How To Edit Professional Looking YouTube Videos With This Beginner-Friendly Online Video Editor

In today’s video you’re gonna learn how to create high quality youtube videos with the new beginner friendly software so i’m not sure how new this software is but i just came across it and it’s the perfect software for anyone that’s just getting started with youtube so there’s plenty of video editing software’s out there but there it is quite complex when.

You want to create a high quality youtube video but with this software you can easily add animations add stock footage images text templates and more all within this one software so it’s a really great software and it already comes with pre-made templates for you or you can start from scratch.

So what we’re going to do today is we’re going to create a short youtube video with all of the basic needs of a normal video so things like animations text background videos stock videos images and more so if you just follow along with this video you’ll also have a video that’s finished and ready to upload to youtube.

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Email me with that account so i’ll know that it’s you and i’ll give you access to the course so if you want to win just like tech pk just hit the like button subscribe to the channel and comment down below so with that said let’s get started with today’s video so this is and i’ll leave a link to.

This in the description below so it’s completely free to sign up and you can also create the video and export the video for free as well so if you go go to the link in the description below and click on templates you’ll be brought to this page right here so you’ll see all of these free.

Templates that you can use so there’s things like promos and sales travel editors picks real estate there’s so many different categories here but we’re going to start from scratch so click on start from scratch and you’ll get two options the storyboard mode and the timeline mode so the timeline mode is kind of like the.

Classic video editor so it’s got the normal timeline it’s got the audio timeline the text timeline and and more so this is not the one we’re going to use this is just like a normal video editor or like any other video editor but they’ve got this other mode called storyboard mode so you can add your stock videos you can add your text.

Images music backgrounds all with the storyboard and it’s easier to tell your story on your youtube video using this mode right here so let’s choose this mode and it’s going to load up the video editor so usually this doesn’t take that long it’s quite a fast software depending on.

How fast your computer is so this is the video editor right here so right here on the left hand side these are all the elements that we can add so things like media video music and more and right here these are all the elements that we can drag and drop and at the bottom this is the storyboard.

Storyboard and this right here is the preview of the video and at the top here these are some of the tools that we can use to change things like color and fonts and font colors and things like that so let’s click on media right here this is where you can upload your own.

Content so you can upload your own videos audio or even your mobile content right here as well then in text so you can add like a normal static text that just kind of stays in the middle of the video or you can drag it to any part of the video or you can add in an animated text so it.

Just animates from top to bottom or this one animates with the line and you can also change up the fonts right here so these are all the different fonts you can change the font size and also the branding of this as well so maybe you wanted like black uh black letters or white letters with a blue line and and all of that so you can.

Change all of that right here and so that’s in text and there’s plenty of different different text that you can find then they’ve also got this useful thing right here called subscribed animations so this is really useful for your youtube videos so you can play like a little animation on the corner of your videos right here.

So i’m going to delete all of that then let’s go into video so right here they’ve got all of the normal stock footage that you can use so and on top of that they’ve also got some background images as well so right here they’ve got a background um feature so this is quite a useful feature so if i click on see all right here.

And i can use one of these as the background they’ve got plenty of different options so let’s say i want to use maybe this one right here is the background just click on this little plus icon and choose how long you want this to be so this the total length of this clip is 10 seconds so you can maybe choose like.

Seven seconds of it and click on trim video and there it is so there’s your new background and you can also then if you want to add another storyboard so this is the first storyboard that’s eight seconds long then if you if you want to add another storyboard just.

Click on plus right here and that’s your second storyboard so let’s create a video so what we’re going to do is create a video about productivity so it’s just a random topic that i came up with so first thing i want to do is find um an intro so let’s find a nice looking background right here so.

Um actually i might i might just use a normal video as the background so i’m going to go up go into video and just search up productivity uh yeah productivity and let’s see what comes up and all of these are free to use as well so these are actually from uh it doesn’t say pixels right here but i’ve.

Actually seen these exact videos on so if you don’t know what is that’s like a free website for free stock footage free images and you can just use it completely for free without any uh giving the creators credit or and you can also use it.

On your youtube videos on your website completely for free so uh we can take one of these so let’s see let’s say this one right here this is 13 seconds so let’s say i want 10 seconds of this so i’ll just move it down to about 10 seconds right there click on trim so that’s the first clip right here then.

I’ll go into text so it’s loading it in so then i’ll go into text and let’s find like a nice looking uh animated text right here so let’s see here this one or maybe i think i like this one right here cool so i like this one and right here so you can’t really see.

The text right now so i’m going to click on filter and maybe add like a gray scale to it in the background so it’s actually a lot easier to see that and you can see i can lower the intensity as well if i wanted to and maybe i’ll move this a bit further to the top right here or something something that’s a bit more easier to.

See and now let’s change the text so it’s going to say productivity tips productivity tips at home productivity tips to work from home and click on ok.

So there it is then over here i’ll just put in the channel name so i’ll put in something like a dream cloud and that’s it so now you can just move this you can just select all of this as a group and just move it to the center of the video there we go so now let’s hit play cool so that sounds good so let’s add.

Some music to this as well so click right here on music and you can choose the mood so i want this to be happy inspiring let’s just try inspiring and the genre let’s just try ambient cool so now let’s hit play on this one so hopefully you guys can hear that.

So i’m just trying to find the one that i like the most so i think i’ll use this one here so click on add and it’s going to add that to the background music right here and so now when i hit play so that’s the intro done.

So now let’s add the next storyboard so just click this little plus icon right here and i’ll add the next board right here so if you also want to duplicate the intro just click on duplicate right here and it’s going to create the exact same copy and you can customize it on the next board right here so i’m just going.

To close this and let’s add another background so maybe i’ll choose this one this time so it’s a similar one and it’s going to add that as the background right here so that’s about 12 seconds let me just trim that down to about let’s say eight seconds.

There we go so it’s adding that to the board and let’s go back to text and i’m going to choose um let’s maybe this time i’ll choose something different so it’s something like this maybe so it’s going to add that right in the middle so i think this will look pretty cool if i make this a bit smaller and.

If i make this actually this one’s a bit too big so it’s a bit too clunky and it’s a bit too all over the place right here so let’s just delete this one and i’ll just stick to the normal one that we had right here before so let’s go through these templates and maybe this one right here yep so that looks pretty good.

So the first tip that i’ll give them is something like find this find a quiet place so this isn’t the best tips but this i’m just kind of making these up as i go along if you want to learn how to create good high quality content using ai and.

Create a good high quality script then i’ll leave a link to some of my some of my other videos in the description below where it teach you how to write a proper video script so find a quiet find a quiet place at home and go yep so it looks good.

And again for the filter i’ll make this black and white and i’ll actually change this video as well so something like i’ll change it to like work from home let’s see if there’s any um stock videos on that yep so this one actually looks pretty good so i’m going to click on this one.

Click on add actually added another one so let me just go back right here and i’ll click on uh oh it’s actually it doesn’t have an option for me to replace this uh background right here which is kind of annoying but that’s fine i’ll just leave it as it is and from the next one i’ll.

Add another one so for this one i’ll just add this one click on trim video and i’ll add the same template right here so i’m going to go here and i’ll just copy this one and let’s take this actually this one right here and i’ll just move to the bottom.

And for this one i’ll just just say working from home uh create a home office or something create a home office there you go click on ok and there we go so we’ve already got a video that’s 29 seconds long just by adding all of these different clips over.

And over again but if you actually you know create a proper um script you can actually add add in your script all of your titles all of your bullet points all of all of that near properly and you’ll have a good high quality video that’s done and on top of that let’s say you want to.

Add in some animations like the subscribe animation so i can add that in right here so i’ll just make this a bit smaller so for this you have to kind of do all of this one by one which is kind of annoying so you have to do it like this you have to choose each icon one by one.

And then and then only you can actually make it smaller so you can’t just um make it all smaller all at once so now that’s good so it looks good so i’m going to make this i’ll put this up here or something there we go and if you want to add something else.

There’s plenty of other things right here as well so if you want to add prices there’s they’ve also got that right here as well so this is really cool as well if you want to try selling something on your products so on the next clips let me just delete all of this so let’s say you’re selling like a.

Productivity software or something so what i’ll do on this one is i’ll just add this right here and maybe i’ll also change the background color to like uh maybe yeah something like this and i’ll change this text like productivity.

Activity software it could be like a ecom product or something like that that you’re selling right here and you can add that in right here and you’re going to choose the price choose the uh features that it has and so much more and there’s so many other options like.

You can add a little sale icon so you can add like this you know like some amazing new sale or something like that and you can flip this around kind of make this look cool there we go so there it is so already we have this video that’s 32 seconds long so now let’s say you want to um you this this.

Video is already ready for youtube so it looks um you know good enough you’ve got all the text you’ve got all the the call to actions with the sales and subscribe and all of that but now let’s say you want to change it to something else like you want to change this to a facebook video or an instagram video you can do so right here so if i choose this it’s.

Going to change it to like like a square video if i change it to this it’s going to change to a long video right here so it’s got everything right here but then you do need to do some adjustments right here but that’s easy to do you simply just i’m just going to go in here and just hit enter here.

So productivity tips to work from home there we go and i’ll also make the fonts a bit smaller as well so it fits in so maybe change it to like 112 yep i mean i’ll just place that nicely in.

The center you can also move this right to the bottom as well there you go so just that easily you easily change this to a mobile video as well so now you can upload this to tech talk to instagram to um to facebook and to youtube as well so it’s just a nice way to create all of.

Your video content all on one platform so as you can see it’s not that hard to use it’s very basic but it’s very you can create high quality videos as well so it’s got all of these little um small just the smallest details that make the biggest difference so things like just having a little sales um call to action or having this little website.

Icon right here that comes up so if you want people to go to your website you can tell them to do so right here so you can place that right here so all of these small things make a big difference and they’ve got all the templates and all of the animation animated templates that you need as well right here.

So go ahead and try this software and create your first video or whatever number of videos that you’ve created so you can create the video for free and you can also export it for free but if you do have a long video then you might have to upgrade and you also have to upgrade if you have a if you’re trying to up.

Export a high quality video something like 1080 dp or more than that so that’s the only catch right here other than that it’s completely free to use and one more thing that this software doesn’t have i’ve checked it but and they definitely don’t have it so they don’t have their own um voiceover uploader so i can’t upload.

My own voiceover to the software and then create the video from the voiceover unfortunately so for this you would have to you know edit the video right here and then you have to um download the video upload it to another video editor then add the voiceover so that’s the only bad thing about the software other than that it’s.

Perfectly fine it’s perfectly um it’s probably the best software for beginners because it’s free it’s good quality videos and you can export the video for free as well so that’s it for today’s video if you have any questions make sure you comment down below and if you want to be in the draw to win.

My youtube masterclass course just hit the like button subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell and comment down below and you’ll be in the draw and i’ll be i’ll be announcing the video of the winner next week so with that said i’ll see you guys in the next week’s video
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