How to grow your facebook fan page from scratch organically, even if you have zero followers, so whether you are starting a brand new facebook page for your business, or you already have a page that just isn’t growing very well in today.

‘s; video i’ll, be sharing with you, five powerful tips that you can implement today in your business, to start growing your page for free and if you’re new to my channel, hey what’s Up my name is cynthia and i teach everything related to facebook marketing and how to create and grow your facebook fan page successfully.

So if you love content, just like this don’t forget to smash that like button and also stay subscribed to my channel for more content. Just like this already guys, let’s get into it. I am now in the back end of my facebook page insights.

If you come on over to your page and you click insights under overview, you’ll, be able to see your data, so i just want to show you some of my results from the past seven days and how many reach i ‘

Ve gotten organically um, so in the last seven days i have over six million people reached again all organically none of this is paid. If i come back here – and i show you in the last 28 days, i have about 18 million people reached on my post.

That means i have 18 million eyeballs all my content, and so let me just show you very quickly. All of this is highlighted in blue, so you know it’s. Organic! I didn’t pay facebook to promote any of this content now.

Another thing that i want you to take a look at is the page like so within the last 28 days i have over 10 000 people that came to my page and liked my page. What does that mean? Is you know when i post content? They will be able to see my post in their news feed.

So all of these people um liked and found my content all organically. It could be through their friends and their family, sharing on their profile or facebook could have suggested my content on their home feed.

So that’s, how they’re, actually finding my page and so um. You know it’s still very possible to build an audience on facebook organically you don’t have to pay for page likes. You don’t have to pay for any that post or reach.

So today we ‘ Ll talk a little bit about how you’re able to create you know millions of reach and also get organic page likes. So i hope, seeing my results can give you motivation to grow your facebook fan page and how it is still possible to grow your page organically.

So right now i’m, going to be sharing with you, five tips on how you can grow your facebook fan page organically, so for tip number one is: do not ask your friends and your family to like your page now i know it is So tempting to click on the invite button on the sidebar of facebook, just to get a few likes on your page and especially when you’re starting out.

Nobody likes having zero followers and facebook likes to gather data on the audience that, like your page now, the facebook algorithm is smarter than you and i and it will go out and analyze the audience that is most similar to our existing followers.

Now remember. Facebook does not know what niche you are in, but what they do know is the targeting keyword that we put in, and also the other pages, that your audience also likes, and another reason is: if you are serious about creating viral content for your page, then you Should never ask your friends who aren’t even interested in your niche to like your page, because what facebook will do is that they will show your content on their newsfeed and if your friends do not engage with that piece of content.

Facebook will automatically assume that it’s, a poor piece of content, and they will not suggest it to more people, hence lowering your overall reach. Hence why i don’t share any of my content on this channel, because i know i will get at least one to two thousand people that will go and, like my page, just to follow my content.

But aren’t even interested in my niche, so say. For example, i have a page that are for cat lovers only, but i will get tons of people that will go and, like my page, who aren’t even interested in cats, that will significantly hurt my page’s overall performance and Potentially lower my chances of going viral and if that’s, not a good enough reason, then consider this say.

For example, you do plan on running your own facebook ad and you’re using their facebook fan page audience as your custom audience to create a look-alike audience. Now what facebook will do is they will go out to find similar audience that are closely related to your existing followers.

You’ll, be essentially feeding facebook, the wrong data, hence wasting your ad budget altogether. So please build your fan page the real way it will save you so much time and frustration down the road and for tip number two is to post video content.

Video is one of the most engaging content that you can ever post on your facebook page, because facebook favors video way more than photo post, and they will reward you by showing your video to more similar audience in your niche.

Now before i move on to the next tip, make sure that before you publish your videos, facebook actually suggests that your videos be at least three minutes long, so they can show it to more people, and it can help you maximize your videos performance.

You want to also add a description and also add tags, because you want to make sure that your audience can easily search for your content, so make sure to add, in all possible tags related to your videos and, last but not least, make sure your video is In hd high definition, because let’s, be real.

Nobody likes to watch blurry pixelated videos. Now i know i’m, going to be getting questions about well cynthia. What type of content should i create for my page? Obviously, it will vary based on your niche, but a few good ideas could be how to videos.

You can create a video on how to make a honey, lemon tea or how to set up a tent for a camping trip. Basically, any type of videos where you’re, providing value or useful information for your audience now speaking of value, this leads me to tip number three, which is to avoid posting or promoting any of your products or services on your page, when you’re starting out, and yes, i do know that that is the hardest part, because we all want to make money fast, but why 99 of people fail with their facebook page is because they focus on sell, sell, sell.

I’ve, seen so many people post products after products after products literally every day for a whole month, and then they come to me and say cynthia. How come i don’t have any engagement or sales and of course you get no sales, because you have not established a relationship with your audience for them to trust your brand enough to purchase from you, especially if you’re, relying On organic traffic, you need to provide some sort of value before you can ask them to purchase from you and, as garyvee said, jab jab jab right hook in our case is to give give.

Give then ask also, when i talk about value content, it can be really anything related to your niche, so it could be anything that’s funny or entertaining like memes, so it doesn’t always have to be three hacks on how To work out better, it can just be something for fun and you can actually go on any meme generator sites like meangenerator.

net, where you can go in and create hundreds of different memes to post content on your page, where you can just edit the top and bottom Text and for tip number four is to fully optimize your facebook page.

I’ve, actually created a step-by-step tutorial, showing you exactly how to optimize your facebook page, and i will go ahead and link it somewhere on this video or down in the description. So what exactly do i mean by optimizing your page? So in a nutshell, you basically want to have three main images already uploaded onto your facebook fan page.

So the first one is your profile picture. The second one is your banner and the third one is your story image and, according to a study by microsoft, the average human being have an attention span of eight seconds.

So when our audience clicks on our facebook page, we want to immediately let them know that they are in the right place, so say for an example: you are in the dog niche. You definitely want to place related images or videos on your profile picture.

Your banner and your story to let that person know exactly what your page is about. You never want to leave them guessing or confused. That’s. Why images and videos are extremely powerful to let that person know exactly what your brand represents and for tip number five is hashtags? I’ve been getting so many questions of people asking me.

Should i use hashtag and is it that important now i want to start off by saying i personally, don’t use any hashtags for any of my content. I remember running multiple tests and realizing that i didn’t get any better results.

In fact, all of my viral content reaching over 1 million people or more, i never use any hashtags in any of those content and according to buzzsumo, they’ve, analyzed over 1 billion facebook posts in over 30 million different pages and what they have Found are posts with hashtags perform worse than post without hashtags, so does that mean we should never use hashtags? Well, no, obviously, if facebook provides us with this tool, we should be able to use it.

So if you are wanting to use hashtags, i will actually keep it to a minimum and, according to sure payroll, they found that the interactions were the highest when one to two hashtags were used. So i will pick out two of the most popular hashtag in my niche and then i would add that to my content now, another idea is to actually use branded hashtags, which are hashtags that are specific to your brand.

Only that way you can easily track how much buzz your brand is creating, and if someone shares your content elsewhere with your specific hashtag, you can see how actively engaged people are with your brand.

In fact, when you type in your hashtag into facebook, they will generate a unique url. For example, if your hashtag is cats and sweaters, you can see that at the top of your url, which now says facebook.

com slash cats in sweaters. Now you can share this specific link on other social media sites like instagram or pinterest, to get people to search and engage with your specific content, hence funneling more traffic from other places for free.

So those were the five tips on how you can grow. Your facebook fan page from scratch, even if you have zero followers. Also, if you love content, just like this, don’t forget to smash that like button and also stay subscribed to my channel for more content.

Just like this, and until next time i will see you guys in my next video live free,


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