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how to make money from affiliate marketing on instagram

So you’ve grown a small following on Instagram, and now you want to start monetizing that audience by sharing about the products and services that you love in today’s. Video I’m gonna be sharing you, the exact, step-by-step methods that you can take to start making money from affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Let’s get started by the way. This video is sponsored by skill share, and I also tell you a little bit more about that later on in the video before we get started with the methods it’s, important that you make sure that the products and services you are recommending and Therefore, making a commission off of our actually things that you love and would recommend to a friend that maybe goes without saying, but I just think it’s, important that you don’t approach, affiliate marketing on Instagram as a get-rich-quick scheme Or just some way to finally make some money off the platform that you’ve built.

I want you to make sure that you’re, recommending stuff that you genuinely believe in and that you are personally a very happy paying customer of so, as always just making sure to stay authentic and real, and not let the fact that you are Able to earn money off of this like cloud.

Your judgement when it comes to what you choose to recommend – and that is all part of the very first step of this process, which is number one find products and services that you are already using. That offer an affiliate program chances are, there are some applications or services that you pay for, or products that you have bought.

That already offer an affiliate marketing program. So you can find out this kind of thing by just going to Google typing in your favorite product service or business, and then adding a term affiliate program afterwards and see.

If anything comes up. Not everyone is gonna have one, but I’m betting that you could find at least two or three that you could sign up for. Personally, I have affiliate links with things like social media schedulers, so I have an affiliate code for tailwind, which I use for scheduling my pins to Pinterest.

I also have an affiliate code with the Adobe Creative Suite. I use Adobe products for everything for editing. My videos use Photoshop Lightroom all that stuff, so I have a code for that as well, and I found these just by searching Adobe Creative Cloud affiliate program and seeing what I found a lot of these two don’t even necessarily require that you Have like a big following or anything like that, you can just apply, and you’ll, be given a unique link that you can then share with your follow.

This is especially perfect if you are in kind of a similar situation to me where you do client work or coaching, and maybe you have clients that are asking you, what kind of programs you recommend or what sort of camera gear you would suggest you could send Them an affiliate link and make sure that you always disclose that it is an affiliate link.

But if you’re already, finding yourself recommending a lot of products and services, then this is a way to make a little bit of money off of it, which is the whole point of affiliate marketing. Okay, so once you’ve signed up for a couple affiliate programs, we’re, moving on to number two, which is creating some unique links that are going to be easy to share a lot of these affiliate programs.

They’re gonna give you some link that is full of a long string of letters and numbers and that’s pretty hard to share with people, especially if you want to remember it so that if people DM you for a Link or if you’re talking to somebody, you’re discussing it in an Instagram story, you want to be able to make a very clear and easy instruction of how to use your affiliate link so that’s.

Why this step is so important, so I ‘ Ve got two different ways that you can do this to create custom links for the affiliate links that you are given from the program. One requires Squarespace so via the Squarespace website.

This is a really great way to do it and if you don’t, you can use bitly, which is a free online application. So I’m gonna walk you through how to use both. First of all, you can use with your website, so I’m gonna show you how to do it in Squarespace.

You can also do it on WordPress, with a plug-in just Google like URL redirection plugin for WordPress, but I’ll. Give you the step by step for Squarespace when you login to your Squarespace site, you can go to settings and then advanced and then URL mappings, the URL mapping section of Squarespace is the place where you can actually create custom links that will then redirect to whatever Link you want so the idea here is that you can use a custom domain, slash whatever term you want, and that is gonna.

Take you to your affiliate link. So in my case I have Katie Stuckey, calm, slash, Adobe redirects you to my Adobe Creative Cloud. Affiliate link so once you’re under your L mappings, what you’re going to do is decide what you want link name to be so whatever you want to come after that slash.

So let’s, say it’s. Katie sickly, calm, slash Adobe. What we’re gonna enter first on. One of these lines is just slash Adobe, then you’re gonna hit space, and you’re gonna make this little arrow sign by doing a dash and then a less than sign.

Following that arrow, you’re gonna press space again, and then you’re gonna paste in the link that you got from the affiliate program. So when you get accepted to the affiliate program, they’ll. Send you your custom link copy it, and then you can paste it in here after you paste the link press space and then enter 301.

You don’t need to know the details behind it, but basically that’s, just telling Squarespace. What kind of URL redirection it is and then just hit save in the top left hand corner, and now you can test it out open a new tab.

Go to your website, comm slash! Whatever your term is, and you’ll see that it will redirect you to that affiliate link. So again, this is awesome because it means, even if you don’t have 10k followers.

You can really easily send people to your affiliate links. You can tell people DM me for the link to this product that I love and if people DM you, you can easily just type in your website. Comm, slash insert term here and send it to them, and it’s much easier than trying to remember these really long, affiliate links or have them saved somewhere on your phone.

So if you don’t have a square space or a WordPress website. There is totally a way you can do this without any website at all. You just need to use bit ly or bit ly. This is a link, shortening application that you can sign up for and use for free.

What I would recommend doing is taking that affiliate link, copying it in and it’ll generate you a random bitly link, so it’ll, be like bit ly: / 4, 5, 7 K, 2 or whatever. You can actually edit that and create a custom one now, of course, something like bit ly.

Slash adobe is gonna be taken because you know there’s, lots of people using this service, and somebody else may have wanted to use that before. So what you could do is do bit ly slash, Katie, Adobe or Katie, Adobe, 2020 or whatever term you want to use it’s.

Gon na be easy to remember that way. If somebody asks you for your affiliate link, you can easily just tell them it’s bit ly. Slash whatever is easy to remember insert here. The whole idea is that these URLs are easy to remember, so that a can speak about them in your Instagram stories and just say: Katie Stephanie, calm, /, Adobe and people can remember that and type it in for themselves, or you are also able to share them With people via DMS, when they request them and you don’t have to save all these links somewhere.

You just will remember them alright, so that’s. The process for being able to sign up for and easily share affiliate links for products or services that you’re already using they have their own custom affiliate programs.

Next up, I want to dive into probably a system that you ‘ Ve heard about before, and you’re curious about starting, and that is the Amazon affiliate program. So I am going to talk about exactly how you can set up your Amazon affiliate program to make sure that not only people from all over the world are able to use your links and generate commission for you and also how to keep track of those stats.

And how to share about your affiliate links in a way that will actually get people to click on them on Instagram, so all of that is coming up next, but first we’re gonna pause for a very quick 45 second message from today’s sponsor Skillshare Skillshare is an online learning platform, with thousands of classes for creative and curious people.

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How to build an account that people will care about. Taylor is the head of content marketing at later. We all love later and she has got some great advice about growing your Instagram so definitely check out that class.

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Alright, so let’s. Talk about the beast that is Amazon, affiliate marketing. I think that a lot of people see this as one of the most standard ways to earn affiliate Commission online, and that is because Amazon is so ubiquitous.

So let’s. Talk about strategies for making this work for you. First of all, you’re gonna need to just google Amazon affiliate program and apply there within a couple days. You’ll, receive your approval of your application, and you’ll, be able to have access to the affiliate dashboard inside Amazon.

What I’ll, tell you right now is that I don’t recommend using the Amazon, affiliate store or the Amazon affiliate dashboard at all, because personally, I find it very difficult to use and very outdated and it’s.

Just gonna make the whole process kind of clunky and difficult for you, so I want to introduce you to another option that is very user friendly and also very affordable that helps you with the whole Amazon affiliate process.

I use this application called genius link and this is obviously not sponsored. This was sponsored by Skillshare, but I do really love genius link and you know I would I would collab with them if they wanted, but seriously.

I learned about genius link from some other youtubers, including Craig Adams, who I feel like for a while was like the Amazon affiliate master. Basically, what genius link allows you to do is once you have that Amazon affiliate code, you can sign up for genius link and you can enter your affiliate code inside genius link and it will sync with your Amazon account.

Now. What you can do is any Amazon product that you want to create. An affiliate link for all you have to do is find that product on Amazon copy the link to that product head over to genius, link and enter the link.

Genius link is not only going to add in your Amazon affiliate code, but they are also going to generate a specific link that can detect where a user is accessing that link from by their IP address, and it will then direct them to their local version of Amazon, so this might be unfamiliar to you if you’re American, to be honest, because amazon.

com is probably what you assume the entire world has access to, but in different countries we have different versions of Amazon. So for me it’s. Always been a struggle when I go to an American creator’s, US Amazon, affiliate link, because if I click on it, it takes me to the US version of Amazon and I’m, not gonna purchase.

Something through that. I want to purchase through Amazon CA, which is the Canadian version of Amazon and, of course it’s in Canadian currency and all that stuff. So for me, when I was starting my Amazon affiliate program, I was like okay.

If I create these Canadian Amazon links, the majority of my viewers are from the States, and so they’re gonna end up on and like what’s, dot CA, and so the amazing thing about genius link is, I can Enter my Canadian Amazon link and it’ll automatically create a genius link that will say.

Oh you’re in Germany. I’ll. Send you to the German Amazon. Oh you’re in the States. I’ll, send you to the American Amazon, and so this just makes a much smoother process for any of your potential customers, because they’re automatically directed to their local version of Amazon.

Now, in some cases, the product that you pick might not be available in all of those international versions of Amazon, but genius link will show you with like a little green checkmark. If it’s available in all those different places, and if it’s not available in that location, what it will do is direct that user to their local version of Amazon.

With that title, keyword in the search so that they’ll, be directed to whatever the most similar products are in their store. Genius link will also give you stats about how often your link has been clicked and how much it’s led to sale.

So then, you can kind of work on your marketing process and refine it to make it more effective. But the most important thing about genius link is that a it makes it so much easier because you don’t have to deal with a complicated back-end of the Amazon affiliate dashboard and it makes everything completely international.

So you don’t have to worry about people outside of your country, not being able to use your affiliate links once you have all these affiliate links prepared, which I know might seem intimidating and technical, but trust me it’s, not Once you get it set up, it is so easy to use.

Then you just have to find the right time in the right circumstances to share about your affiliate links on Instagram. As always, I recommend the approach of serve serve, serve, serve and then sell. So don’t, be sharing your affiliate links like every single day.

You want to choose intentional moments to share about products. You love and, I would say, equally share about stuff. You love that you don’t, have affiliate links for the point here is being real and authentic, with your audience and having the intention of just sharing stuff with them.

That is going to be useful to them. So make sure you don’t, get into a pattern of just sharing stuff because it’s, going to be beneficial to you, something you can create. If you do have swipe up capability, is you can create a highlight with all of your favorite gear or products or whatever it is? And then you can make the swipe up link go to your affiliate Li, so people can browse through your highlights and swipe up.

If they want to purchase something that you’re recommending, otherwise, if you don’t have 10 K followers. The one place on Instagram, where links are clickable are in the descriptions of IG TV videos.

So you can consider making an IG TV video about a few of your favorite products or services and then using your affiliate links in the description, because people will be able to click on those and go out of Instagram and go to Amazon or wherever it is.

They can purchase what you’re recommending and always always remember that you do legally need to disclose if something is an affiliate link. So, for instance, if you go into my youtube description to this video, you ‘

Ll see that I have a couple affiliate links for stuff like Adobe and and tailwind and artless and stuff like that, and I do have a disclosure right above that that says some of these links are affiliate links and I can earn a small commission from them.

If you choose to purchase through my link, so that’s, just the standard, FTC sort of disclosure so make sure that you’re aware of whatever the laws are in your location, because it is different in different countries and just make Sure that you are doing everything legally and properly, if you’re, uncertain, always there on the side of caution and make sure that you tell people it’s, an affiliate link.

I just think ethically that’s. The best way to do it too, alright, now that you know how to use affiliate links, you want to make sure that you are planning out your Instagram content in a really strategic and intentional way check out this video if you haven’t already, All about how I batch work, my Instagram content.

I think it’s, going to be super helpful for you so make sure you go watch that next, as always. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll, see you in this video, okay, bye,

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