How To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Hands-down one of the most common questions I get in regards to affiliate marketing is ‘how do you actually get traffic?’ So in today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you guys three ways that I personally use for driving traffic to an affiliate marketing website.

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So without further ado let’s get right into the value in this video, with three ways that I personally use for driving traffic to an affiliate marketing website. So the first two things that we all need to understand and I’ll go through this very quickly but this is just to make sure we’re on the same page to use these three tips.

And the first thing is what is affiliate marketing and why are we driving this type of traffic? So in a nutshell, affiliate marketing is just referring someone to a product or service. This has been a business model for literally longer than I’ve been alive and it’s been happening in the real world.

Someone asks, ‘Hey, who’s your barber?’ ‘Who cuts your hair?’ You refer them to the barber. And then if the barber gives you a couple dollars as a thank you that’s the commission from the barber for referring them a new client.

This is all affiliate marketing is but it’s evolved a little bit with the internet. With the internet, these companies can sell their products online and they have to get traffic to get their products and services in front of people to buy them.

So if you can be that person that’s referring someone who’s interested in the product to the company and the person makes a purchase, the company then gives you a commission. And the reason this works so well is because once you know how to do this online, you can scale it.

The more traffic you bring in front of those products and services, the more people are going to buy and the more commission you’re going to make. So that should have us all on the same page of what affiliate marketing is and how it works with traffic.

Now we need to talk about what the best way to do affiliate marketing online is. So there are a ton of different ways to do affiliate marketing online, but the gold standard is creating a niche specific affiliate marketing website.

Now you guys have probably gone to Google typed in a question and read an article on a website that gave you an answer and you didn’t even realize that that article is on a niche affiliate marketing website.

So what these sites are is basically you pick a topic or a specific niche and you write all kinds of helpful content in blog articles or just post format giving people value in answers. Now the way that we make money from these sites is throughout those posts where we’re giving a valuable answer we can link to an affiliate product or some type of product that will help with their solution and as they’re reading the article they may just click on that link and see the product and say hey that’ll solve my problem or that’s a good review of that product.

I like it and I want it, they’ll click your link, they make the purchase, you get the Commission for referring that traffic. Now secondly, icing on the cake, another way that you make money from these websites and reason that they’re so good is because you can put what’s called Google Adsense on your website and basically, all that is is Google will then have advertisers who are relevant to that niche putting little ads throughout your website.

So whenever someone goes and reads your articles, they’re seeing these ads and then Google pays you just for people seeing those ads. They don’t even have to purchase anything. So now we should all be on the same page about what affiliate marketing is and how we’re going to be doing affiliate marketing online.

So now we need to talk about the traffic. So here are the three methods that I use for driving traffic to an affiliate marketing website. Number one, this is posting on Facebook and then boosting that post in front of the people who are relevant to your niche.

This is going to be the only way that includes paid advertising. So if you do have a budget to spend on this, this can work really well for you. Now essentially, all you have to do here is actually pretty simple.

So you go over to Facebook, you create a new page and it’s a business page. It can be a brand, company, anyway, that’s just a separate page, than yourself. And you create this for your niche affiiate marketing website.

So the name of the page is the name of your website and then every article that you write for your actual website. You then create a post on your Facebook page with the title and a link to that article and an image that you’re using for that article just to make a nice looking post.

And then you boost it in front of people who are relevant to that niche. Now if you haven’t boosted a Facebook post before it’s actually very simple. You’ll have the option of a little Boost button and you can click that and then it’s basically a very simplified version of Facebook ads, the only three things you really have to do for boosted posts is pick who the audience is going to be, how long you want that ad to run and how much money you want to spend.

And all of these are actually very simple. For the audience, you don’t have to overthink it. Just think about who the actual niche website or the affiliate product that’s in that article is relevant to.

If that specific article that you’re boosting has an affiliate product in it, that’s only relevant to people in the United States, you want to make sure that your audience that you’re targeting is that niche and then only United States.

You don’t want to do worldwide. If it’s a product or service that can be bought worldwide, then you target the niche and then worldwide. And if the product is specific to a certain age group or male or female then you can target that as well.

And then for length of the ad and budget, this is up to you. But what I personally recommend is whenever I’m putting something on a Facebook page, I’ll do five days $5 or ten days $10. Just $1 a day and then run it four or five days or ten days.

And that’s guaranteed to get a lot of traffic over to that article and clicks on your affiliate links. So that is number one, that is using boosted Facebook posts on a business Facebook page. Number two, this is posting your articles from your niche affiliate marketing website as responses to people asking questions in niche specific Facebook groups.

Now this is basically the free version of one. What you do is you join these niche specific Facebook groups, there’s a ton of them out there for every niche and you join them as your personal Facebook page not the business page that we created in one but actually your personal one.

Now the reason we do this is because when we’re in that group, we’re going to be interacting as a person and what you want to do is go through the group and look for posts of people asking questions, that you have an article that actually answers.

Now all you have to do here is very simple. You just copy the URL or the link to your article that answers their question and then paste it as a response and enter that comment. That’s it. You don’t have to write anything special, you just post that article as a response that gives an answer to the question that the person’s asking.

My only piece of advice here is make sure that you’re not getting spamming with this and you’re actually putting articles that answer people’s questions and matching them up and not just putting these articles everywhere.

So with that said there are a ton of niche specific Facebook groups that you can join and then you can just spend some time doing this. It is a free way. So it’s going to take a little bit of your time and patience going through and finding these questions that you can match up with your articles, but if you don’t have a budget, this is a completely free way to get traffic.

Number three, this is going to Now, if you haven’t been to Quora before, you can basically either ask questions or you can answer questions. This is just like the second strategy that we’re talking about and you want to go with the same approach slightly different and I’ll explain in a second here.

but you just want to look for questions that you have answers to in articles and then write a response to that person’s question and link your article for more detail. Now the big difference between method 2 with the niche specific Facebook groups and method 3 on Quora is that on Quora, you want to actually write out a custom, very detailed answer and then link to your article for more information.

A lot of people get kicked off of Quora for just linking their articles and you can tell exactly what they’re trying to do is that just get traffic to their articles. So if you write a pretty good custom answer to that person answering their question and then referring to your article for more information that is the way to do it and you’ll get free traffic from Quora.

Now the best parts to Method 2 and Method 3 are of course, they’re free to do but your answers stay up there forever. So as you start doing this and you’re putting more seeds out there people are going to continue to see that whenever they have that question and be referred over to your article.

However there’s something really important that you guys need to know. What this is is after your first niche affiliate marketing website when you move on to the others, you’re likely not even going to be using these three methods.

Now let me explain that, for people who are experienced with affiliate marketing and creating these websites or someone who is seasoned with this and done it a couple times. You know that when you create the new niche affiliate marketing website, you try to write at least 30 posts on that website and then you let Google just basically do the rest.

These three methods that I just talked about will get traffic to your site very early on. However, if you don’t even want to worry about that, you can write 30 really good articles and then just let Google do the rest.

It typically takes about 35 weeks from when you write that article and post it on your site until Google has properly ranked it on Google and once that happens, you will just be getting organic traffic to your site so you don’t actually have to do anything.

So with that said a lot of the times people will see this happen on the first site and they won’t even worry about marketing or getting traffic to their site because they know in 35 weeks after they write that article they are going to be getting plenty of organic traffic.

So if you don’t have extra time or you’ve done this before then you can just write the articles and then move on to the next site and write those articles and just know that Google will rank them in time.

The most important thing to know is when you create these niche affiliate marketing websites the bulk and I’m saying the vast majority of the traffic that comes to your site is going to be coming from free organic traffic from your articles ranking on Google.

Now before you guys go there’s something that’s really exciting that I started to mention in the beginning of this video and that’s something I’ve been working on for you guys for over a month now.

As you guys know, when you create these niche affiliate marketing websites, you kind of have to make it by hand or customize a template, you can use either WordPress or Wix. WordPress is going to be cheaper but it is definitely a heavy learning curve and you can mess up your site pretty quickly.

Or you can use Wix which is a little bit more expensive. However, it’s super easy to use. So over the years, I’ve started to use Wix for every single site just because you can create a really good template, you can duplicate it and it’s basically plug-and-play for all your affiliate marketing websites down the road.

Writing new articles, switching out text, switching out images is very easy on Wix and that’s why I use it because I know in time that site is going to be generating enough income to cover all the extra hosting fees as opposed to WordPress.

So with that said, as you guys know I have another video on YouTube on how to create the templates that I’ve been using but I’ve been working on a drag-and-drop, just plug-and-play template for you guys that I can transfer from my Wix account to your Wix account and then you can just fill in the images.

Fill in the text and customize your niche and then for every site, you make down the road you can copy/paste it, copy/paste it and just customize it, makes it so easy. It’ll be optimized for desktop tablet and mobile, but I want to make sure it’s perfect before I release it for you guys.

So it’s almost there and once it is I’ll link it down in the description to this video. And I’m sure we’ll make more videos about this. So if you can’t tell I’m really excited about this because I think this really will change the game and for a lot of you guys.

It’s going to make it so much easier to get started so that will be coming soon. Keep an eye down in the description once it’s ready and I know it’s perfect, then I’ll link to it and you guys can just basically have a plug-and-play affiliate marketing template on Wix.

This will be so perfect and no one has done this on Wix before so I’m very excited for you guys. And I’m only going to be talking about this on YouTube So you guys will be the only ones to have this.

So guys that’s it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it and got some value from it. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and I will get you some answers back in the comments.

Keep an eye down in the description. Once that’s ready, I will let you guys know. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, I really do appreciate the Thumbs Up. Alright guys, that’s it for today.

I will be seeing you guys in the next video.

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