How to launch a YouTube channel to make money?

YouTube stars have managed to become web celebrities from practically nothing. These are individuals who have managed to build an audience by creating content intended to educate, entertain, assist Internet users in their purchasing decisions, or inspire.
Most of them maintain a presence on YouTube to satisfy their desire to do business, creating content and engaging their audience.
Although it is often not the desire to make money on YouTube that pushes people to start their own YouTube channel, people who embark on this path are generally delighted to realize that it is indeed possible to monetize their video content.

How many subscribers must be made to make money on YouTube ?

It is estimated that the income of famous youtubors reaches millions, sometimes even tens of millions. The income generated on YouTube varies depending on the orientation of the channel.
Here are some estimates from Forbes regarding the income and audience size of some of the largest YouTube channels:

  • Ryan’s World, $ 22 million (22.4 million subscribers)
  • Jake Paul, $ 21.5 million (19.7 million subscribers)
  • Dude Perfect, $ 20 million (47.1 million subscribers)
  • DanTDM, $ 18.5 million (22.3 million subscribers)
  • Jeffrey Star, $ 18 million (16.5 million subscribers)
  • Markiplier, $ 17.5 million (24.5 million subscribers)
  • VanossGaming, $ 17 million (24.9 million subscribers)
  • Jacksepticeye, $ 16 million (23 million subscribers)
  • PewDiePie, $ 15.5 million (102 million subscribers)
  • Logan Paul, $ 14.5 million (19.9 million subscribers)

That said, smaller chains can also be monetized. Your potential income does not depend solely on the number of subscribers and the number of views. Several other factors come into play, such as the level of commitment of your audience, the niche you serve, and the monetization channels that you explore. But that does not mean that the number of subscribers and the number of views do not count.
Before exploring the different monetization strategies on YouTube, you will need to clearly define your audience.

Understand the demographic data for your audience

Different options for monetization will be available to you if you manage to build your own audience. However, you can only take full advantage of these opportunities by having a clear understanding of the demographic profiles typical of your spectators.
Youtubeurs who seek to monetize their videos must keep this in mind: the chains that serve a niche market are more interested in brands that wish to target niche audiences (more on this subject to continuation).
You can view the demographic data for your audience by clicking here.
You will need to look at the following criteria in particular:

  • Gender: the proportion of men and women in your audience (is your audience predominantly male or female – or does it include as many men as women ?).
  • Age: the age group in which most of your YouTube subscribers are located.
  • Geographic location: the countries and cities from which your video views come.
  • Viewing time: the overall level of commitment of subscribers watching your videos.
  • A combination of the previous criteria to paint a more precise picture of your audience. For example, you may try to find out how many male spectators are in a certain age group.

Once these demographic data are in hand, you can define your audience more precisely. This will be particularly useful if you collaborate with brands. You could also use certain tools (such as Social Blade – French YouTube channels can be searched on the platform even if the interface is in English) to compare your own channel with third-party channels.
Now that we have clarified these points, let’s talk about monetization.

Monetizing its channel: how to make money on YouTube

As with Instagram or bloggers, your potential income will depend heavily on your audience. That said, it is by generally creating several sources of income that you will be able to effectively monetize your YouTube channel.
Fortunately, there are several ways to make money on YouTube, including:

  1. Become a YouTube partner and make money through advertisements.
  2. Monetize your channel by selling products that you promote in your videos.
  3. Fund your next project through crowdfunding with the support of your YouTube audience.
  4. Allow your audience to support your content through donations.
  5. License your videos to the online media.
  6. Collaborate with brands as an influenceer or affiliate.

Let’s explore each of these strategies in more detail.

1. Become a YouTube partner and make money through advertisements

Advertising is likely to be the primary source of income you will want to explore.
Whether you want to make money on YouTube without creating videos or as a content creator, joining the YouTube partner program and setting up monetization is an essential step.
How to activate monetization on YouTube

  1. Connect to the YouTube account you want to monetize.
  2. Click on your account icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on YouTube Studio.
  4. From the menu on the left, select Other functionalities> Monetization.
  5. Read and accept the terms of the YouTube Partner Program.
  6. Create a new AdSense account to access Google’s advertising network or connect an existing account to your channel. (You need an AdSense account to be paid).
  7. Define your monetization preferences.

Once done, return to your dashboard and click on the Analysis tab on the left side. From there, you will have to choose Income from the top tabs, then scroll down to the table Estimated monthly income to get an idea of your expected income.
While it is very easy to become a YouTube partner and activate monetization on your channel, this source of income is far from the most profitable.

Why go beyond advertisements to monetize its YouTube channel

YouTube has created a big controversy by sharing in a more transparent way the criteria used to evaluate if the video content published by the partners is “adapted to monetization” through the Partner Program. Several creators have realized that they risk losing part of their advertising revenue due to the nature of their content.
According to YouTube, your videos could be excluded from the monetization program if they understand or highlight in one way or another:

  • Sexually suggestive content, including scenes of sexual humor and partial nudity.
  • Scenes of violence, including scenes where events related to violent extremism and serious injuries are presented.
  • Inappropriate language, including language related to harassment, profanity and vulgarity.
  • Drugs and controlled substances, including the sale, use and abuse of such products.
  • Events and controversial or sensitive subjects, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, and natural disasters / tragedies, even if no scene including explicit images is broadcast.

That said, YouTube had already started to demonetize content deemed unsuitable for advertising in 2012 through an automated process.
The youtubeurs were already losing part of their advertising revenue, since their videos were sometimes demonetized without warning and without their knowledge.
The situation has improved considerably today, since creators are now informed when such initiatives are taken, and they can request the review of any video that appears to have been excluded from the YouTube advertising network by mistake.
Monetization through the YouTube advertising network often arouses the interest of new creators who wish to create a source of passive income. But in reality, YouTube appropriates 45% of the advertising revenue generated by its partners.
In short, youtubeurs should explore other sources of income to support their creative hobbies.
Let’s move on to the next option.

2. Monetize your YouTube channel by selling products that you promote in your videos

Sell products – be they T-shirts, coffee cups, cushions, tablet cases, etc. – has advantages which go beyond financial gain.
To start, the simplest and fastest approach to sell your own products through your YouTube channel remains the one combining print on demand and dropshipping.
How to proceed in practice ?
You could order personalized patterns today that can be printed on customizable products – such as t-shirts – at a very affordable price on freelancing platforms like Fiverr.
As for order and customer service management, you could fully integrate your online store with one of the many print-on-demand services that are offered online, such as Oberlo, so that order processing, shipping, and customer service are fully outsourced. This approach would allow you to take advantage of all the advantages of the dropshipping model, which requires very little effort on your part. In addition, you will not need to worry about the printing costs before you have made sales.
Alternatively, you could also sell the products you present in your videos to other marketplaces. That said, by following this approach, you risk having limited control over the processes of inserting products, offering discounts, and publishing personalized promotional content, not to mention the competition you will face. . Indeed, in addition to having to compete with other youtubeurs who follow the same approach, you will not benefit from the advantages linked to the sale on your own e-commerce site.
To go further, you could even sell products that you create yourself in a craft way or that you produce in the factory in collaboration with a manufacturer. It was this latter approach that made the Luxy Hair channel successful, whose founders sell hair extensions and related accessories through their videos.
When selling products online, a youtubeur who has managed to build an audience will generally be able to rely on two advantages that could make envious among e-traders:
1. A content machine that generates traffic on its online store on a regular basis.
2. The relationship of trust he managed to establish with his audience thanks to the content he publishes for free.
The sale of your own physical products is a monetization strategy not to be overlooked, since it will allow you to increase your reach, introduce your e-commerce brand in the offline world, and strengthen your relationship with your fans by giving credibility to your activity.

3. Fund your next project through crowdfunding with the support of your YouTube audience

When money is the only obstacle between an idea and its implementation, crowdfunding is usually a great way to get the funds you need to bring your project to life.
Whether you need capital to buy better equipment, hire actors, or pay other manufacturing / production costs, you could rely on the support of your audience and the crowdfunding community to get your project off the ground – if your idea is causing enough enthusiasm.
Several crowdfunding projects include a short presentation or a “announcement” intended to enthuse people. You should therefore consider filming a short video that provides clarification on your project or what you plan to offer. This is the approach that was followed to promote the Kickstarter campaign of the Kung Fury project:
The crowdfunding platforms most used by youtubeurs for the creation of participatory financing campaigns include:

  • Kickstarter: a very famous crowdfunding site which is particularly suitable for financing innovative products and creative projects. Make sure you set an achievable funding target, since the funds will only be paid to you if you reach the target you have set for yourself.
  • Indiegogo: an alternative to Kickstarter which offers more flexible financing options.

4. Funding by fans: give your audience the opportunity to support you by making donations to you

As with crowdfunding projects, you could rely on the support of your audience and encourage your subscribers to donate to explore a new source of income.
As a creator, you publish content online for free and bring value to your subscribers without forcing them to pay to access your resources. Therefore, if your content is really useful, your audience may be willing to support you financially on a periodic basis.
Several fan funding platforms are also proving to be good channels for creators who want to increase their reach while hiring their existing audience in a privileged way to thank their fans for their support.
Some of the services that will allow you to collect donations from your subscribers include:

  • YouTube Super Cat: YouTube’s Super Cat feature has replaced funding functionality with platform fans. The Super Cat is a tool that allows you to collect donations from your spectators during live broadcasts. They can support you whenever they want, by choosing an amount of their choice to “buy a Super Cat message” and highlight or highlight their comments during live broadcasts.
  • Tipeee: allows you to receive donations both on an ad hoc basis and according to a subscription model.
  • Patreon: a subscription platform that allows creators to receive donations from their fans. They can subscribe to the accounts of their favorite creators from $ 1 per month and benefit from exclusive advantages.

5. Licens your content to the media

If you manage to create videos with high viral potential that can arouse the interest of the general public, you could easily license them to online media – for example, a video showing your dog surfing.
Television media, online news sites and other creators could contact you to negotiate the purchase of a license to use your content items with high viral potential.
You could also list your videos in a market place like Juken Media, where your content could be discovered and purchased more easily by people who need it.

6. Collaborate with brands as an influenceer or affiliate

Influence marketing will be one of the pillars of advertising over the next decade. – Gary Vaynerchuk

Brands are investing more and more in influence marketing and are spending large advertising budgets today to take advantage of the services of influenceers who have already loyal their audiences.
These collaborations constitute for creators a huge opportunity to generate considerable income, as long as they are influential enough to allow themselves to negotiate the prices of their services.
Brendan Gahan, influenceer and marketing expert on YouTube, recommends setting a fixed base rate by multiplying the average number of views recorded by the videos by 5 or 15 cents (the equivalent of the cost per view that brands are usually willing to pay by announcing on YouTube).
Depending on your influence, the demographic criteria of your audience, the quality of your content, the profitability of your niche and your degree of specialization, you may be able to negotiate excellent rates if your services meet the needs brands that approach you.
According to Aqer, YouTube is the most interesting platform for influenceers in terms of remuneration for partnerships with brands. But to give you an idea of what you can potentially ask for, a medium-level influenceer asks a brand for around 20 dollars (about 17 euros) per 1,000 subscribers, or 2,000 dollars (about 1,700 euros) per 100,000 followers.
The key to successfully partnering with brands ? Be transparent to your audience by being honest about your motivations, and by only approving high-value products or services.
Here are some of the marketplaces for the underwriters on which you could list your channel so that it can be more easily discovered by small and large brands.

  • BandyouLike: form partnerships with brands seeking to amplify their scope. Join more than 4,000 influenceers already registered on the platform.
  • Natividi: make money on Natividi through your influence and form lasting collaborations with quality brands. To be admitted to the platform, your audience must have at least 500 subscribers.
  • Reech: an influence platform with several thousand influenceers. Once your account is created, members of the Reech team will help you find brands that suit your profile.
  • Channel Pages (also in French): form partnerships with other brands and other youtubeurs.

Some platforms offer free products to the influencesers, while others attract renowned brands ready to pay a high price. Focus on the opportunities best suited to your needs, while taking care to reach as many market places as possible so that your chain can benefit from maximum visibility.
Before incorporating sponsored content into your videos, be sure to view the YouTube guide on investments in paid products.
Alternatively, you could also collaborate as a affiliate with other brands and generate passive income through the commissions paid to you for each sale from your channel. This approach is particularly suitable for youtubeurs who focus – totally or in part – on the evaluation and presentation of products on their chain. Since there is no risk to brands (you are only paid if the brand sells a product through your marketing efforts), the barrier to entry is generally quite low in the world of affiliation.
Among the most popular affiliation platforms are ClickBank (the percentage of commissions varies from 1% to 75% depending on the seller’s preferences), and Amazon’s affiliation network (commissions paid can reach 10 %). You could also contact the brands in your niche that offer their own membership program, an initiative that is very common in the e-commerce area.

How to “sell” without annoying your audience

Most monetization strategies involve initiatives to promote products (eg. items for sale in your own e-commerce site) or campaigns (e.g. a crowdfunding campaign). You will always need to educate your audience about your intentions by taking a subtle approach so as not to sabotage the integrity of your content.
Several creators fear losing the confidence of their subscribers by taking part in sponsored collaborations. But, you need to get used to probing your customers now about your potential initiatives to base your decisions on concrete data.
You will be able to choose from several “investments” to promote products or campaigns.

Save a call to action in your videos

Several youtubeurs include a call to action of this type in their videos to increase the size of their audience. By encouraging your subscribers to take determined action, they will be more inclined to act.
You could therefore follow this approach as part of the implementation of promotional initiatives to generate income.

Add YouTube Sheets to your videos and schedule their displays at appropriate times

Whether you use them as part of a sponsored brand collaboration or to promote your own products, YouTube Sheets are a catchy way to get the attention of spectators who are interested in your content.
You could schedule their display at appropriate times to increase their impact and make sure you get the attention of spectators effectively.

Add links to the descriptions of your videos

You could, by adding links to the descriptions of your videos, redirect spectators to your e-commerce site, your Patreon page, your Kickstarter campaign, or any other online destination optimized to generate revenue.

Promote your offer on other platforms

Just because your content is hosted on YouTube doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the scope benefits that all other channels offer.
Broadcast your message about your new campaigns or promotional offers on Twitter, Facebook, and any other online channel on which you maintain a presence.
You can increase the potential scope of your promotional content by broadcasting your message on as many platforms as possible. It is indeed always preferable to have a multitude of hearings on social networks other than YouTube.

The rise of the “YouTubepreneur”

It is usually not the money that motivates creators, but rather the idea of bringing more value to people.
Ironically, it puts them in a world that has become obsessed with content.
While most companies are redoubling their efforts to try to maintain their long-term audiences, the youtubeurs have already solved this part of the equation.
All they have to do is channel their entrepreneurial energy to explore new ideas and find creative ways to monetize their passion.

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FAQ how to make money on YouTube

How many subscribers must you have to make money on YouTube ?

To be able to monetize its YouTube channel and therefore start making money with its videos, the platform requires a minimum of 1000 subscribers. But the conditions do not stop there, since a video must also exceed the 10,000 view mark to start bringing a few euros to its author. In addition, the chain must accumulate more than 4000 hours of viewing during the last 12 months.

How to make money on YouTube ?

Advertising is not the only way to make money on YouTube. Having subscribers and cumulating views are obviously encouraging, but their absence should not discourage you. Infoprenariat is, for example, another way to make money through YouTube. The idea is to enhance and prove your expertise in a field via free content, and then sell training or coaching.

Are you paid to upload videos to YouTube ?

Content creators are not paid by YouTube for videos they put online. The videos are also not monetized by default. To start making money on YouTube, you must activate monetization within the parameters of your YouTube account. Then you have the opportunity to participate in the YouTube partnership program or to put your videos on YouTube Premium.
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