but the impact is different.

4) Where to find products to promote

To promote a product you have 2 possibilities.
– The simplest is to register on an affiliation platform (ex:, Effiliation, CJ.com..) which offers programs for many products.
You will find these products classified by category, and you can then sort them by price, percentage of commission, number of sales or date of addition.
This is the most practical solution for quickly accessing a rich catalog and not having to search for products one by one.
– The second possibility is to look for a given product if the seller offers an affiliation system.
You will therefore join this seller directly, without going through an affiliation platform.
You will therefore be able to find a real quality product on which to focus your efforts.
It is this technique that must be remembered.
Indeed, generic platforms often offer seen and reviewed products, and often with great competition or too large audiences.
It is better to choose a product that you know, which is very relevant in its market, which is new … than to go and promote a product that you know little about.
Remember that we sell a product that we know.

5) Now you have to sell!

As an affiliate, you will play an advisory role in selling a product by affiliation.
The seller will take care of “selling” (shipment, payment …).
You are just going to analyze your product, identify its strengths, its weaknesses.
You will get to know your product as well as the seller (the product should be of quality).
– Make a review of the product: Once you know your product well, you will put it all on paper,
explain your experience, what you like, what you don’t like (if you find something missing, a little extra that would really make a difference, take note, you will know why later).
– Using video can be a good idea to show the product (a chapter of an ebook, using the product as real).
You are already removing the doubt that you bought the product or not. And believe me, you’re going to be a lot more credible with proof like that !
– An irresistible offer ! Once your criticism (as honest as possible) is done, we move on to the second element that will literally make all the difference with your competition: supply !
If I have to buy this product, why would I go through you rather than another affiliate?
Do you have something more interesting than another ? And if you could make me an irresistible offer if I go through you ? I would surely buy in this case.
Imagine, for example, software to manage your time and promote it. If you had in your possession a small time management ebook to offer me in addition to this software, it might interest me and tip it in your favor compared to other affiliates. (Of course, you must have the rights for the dissemination of this ebook).
Writing a simple little report of a few pdf pages can do the trick. Just try to make a good offer.
I told you about finding the faults before. By faults, I wanted above all to speak of “missing things”.
A step that lacks details, an interesting element that is not explained in a method, etc.
You can turn this gap into a bonus for your offer. If you can offer the missing link, people would be more interested in going through you. Always remember the importance of the offer. The worst product can sell if the offer is good …

13 tips for making sales with an affiliation program:

1 – Choose a program linked to the needs of its target:
This is obvious, but it is important to remember that you need relevant offers that please your visitors or your mailing list.
In addition, do not hesitate to make 2 passes on the same mailing list.
In fact, generally on a 100 basis during a first shipment, you get 70 to 80% of the amount of the first pass during the second pass …
On the other hand, on the third you will have an even lower return rate, and you risk tiring your readers and generating unsubscriptions …
2 – Get involved in the purchase:
It is important to write black and white “Buy this product” in order to push the Internet user into action (a simple link is not enough !).
At the same time it is essential to test the product to learn how to sell it, and indicate to WHO this product is intended and to whom it is not intended …
This allows on the one hand to reassure your potential buyers, and on the other hand not to deceive others (which leaves your trust capital intact).
In the same vein, indicate what the limits of the product are, in order to avoid the dissatisfied who will give you bad publicity …
3 – Vary the affiliation programs:
Products sold through affiliation have a relatively short lifespan, and therefore there is always a need to look for new programs.
Likewise as soon as you have to link to a site, product or service systematically, you must have the reflex to check if it does not offer an affiliation system.
4 – Use all the tools to promote your offers:
There is of course a classic website (Blog or brochure site), but it is also possible to use Twitter, social networks (Facebook)
For example in Qora subscribe to the questions about your sector and answer by giving a link to your affiliation account.
If the campaign is highly profitable you can even do targeted advertising via Adwords or Facebook (but watch out for the KING in order to always make money !).
5 – Collect the emails from your visitors:
Generating traffic is good, but to succeed in affiliation you must be able to send promotions regularly to your visitors …
For this a newsletter, a free ebook … are excellent tools for inviting your visitors to leave their addresses (nb: minimize the number of fields to be completed) !
Social networks are interesting, but always favor email, because it is the only way to send messages regularly …
6 – Use all of its keywords generating traffic on the themaric of the affiliation campaign:
All keywords with high traffic must be used on the theme of your affiliation program to attract as many visitors as possible.
To do this, just go to Google Ads or SEMrush and generate keywords related to the main keyword.
7 – Be transparent about the fact that you are affiliating on a product:
If you want to increase your conversion rate, make it clear when you offer an information link, this will save you from the negative comments of your visitors …
8 – Write texts that will be valid for a long time :
A text to promote a product must be valid for a long time because you will not have the leisure to modify the texts each time …
Avoid mentioning dates or facts that are too precise.
Write texts that will always be true. On the other hand, if the global economic situation changes (eg the Crisis), you will have to review your arguments to stick to the news (more message on the growth of turnover …).
9 – Always start by offering entry-level products before offering the high-end products of an affiliation program …
If you are selling Low Cost product, there will still be time to offer a complementary offer.
10 – Open a new explore when you make a link to the affiliation program (target = Blank), in order to keep the affiliate on your site and allow him to return to it if necessary.
11 – Check your statistics in relation to that of the affiliate, in particular the number of links clicked.
You can do this using URL shorteners
Also check which program or message generates the most clicks to optimize your site.
12 – Give a professional image of your website :
To inspire confidence and generate sales you must give confidence to buyers.
It is therefore essential to take care of your layout (not too much Adsense advertising …), and a layout adapted to your theme (you can create a site via WordPress …).
Also be very careful with the loading time of your page so as not to lose visitors along the way …
13 – Be effective in your texts:
Do not write novels but be short simple and direct.
Always highlight the current problems of your customers and the benefits of the product.
And in the final advice: DON’T SELL CHARLATANS, scams, poor quality products … you might hurt your reputation for a very, very long time!

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