How To Create Music For YouTube Videos With AI

In today’s video you’re going to learn how to create your own music with artificial intelligence so this is a new tool that just came out that lets you create high quality music without knowing anything about creating music so i’ve talked about a similar tool in the past called sound draw but this is a new tool and the quality of.

The music is a lot higher so we’re going to create high quality music just with a few clicks and you don’t need to have any experience in creating music i don’t have any experience myself with creating music and all you need to do is just tell it what kind of music you want to make and we’ll create it for you just within a.

Few seconds so this is your own music that you own so it’s not going to take other people’s music and recreate it into your own music it’s actually your own music from scratch and you own it and it’s all copyright free but there are some limitations and we’ll talk about those limitations towards the end of the video.

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Course so just if you want to win just like tony just uh hit the like button subscribe to the channel and comment down below so let’s get started with today’s video so the software that i’m talking about is called so i’ll leave a link to the software in the description below and.

You can sign up for a free account and create the music for free as well so right now i’ve only got a free account i’ve got another upgraded account on another account but just to make this tutorial i just created a free account and i’m going to show you how you can create your own free music just with the free account.

So just click on create an account and once you sign up this is the dashboard so right here you’ve got your compositions and you can also create your folders right here as well so let’s create a new folder by clicking right here and right here this is the new folder just double click on it and i’ll just.

Rename this to tutorials so it’s a good idea to just keep everything organized so there’s a new folder and inside this new folder sorry not the folder sorry now we just need to create the track and upload the tracks into the folder that you want so i’ll go through what these are soon but first we just need to create the track.

So what kind of tracks should you create so it all depends on what kind of tracks are trending on youtube so what i usually do is i’ll go into youtube and i’ll go to the home page of youtube and i usually do this on an incognito tab so use something like just sign out of your youtube account or just go onto an.

Incognito tab and go to the home page of youtube and check what’s trending so right here this is trending it’s called acoustics 2022. so these are like acoustic sounding music let’s scroll down further uh here’s another one that’s doesn’t really have any music and i can’t really read that either let’s just.

Keep going uh this one it’s got a bunch of different artists but i don’t really know what those who those artists are here’s another acoustics one so this acoustic sounding song covers are trending on the home page of youtube there’s two different videos that are trending so i try to get an idea of what kind of music people are listening to.

And then i create a video from that so i’m not going to go into too much detail about how to find trending topics i’ve made other videos on that before i’ll leave a link to them in the description below so right now acoustic acoustics is trending so what i’ll actually do is i’ll actually rename this to acoustics.

Instead so acoustics then i’ll click on create track right here so now it’s going to ask me what kind of music do you want to create so this is where we try to create the music that other people are listening to so right here it says easy listening.

House cyberpunk so right here i think orchestral is the best to it’s kind of like a guitar so i’m gonna click on that then it’s gonna ask for the mood that you want so depending on the type of style that you choose you can choose different so if i go back right here let me just close this and i choose a different one like epic orchestra.

Actually let me try uh cinematic something like ambient so you can see some of the emotions kind of change here so depending on what kind of uh style that you select the emotions will be different right here so let me go back and let me choose orchestra again and i’ll say for this i want this to be.

Kind of like chill so kind of a chill emoji right here and i want the music to be about 30 seconds usually i’ll leave it at like four minutes but just to keep this uh this video quick i just want to create a 30 second long music actually i’ll say 30 seconds to a minute.

And i’ll say that i want about three songs right here now click on create your tracks and it’s as simple as that so now it’s going to create three different songs for me right here and this usually takes about anywhere between like five seconds to a minute long so already the first one’s done so let’s hit play and let’s see.

What this sounds like and you’ll also notice that this sounds a lot better than the previous ai music that we’ve used before so that sounds really good and let’s play this one and you’ll also notice that these three actually sound similar.

They don’t sound exactly the same but they do both sound a bit similar okay so that actually doesn’t sound similar so i think some algorithm must have changed in the ai but let’s say you actually just click on create track and you say create three different tracks usually those three sound similar so what i usually do is i click on create.

And then i create another three that sounds different to the um the previous three but now i think something must have changed or something like that because this sounds completely different now so i think that’s actually a good thing because this also sounds really good so that’s like really good high quality.

Sounding music all for free so now let’s uh just created the music for free there are some limitations when you want to download the music and we’ll we’ll talk about that soon so now i’ll click on another one so this time i’ll try something like maybe cyberpunk and.

I’ll try this emotion here and i want to say i want to create three different tracks and click on create track and again just like before it should only take about five seconds to a minute long and this is more electronic so the source is electronic music.

And let’s hit play let’s see what this sounds like so you can see that’s more like techno music let’s see this one so that’s it so now if you can just play around with all of these different um types of.

Uh music right here my favorite one is meditation because i i have a few videos that i create on meditation and you can easily create these types of meditation or focus music and it’s and it will create the music for you so if you want to learn more about that i’ve made a video on that before just search it up on my channel.

So just play around with all of these different music here you can create all the music for free and then you can actually edit the music as well so this is quite an advanced editor compared to some of the previous ai music editors so if i click on editor right here and it’s going to load up the piano roll.

Piano roll editor so i don’t really know much about creating music but it’s got a lot of different components right here and i’m going to start playing around with this myself because this software i just came across this software um just recently so i haven’t gotten to the advanced stuff just yet but if you do want to edit the music you can see you.

Can edit all of this right here so i can move this a little bit further right here and you can if you click on it you can see what it sounds like so that’s pretty cool and i can also move this a bit further right here i can move this a bit forward let’s click on this.

Okay so now let’s hit play from here so i’ll just push this back right here so you need to push it back here you can’t just click and drag this you have to push it back to six seconds here so if you don’t like any of these right here you can like play around with these.

Move these out a little bit more or move these here and it makes those really cool sounds when you move them as well and you can do the same thing here as well so if i click on this so let’s uh put the melody down go to the chords.

So you can see the editor is a lot higher and only people with like good experience with making music will probably understand this but already you can kind of play around with it and get the um hang of this but usually i haven’t really gotten into this just yet because just the music that the ai creates itself.

It’s already really good and now if you want to organize these into your folders just click on the top one and press and hold shift click on the bottom one and just click and drag it into your folder right here and it’s going to drag that into the acoustics folder right here and if you double click on it then.

There’s your music and just like that that’s how you create music with iva it’s as simple as that there’s nothing else that you need to know simply choose the music click on create track choose the type of music that you want to create choose the mood choose the duration and click on.

Create now let’s talk about some of the limitations of iva so if i go to the pricing page right here you can see it’s free forever when you first get started with this plan right here.

But if you uh if you do use the free version there is no monetization so you can’t monetize that with youtube and things like that and there’s only three downloads per month which is uh not not a lot so right here this is the download so if you want if i want to download this i just click on the.

Download icon and i can only do that three times per month which is not a lot at all so that’s some of the limitations it creates really good high quality music but the downloads per month is limited and also it doesn’t eleven dollars fifteen dollars uh 15 euros per month right here so that’s a little bit higher and that that one also has.

Limited monetization so it’s it says right here recommended for content creators who want to monetize compositions on only on youtube twitch tiktok and instagram so that’s good enough for us because we’re just trying to monetize videos on um youtube’s and it says that’s allowed right here but again it’s only 15 downloads per month.

Which isn’t enough in my opinion so if you have multiple youtube channels and you only have 15 downloads per month then it’s just not enough and that’s the only down part about this software that’s the pros is that it’s really good high quality music but the cons is that it’s a bit more expensive and a bit more limited if you want to get.

Full monetization and more downloads so it’s 300 downloads per month right here so uh if you want to see the other one the alternative to this there’s another one called which is which i’ve already made a tutorial on that before i’ll leave a link to that one in the description below that one’s just as i.

Wouldn’t say the quality of the music as high is as high but the limitations is not as high so you can create the music and you can upload it to youtube and you can monetize it and they’ve they don’t really have and they also have a free version as well so go and i’ll leave a link to that software and that tutorial in the description below.

So uh that’s pretty much it for this tutorial so go out and try the software create the create some music try to create some music videos for youtube and see how you go so make sure you hit the like button on this video subscribe to the channel and comment down below and you’ll be in the.

Draw to win the youtube masterclass course along with everything um more detailed content on how to create content about uh on music on with ai with ai script writers there’s an entire section on dedicated just to this so that’s it for today’s tutorial and i’ll see you in the next week’s tutorial.

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