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If you want to start an e-commerce business in the next year, here’s, exactly how to find a trending e-commerce product that will sell after starting multiple e-commerce brands. This is the exact process that I use to find new products to sell.

On my existing stores or to create an entirely new e-commerce brand from scratch, so let’s, get into it. So, first up I subscribe to a few different industry newsletters. This way, you can stay on top of e-commerce trends and see any up-and-coming new brands that might give you some inspiration for your own.

It’s. Important to note here that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when coming up with an e-commerce idea. You can find a trending product or idea, and you can simply create something different and better than the competition, and i will talk a little more about this in a sec.

So some of the newsletters that i sign up for are 2 p.m. Daily lean lux and thing testing who find and review new direct-to-consumer brands. Another tool that i like to use is, and i’ll head across to that one now to take a look, as you can see, at the top of trend hunter there’s kind of categories like fashion tech, life, culture and There’s lists of trending products under each.

You can also search if there’s, a certain industry or trend that you’re, really interested in, like it might be the baby market, or it might be the pet market, for example, which are two that i really love uh.

Just because people care about their babies and their pets more than they care about themselves, half of the time, for example, under tech there’s, an app connected planter pot list uh. Sorry there’s, really kind of niche products like these ones or yeah like you can see soothing, succulent, holding lights device charging desktop planters.

These are like a little bit more on the complicated side. Maybe if we search for baby newborn sleep classes, 20, baby, gift ideas, modernist geometric mobiles, as you can see there’s, a lot of different ideas under lots of different niches and markets.

This is a great way to stay on top of products and ideas and trends within your market. So, for example, if you’re following a brand and they’re constantly out of stock, that’s, a good indicator of demand.

So if you created a product within that niche – and you simply were able to stay in stock, you would be able to create sales even just out of convenience alone. Probably my number one technique right now is looking at facebook ads and you can either do this by looking specifically at a brand and using the facebook ads library to search a particular brand and see their ads or you can use certain tools as well.

The reason that you want to look at facebook ads is you’re, looking at the engagement metrics for that ad. So that would be like comments likes and shares of that ad and then also looking at kind of positive reviews.

In the comments section of the ad too, there might be like 70 different comments, saying how much they love that product or there might be. Like you know, two comments saying i never received my order.

Like you know. Obviously, i know which product i would be choosing to look at, so you can use chrome, extensions or different tools to do this. One that i’m liking using at the moment, which is a free tool, is called my ad finder.

It takes out all of your personal posts, uh and reminders, and just turns your news feed into ads only of course, these are the ads that you’re personally targeted for as well. Sorry, if it was me, i might want to log in to my partner lucas’s account, for example, because he’ll, be receiving very, very different ads to myself.

So, basically, as you scroll and find ads, you can start to identify the top performing kind of products and ads out there. This way, you know that that product is performing well on facebook and facebook is one of our main sales channels for any ecommerce brand.

If you know that that product is already going to perform on facebook, that’s, a really really strong sign. So we’ll, get back to the video in a second. But if you’re enjoying this video be sure to like comment and subscribe now back to the video.

So moving on to another channel that i like to look at and it’s, e-commerce marketplaces like etsy and amazon. They actually show you exactly how many units of that product have been sold so that’s, a really great indicator for a trending product.

So if we go along the baby mobile theme, uh let’s, have a look again seeing as we saw that one on trent under before we can go baby mobile hangar have a look through these okay 423 reviews. 251 reviews.

Let’s tap through to here and right up here. You can see it tells you 1 1649 sales. This is a really great indicator of obviously the demand for the product through how many sales this particular product has been able to generate.

So once you’ve found a trending product idea. Then you want to validate it. You want to make sure that this is the idea that you’re, going to go for so outside of you know, kind of like the more basic ways to do this, like google trends, for example, my first protocol is always similar web that you Can go onto any website hit the chrome extension.

It will give you a rough indicator of their traffic, so you want to obviously find products and brands that have quite relatively high traffic, so similar web actually also has this section called top websites, so it’s kind of like a compilation list of Top websites within particular categories, so let’s – pretend that we’re validating a activewear concept and one of the brands that i follow in the activewear space on instagram is a brand called fabletics.

So let’s. Have a look at some of their traffic the thing here and, as you can see when i searched that, just then is that fabletics actually has quite a few different domains because they have different stores per region.

So this won’t, always be the best indicator of results, because you know this is probably just for the us store, for example the They might have a dot com – dot a u. They might have a dot co dot uk.

So, even if this is just in the us, we can see that they get 6.31 million visits a month, so that is a really really strong brand uh. So that would definitely be one that we would want to base our own off.

So the other thing that i do to validate an idea outside of google trends and similar web is look at reviews. Websites like trustpilot and reading that brand’s reviews. So let’s head across to trustpilot.

Let’s. Do fabletics again because they’re, a brand that i love to use as inspiration. We’ve got fabletics us and they have a hundred and ten thousand reviews nearly a hundred and eleven thousand. They have an average uh rating of three point.

Nine and right here is where the gold is actually in our product development stage. So if we have a look at, maybe the poor and average results we don ‘ T really want to look at bad because bad will just be like.

I never received my order or people who have had a truly like awful brand experience, so we want to have a look at poor and average reviews, and what we want to look for here is the things that we could improve on as a brand.

So if we read the negative reviews of a product or a brand as a whole, then we can start to think about the ways that we would alter or adjust that brand or product to make it different and better than the competition.

So here’s, one just here that says ripoff, so obviously that’s, a problem with the price um. I love fabletics products, but but lately i’ve, found that the plus size section doesn’t have enough diversity or selection in styles.

So there we go. You could create a like, plus size, activeweb brand. So this customer here is complaining about the all size inclusion again that most of the new release or really cute items, aren’t released in sizes larger than large or extra large.

So it’s, not very inclusive. So if we’re, looking at this brand as an example, 110 000, mostly positive reviews, is a really good validator for success. But then, if we’re, looking at the way that we would want to change a product, we can have a look through their reviews, identify some commonalities there and create an active web brand with a point of difference.

So in this example, that would be activewear with more size diversity, so that’s, my process for finding and validating trending product ideas. I’d love to hear some of the ways that you guys go about this.

So let us know in the comments section below and i’ll, see you in another video, hey, guys, hope you’re, loving our videos and you’re, getting heaps of value from them. If you are make sure to hit the like button and make sure to subscribe to join the founder fam, and if there’s, any burning questions, you have make sure to leave them below in the comments.

If you did enjoy this video and want to continue to master your skills, make sure you click here to access your free training. Now we will go into way more depth. With this founder, see you there

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