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Hi guys welcome to pro seo tools in this tutorialwe will learn how to do keyword research using semrush you may also get the ultimate sem rushplaybook which is a comprehensive guide on utilizing sem rush for seo competitive analysisand content marketing download it now for free the link in the description box below importantnote to gain a better understanding of the functionality you’ll probably need touse semrush while viewing this video if you haven’t already done so click the link inthe description box below to sign up for a trial you’ll get free access to sem rush as a resultof this it will enable all of the functionality you’ll need to completely investigate the toolso let us begin the majority of content creators have a good notion of what they want to writeabout and what keywords they want to include.

However it is impossible to tell what questionsindividuals are putting into google without conducting keyword research in your niche as aresult you should devote some effort to keyword research don’t go with your gut when it comes toselecting the correct keywords for your article instead spend some time using a top-notch seokeyword research tool to conduct real keyword research sem rush an seo platform includingtools for keyword research link building content marketing technical seo and more is one such toolwe’ll concentrate solely on sem rush’s keyword research tools in this tutorial in this tutorialyou will learn quick keyword research how to conduct keyword research how to generate contentideas how to conduct keyword research based on competitors the three main keyword researchfeatures and tools in the sem rush toolbox will.

Be used to teach you the above techniques keywordoverview keyword magic tool topic research tool make sure you have an active semrush accountbefore we begin if you don’t already have one i strongly recommend you to sign up for a freetrial of sem rush pro by clicking the link in the description box below this trial gives you fullaccess to the sem rush 40 plus seo tools quick keyword research you don’t always need a tool tomake the keyword research process more difficult you may have already narrowed down your targetkeywords in some cases perhaps your competitor analysis produce keyword suggestions that you knowperform well for them alternatively perhaps your content marketing efforts resulted in trendingtopics in your niche in either scenario you’ll want to use a keyword research tool to quicklycheck the monthly search traffic and other.

Critical keyword information the keyword overviewreport from sem rush might help you with this this is how it works fill in your seed keywordsin the semrush search field to get started the monthly search volume for your target keywordswill be displayed in the keyword overview report more significantly you’ll get a fast rundown ofvital keyword data that surrounds your primary keywords pay close attention to the followingfive critical keyword metrics search volume keyword difficulty cpc trend serp analysis let’slook at each of these measures in more detail search volume the average number of times acertain keyword is searched each month is known as search volume for example the keyword best dsl ourcamera receives 9.9 000 monthly searches in the united states and 38.8 000 worldwide keep in mindthat search volume is only one of many measures.

Of a keyword’s popularity don’t assume a keywordis popular just because it gets a lot of searches before choosing keywords for your next campaignlook at other seo data in the overview report such as keyword difficulty cpc and mostcrucially the trend chart keyword difficulty the keyword difficulty index which ranges from oneto one hundred percent reveals how difficult it is to rank for your chosen keywords the higher thepercentage the more difficult it is to achieve higher rankings for your chosen keywords thekeyword difficulty percentage in this case is 61 indicating that outranking the top ranking pagesfor these keywords is challenging select one of the keyword variations displayed in the overviewreport as your target keywords if your seed keywords have a high keyword difficulty percentagei’ll go into more detail about this later cpc.

The cost per click is the average cost paid byadvertisers for a user’s click on a google ads triggered by the target keywords if you runppc ads this is a crucial metric to consider trend the trend chart shows how searchers havebeen interested in your target terms over the last 12 months the trend in best dslr camera ismore or less consistent with notable jumps during black friday and christmas shopping the numberof searches for given terms changes regularly the search volume metric can be misleading insome circumstances because it does not account for seasonal fluctuations in your target termsserp analysis the top 100 google results for your seed keywords are displayed in serp analysisalong with the urls that are currently ranking for your target keywords you’ll see vital seo statsconcentrate on the first 10 results to obtain a.

Good picture of the websites you’ll be up againstvariations in keywords for your seed keywords the keyword overview report also creates keywordvariations question-based keywords and related keywords the keyword difficulty percent for bestdsl our camera is too high as previously stated a brief peek at the serp analysis report revealsthat we would be competing against respected sites like digital camera world tech radar and pc magif we use these keywords in our content that’s a lot of competition remember the harder it is tooutrank your organic competition in search results the higher the keyword difficulty percentagethis is where it’s a good idea to use an alternative keyword combination you may eitheruse the overview report to select one of the top keyword variations for your target keywordsor use the keyword magic tool to generate new.

Keyword suggestions every keyword variation thatwas presented in the summary report for best dsl our camera had a keyword difficulty percentage ofover 50 percent by widening the list of keywords in the keyword magic tool i was able to honein on a few long tail terms with low kd percent as a result sem rush’s keyword overview tool isideal for quick keyword research semrush’s keyword magic tool can help you go deeper into your targetkeywords and generate new keyword ideas next let’s have a look at this tool how to conduct akeyword search semrush’s keyword magic tool offers the largest keyword database on the marketwith over 20 billion keywords and 142 geodatasets this means you may come up with a ton of keywordideas and do a thorough study of them to find the best ones for your campaign this is how it worksfollow these steps to get to keyword magic tool.

Seo dashboard keyword research keyword magic toolhit the search button after entering your seed keywords for your seed keywords you’ll obtain alist of keyword suggestions the list of terms can be sorted by search volume from high to low withkeywords with high search traffic appearing first to limit down your list of terms use modifierslike broad march phrase match exact match or related to locate long tail keywordsand topics with low keyword difficulty use the keyword groupings on the left side of thekeyword list you can even filter out keywords that are unrelated to your campaign simply click thei icon next to the keyword groupings and those keywords will be removed from your keyword listselect the questions modifier to display keywords in the form of a question if you’re looking forquestion-based keywords you can also sort keyword.

Suggestions by volume difficulty and cpc you maycut down the huge list of keyword ideas by using filters for search traffic and keyword difficultythis will make it easier for you to cherry pick the ideal keywords for your next piece of contentfor example when i use the seed term game consoles the app came up with almost 8 500 searchsuggestions there are a lot of keywords to look over when you have to look at so many keywordsfinding long tail keywords with an acceptable keyword difficulty can be challenging i was ableto limit the list down to just 15 keywords after applying filters for search volume custom rangeof 100 to 5000 and keyword difficulty 60 to 79 percent i was able to cherry pick six long tailkeywords with appropriate keyword difficulty from this limited list of keywords what’s the bottomline play with the filters until you get the.

Best keyword suggestions for your campaign youcan either export your keywords to a csv file or upload them to keyword manager once you’veidentified them semrush’s keyword manager digs deeper into the keywords you’ve chosen it canbe used to get real-time metrics for your target keywords and to see if any new organic competitorshave emerged to add keywords to keyword manager tick the boxes next to each one and then clickthe add to keyword manager button your keyword list will be kept if you give it a name you maycontinue to gain insights on your list of keywords in real time and revisit them to analyze themwhenever you like once you’ve saved it in the keyword manager tool to access the keyword managerseo dashboard keyword research keyword magic tool to refresh the keyword metrics select the listyou just saved and click the update metrics button.

This function is particularly beneficial if youwork in a competitive niche where seo metrics for your target keywords may fluctuate how to comeup with content ideas looking for something new to write about in your next blog post podcastepisode or ebook sem rush’s topic research tool will most likely provide you with an answer thetopic research tool aids in the generation of content by removing the element of guesswork itgenerates a big list of new content ideas for your future article it’s also quite simple to use thisis how it works navigate to topic research from your sem rush dashboard than content marketingin the search bar type your topic or keywords semrush will return in a few seconds with a listof possible sub-topics for the topic you searched on the top three headlines for the primarykeywords will be displayed for each sub-topic.

You could be perplexed by the way the datais presented if you’re using this tool for the first time pay attention then cards exploreroverview and mind map or four alternative methods to examine the data cards is the default view youcan view the list of subtopics in your favorite format by switching between the four views thesubtopics are categorized into three categories headlines questions related searchesby clicking on any of the cards you may see these content suggestions let’slook at each of the categories in more detail headlines the top 10 headlines for the selectedsubtopic are displayed on each card the number of backlinks the pages have determines whichheadlines are displayed a bullhorn emblem will appear to the left of each headline indicatinghow strongly the page resonates with your readers.

A green bullhorn icon will appear next to pageswith high resonance while a gray bullhorn image will appear next to pages with low resonancequestions you should start developing question and answer content if you want a rank in google’sfeatured snippets section semrush’s topic research assists you by displaying frequently askedquestions about a given subtopic to limit down your list of questions use interrogative phraseslike what how which and so on depending on the search intent you wish to target related searchesview the related searches box at the bottom of the topic card for further content suggestions relatedto your selected subtopic to begin a new topic search for those particular keywords click onany of these related searches if the card’s view is too difficult for you i recommend switching tooverview which just displays the top 10 headlines.

Questions and related searches for your topic inthe end it comes down to your own decision for how you want to see the data you can switch to themind map mode if you prefer to see things visually this view shows your topic cards as a visualrepresentation what’s the bottom line if you’re looking for new blog subjects sem rush’stopic research is the finest tool to employ it will simplify your content creation processand provide you with the necessary knowledge to write pieces that your audience will enjoy howto conduct keyword research based on competitors seeing what keywords your competitors areranking for is one of the finest ways to find relevant phrases in your niche unlike traditionalkeyword research which begins with the entry of c keywords competitor-based keyword researchbegins with the entry of a competitor’s.

Domain into the search box sem rush has anentire set of tools for competition analysis you may utilize sem rush’s competitive researchtoolkit to find fresh link building opportunities check your competitors search ranks and monitortheir social media activity in addition to generating keyword suggestions we’ll limitourselves to competitor-based keyword research in this tutorial this is how it works from yoursemrush dashboard navigate to competitive research then organic research in the search fieldtype in the url of a competitor’s website the organic research report will be displayed asa result of this action to see your competitor’s top five organic keywords go to thereport’s top organic keywords section to get the full list of organic keywords clickview details any keyword statistic keyword.

Difficulty traffic search volume and so on canbe used to sort the list of keywords sort the list by traffic to see the keywords that drive themost organic traffic to your competitor’s website try to outrank your competition in search resultsby using these keywords in your next blog article if you’re not sure who your organic competitorsare enter your domain in the search box and go to your domain overview report’s main organiccompetitors section to open a fresh organic research report and see their top organic keywordsclick on any of the competitors listed above conclusion you must master keyword research if youwant your website to rank higher in search results fortunately a tool like semrush makes keywordresearch and finding the ideal keywords for your website simple and enjoyable hopefullythis tutorial to semrush’s keyword research.

Options has given you a good foundation to beginyour keyword research keep in mind that keyword research is a continuous process you shouldrevisit and edit your older posts regularly to ensure that they are optimized for relevantkeywords this will assist you in maintaining your seo rankings and staying one step ahead ofyour top organic competition thanks for watching so


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