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Throughout this video series, we’ve, been talking about how to make money with your website and in today’s. Video, I’ll, be walking you through how to set up affiliate marketing for your website.

There are several different ways that you can do this, but I want to keep this simple as possible, so you can get up and running quickly. So if you’re ready, let’s, get going. These are the five main areas that we’ll, be working on.

We’re, going to be using WordPress. WordPress is the largest platform in the world in creating websites there’s like over 32 percent of the world’s, websites that run on WordPress when you’re building a website.

It’s very similar to what’s happening. When you build a house, you had the land that you need to use to put the house on that’s, the same as the hosting provider. The hosting provider has servers that all of your files and folders will go on next.

You have an address and that’s, so people know where to find you and the address is your domain name or your web address? You want to start building your website and your website is your home, that’s, what houses all of your files, all of your images, the color structure, the way that looks the functionality of it via the plugins.

Finally, you have your mailbox, which is your email address, and that’s. How people can contact you and all of these come together to make up your whole website on the web. Now at wpbeginner, we recommend using Bluehost as your hosting provider.

They have great customer support. They are one of the oldest most established hosting companies out there. They’re officially recommended by the organization, and wpbeginner users can get 60 % off and a free domain by using our discount code to get that discount.

Just go w-w-w-w-wait and it ‘ Ll. Take you to that page. We also have a link below that. You can use as well from here. Just click on the big green get started button and it’ll. Take you to the select your plan page, you can choose your plan here.

The biggest difference between these two is with this one. It’s very basic in you’re only allowed one website, whereas with this one, if you have web addresses or multiple websites that you want to set up, then this might be the best one for you after you’Ve chosen, which setup you want, go ahead and sign up with a new domain name that you want, since it comes free and click Next from here, you want to go ahead and create your account by filling in all of this information, and then down here.

You want to verify the package information. I will say that your domain privacy, you don’t need. We normally just turn that off things like backup, site and site Locker. There are a lot of great plugins and features available within WordPress.

So you don’t need that either. Once you fill out all the information, you see the amount that’s being discounted now just fill in your payment information and you’ll. Have your hosting account set up now that we’ve signed up? We’ll, get a congratulations screen and we’ll just need to click on the next screen where we can create our password.

This password will be used to manage our hosting account. Once you create the password, they will start setting up the account for you. One of the great things about Bluehost is now they’ve made installing WordPress even easier from here.

You can select a theme that you might like to go with your site since I’ll, be walking you through the whole process. Let’s, go ahead and skip this step, and now they automatically set up WordPress for you.

You no longer have to go into your Bluehost account and install WordPress and go through that process. Once we get everything set up, you can click start building and we’ll, be taken to the backend of our WordPress dashboard, where we can start customizing.

It once you log into your dashboard. It might look something like this, where we have a lot of notifications and things like that. What we want to do first is kind of clean everything up. There will be some plugins that we’ll install, but for now I’ll.

Just walk you through how you can remove everything, so you can start with a clean slate first, so we will head over to our plugins area and when we do that, we can scroll down all the way down until we see all of the plugins, and we Can select them all and click deactivate and you want to click on apply.

So we’re, deactivating all of the plugins first, then we need to select them all again and then click delete and apply and go ahead and say yes to were sure that we want to remove all those plugins. There will be a few of these that we will reinstall, but I want to show you that process later so right now we just want to get with a clean slate to start our whole process and you’ll, see once they’Re deleted, you see them going away and you see the whole process being updated in real time.

Also, if you see something like a wordpress update, go ahead and click update. Now and now you have a screen on your dashboard like this, and now we can move on okay now we can start building it, but really quickly.

I want to show you that this is what it looks like in action right now. It’s. Just a simple coming soon page on the front end. But if you notice up here, it says not secure and that’s, because we don’t, have a SSL certificate installed on there, making sure that your site has an SSL certificate installed and activated does a couple of things.

Of course, it is more secure for your readers or the people who come to your website. It’s, also a slight ranking factor with Google, because it tells Google that you are a secure site in the past. You used to have to pay like sixty to one hundred and fifty dollars to get a secure certificate installed on your site, but nowadays companies like let’s.

Encrypt have made this process super easy with our hosting providers like Bluehost. What you can do is go back into your dashboard, go down to security, and then you can ask for a let’s. Encrypt certificate, it ‘

Ll might take a little bit of time for them to set that up, but once they do, then we can go in and set it up for ourselves. Once you go there, you can request a certificate and you’ll, see that it is pending and that they’re working on it.

As you can see, it can take a little bit of time for them to get that set up. Once that is and set up, the next thing we can do is go to our WordPress dashboard. You’ll want to log in with the credentials that you saved before, for my dashboard, go over to plugins, add new and we can type in SSL what we’re looking for.

Is this plug-in and it’s called really simple SSL. What we want to do is we want to install that and then we also want to activate it. Once we activate it, you can see that it’s active in the plugins area, and then we can go to settings to set it up from here.

You see some detections. We can see that it’s not enabled, but the SSL certificate is detected on our site, so we can go ahead and activate the SSL great. Now that it’s activated, you see up here, we have HTTPS and everything is active and we also have the little padlock connected so that’s, a good start, and now we can move on to designing the rest of our site.

Okay, now that we have some of the technical aspects out of the way let’s, go ahead and start taking a look at our theme. This is the theme and by default I’ve removed the coming soon plug-in, and so you can see what our theme looks like out of the box when WordPress first is installed on your site.

It comes with a theme already and it’s usually set up for the year that it’s installed. For instance, this is the 2019 theme and you see it’s, pretty good. It’s. Nice and clean, but it’s a little lacking and we’re going to fix that next.

So to show you what theme we have, you can go into appearance themes and you see by default. This is the current theme. You see it’s showing right here and it’s. The 2019 theme automatically installed by WordPress.

When you want to install a new theme for your website, you can simply go click on the add new and it will go into the WordPress repository or all the free themes that are vetted and proven to be. Okay for WordPress are here, but for this video we’re, actually going to be using the Astra theme.

It’s, a very specific theme. It is a great theme to allow you to customize your site, exactly how you want it to look, need to install it, and we also need to activate it so now. This is our theme that is on our site and we’ll.

Take a look at it, you see it’s still pretty bland, but we’re about to fix that. So let’s head back over and with the Astra theme, what they’ve done now. Is they’ve created what’s called starter sites? Basically, what used to happen? If you had a theme – and you wanted to install it on WordPress, you had to go through the documentation and follow along hope that there’s, good documentation on how to make your site.

Look like the demo that you saw and that you wanted, and it was a lot of frustration for a lot of people. What Astra has done is they’ve created these starter sites that make everything? Look exactly like the demo that you’re, seeing and the demo site that you want so to get this going.

We need to install a plugin, so let’s head over to our plugins area. Add new and let’s type in the Astra starter sites. This is the one that we want. So let’s, go ahead and click install now and then, once it’s installed.

We also have to make sure that we activate it, and now we see this plug-in is active. So now we can click on the ready starter sites here and from here we want to select the page builder in this video.

We’ll, be using the beaver builder, and that is a light page builder. There’s, also a pro version, but for this I’ll. Show you how to work with the light page builder. So we’ll click, beaver builder and then let’s.

Click Next and out here are all of the starter sites that we can choose from to install on our site and when you see agency, that’s for a premium version. But we can click on the free version and you ‘

Ll see we even with the free version, we still have like 35 sites that we can choose from. So you want to just take a minute to go through and see which one of these starter sites do. You want to choose to start with, like what is it that you’re, ultimately, building what type of blog are you building? What type of website are you building? Is this for a business? Is this for fitness? Is this for outdoors? Do you have a product that you’re wanting to sell, go through there and figure out which one you want to do and even, if you hover over it, it actually also will show you what the home page will look like, and it kind Of Scrolls down for you, so you can see it all.

Now I’ve, been talking a lot about Gardens, so I can look at this one and I think I’m, going to use the garden maintenance for this theme. So I want to take a look and preview, it see it in action and you see it’s showing up on my site, and it gives me a good idea of what this will look like.

This is the one I want to use. So I’m, going to go ahead and click import site now before I do. You want to see that these are all the check marks that it’s doing and it’s, letting you know what all is happening.

And now you can click on the little question mark here and it will tell you everything that it’s installing when it imports all this stuff. You see that it’s, going to also install some extra widgets, the beaver builder, plug-in lite version.

We will get the ultimate add-ons for beaver builder lite and then it’s also going to install the WP forms, Lite plug-in, which is a contact form plug-in, and that is also our sister site and it’s. A really great drag-and-drop contact form plug-in aside from that.

It’ll, also import some customizer settings, and then it will also import some content to make the site look exactly how the demo looks. So we’re. Ok with all of that, once we review everything, let’s, go ahead and click import site, and you see it can take anywhere from two to ten minutes.

For this set up. What I’m going to do is go ahead and speed this up, so that you’re, not having to wait around for this okay in real time that took a little bit longer than a minute to import all of those plugins And all those settings, so those are really super fast and now we see that the site is done and we can take a look at it, so opening it up in a new tab opening up in a new tab.

We see this is what our site looks. Like and I do notice that some of the pages are double, but I’ll take care of that later it’s, probably just some glitch, but scrolling through and looking at all of this, it looks really good all you really need To do is add your actual content put in your information, and your site is pretty much good to go.

That is way faster than what it usually takes for WordPress sites to get going. So now that we see what this looks like, let me walk you through how you can make some changes to your site. One of the first things we want to do is going up at the top.

You see, we have our logo, the blog title and things like that. We can customize that by clicking on the customize button from here, and it will open up this customizer area and now you’ll, see these little pencil areas and these are the things that we can change.

So if I click on this, you can see. I can change my logo here. If I want, I can also remove it clicking on these other items. This will change my site title, and so let me change that to something that is more about my blog.

I’ll, call it my garden blog and we can decide if we want to display that here or not the same thing with the tagline that’s, simply what your site is about. So you can update that here as well and then we can choose to display the site tagline if you want or not, and then when you do the inline logo that will either put it underneath the logo or in line with it.

We’ll. Keep it in line for now now the little site icon that’s this little guy up here, and we want to make that change here. My default, you’ll, typically want to have something by 512 by 512. Their ultimate goal is to have a good, clear logo to work with, and you want it square if you can, but we’re going to select this one and you see if it’s, not square it’ll.

Let you crop it, which is what I’m going to do here. So I’ll crop the image, and now it’s automatically placed up there. So that looks pretty good. We can click the publish area. Okay. Now you see that there are some duplicates that usually shouldn’t happen in this case they did, but that’s.

Okay, we can just go in and I’ll remove those extra pages. So I’m. Going to go back to the site, I’m, going to go to pages and I’ll. Remove the duplicates here, select all the duplicates and go up to the top and move to trash.

Then I ‘ Ll also want to make sure I go into the trash area, select them all again and I want to delete them permanently. It’s, a two-part process in case you delete something that you don’t want to delete that you can go back in and get it back, but we’ll.

Keep that deleted, and now it looks pretty good. I’m in the customizer area, so we can do some more customizations. You’ll, also see over here. There are other pencil areas and this will let you change up some of these items.

For instance, we can change the menu area here, we can edit the menu and we can choose which ones we want on there. You can also add an item, since this is a blog. I want to add a page and right here it will.

Let me add a blog, you know, create that page on the fly and add that to my menu you see that that is my primary menu. If you wanted to, you could also add another footer menu and that would go at the bottom, but for now we’ll.

Just keep it like this. Now. Let me click on this area, and this will change my header layout. You see that these are the different layouts I can have to choose from. If I click on them, then it will Center my logo, or it will put it to the right for this one.

I just want to keep it. You can also disable the menu altogether, but then people won ‘ T know how to get to you. So let’s. Not do that, and for this one I want to keep it on the left. You see here we can choose what the last item is, and this could be changed to having nothing having it a search button or having an actual button.

This is great if you have a website that you want to get a quote for that, you could send them to a quote form if you wanted. You could also do something like asking them to sign up for a newsletter or something like that for the button link you that’s, where you would send them to an actual web address, and you’d, have to know what that Web address is for this.

I’m just going to send them to our contact page. So let me open that up, so I can grab the URL on. I will come back here and paste that URL here, yep yeah. You can also just send them to the contact page, but this is just to show you what you can do with this and from here you can choose what type of button to do.

You can even customize it if you want, for this will just keep the theme button and right here you can choose the color and the layout of what you want. Your theme to look like, so you could play with that here.

If you don’t like any other colors that you choose, you can just hit clear and it will go back to the default color. There are a lot of settings that you can choose from from hover of the text and also the hover of the background color.

So when you mouse over your button, changes colors, like you, see here right here, you can also choose the radius. So right now it’s pretty square, but we can change the button radius and you can start see it starts to round off.

When I put 10 in there, it’s really rounded off, so you can adjust that as you want. You can also see the padding that’s, how much space on top or bottom that you want to have your button half and the same thing for the horizontal.

If we make it really big, then it would be a really wide button, but then that will cause some problems, so we’ll, put it back down, so we’re, pretty happy with that button. We’ll, go ahead and click publish and then we can go back and back and a few other things that we can look at.

Let’s, go ahead and look at typography and let’s. Look at the primary header typography that’s for my title and you see when I change the font size, it gets really big. So if you want that to be a little bit bigger, you’re, going to adjust that here same with the site tagline.

If you want to make that a little bit bigger, you can do that here, going back, we can look at the base. Typography, that’s, basically for everything else on the site, and you see for this one. It’s, the body end content.

We can change the font here to any these. There are several several to choose from and you can just play it with the fonts to see which one fits your brand for your site. If you also know which one it is that you want, you can type that in here to show you what lotto looks like.

Let me just do that and that’s, pretty good. The font variant is for things like italics, same thing, with the font size that’s, just how big the text of the body will be and before it used to be like twelve back in the day that’s become really difficult To read, especially on the larger screens, so the typical variation is between 16 and 20, and then you also see the line height.

That’s. How much white space is between your words. If you do anything that you don’t like you, can simply click on the little undo and it will revert back to what the default settings are. So all that looks pretty good and that’s for the body and content area.

Now you can also make changes to your headings area and that are these larger headings on your site. You want to choose the fonts that you want for that for this one. I will show you what open sans looks like and that changes down here again.

You can also give the font variant if you want, and for this one it’s. Semi bold, this is also where you can choose the text transform. If you want everything in uppercase or if you want it lowercase or capitalized, you can do that here.

We’ll, just leave that all uppercase for this and that all looks good. So we’ll head back and you just want to do the same thing for pretty much all of your content go in and change it all out. So it looks exactly how you want it to look.

Okay. Now we’ve gotten to the heart of what this video is about and that’s by making your site an affiliate marketing site it’s. Really. The easiest way to do that is to simply provide value in your niche or in your topic.

For instance, this site has been a garden site that we’re setting up, and so I would want to help people out by giving them great content. If you go to my blog, then I should have great ways to people learn how to grow their garden, and then I will have some affiliate marketing articles.

So you want to have a combination of information that you’re, simply sharing how to articles information on best way to get their garden growing or whatever it is, and then everyone smile. You can create new articles on like the best tools or the best products that will help them with their garden, so it’s, a multiple stage process, where you want to find the keywords that people are searching for in your market on the products That they’re looking for and then you want to write the content for that and then, while you’re writing the content or while you’re, doing a comparison shopping table for them.

Then that’s. Where you will add affiliate links to that, so the first thing you want to do is: do your keyword, research and we’ve done a great video on how to do keyword, research. You can check that out here, but just as a quick refresher, you can use something like href or even free tool.

Like answer the public, to find something in your niche, for instance, I’ll. Just quickly show you like garden. Gardening is a huge, huge topic, so what we’re going to do is I just want to go to all keyword, ideas and I want to go to include and what we want to do is we want to include words like the review or Best or top or comparison like a versus those are all fire intent.

Keywords that we’ll want to create a topic around. So I’m, going to do something like this and I’m, going to put in best top review and vs. and let’s. Just see what comes back, and so there’s 4,700 over 4,700 keywords, and these are the good keywords that we can write, content on, go out and research and do a comparison on these like best gardening books, with a KD.

Well, keyword difficulty of two I could go out, find all of the top books in Amazon say and do a comparison on all of those. How awesome is that same thing for best gardening gloves, so these are buyer intent.

You are just on the cusp of their going to buy something in the topic that you’re writing about and they need a little bit more information. And so you’re, going to write that information in a blog post.

When you do that, then the next thing you’re going to do is once you write that content on say the best gardening gloves, and maybe you’ll, compare three or four or ten different gardening gloves for this.

Each of those items will be an affiliate link, so let me show you how you can do that now. There are several affiliate programs out there, practically anything that you ran, that you have any store, that you go to pretty much anything that you can think of likely has an affiliate site, for instance, the Guardian.

The gardening niche would probably do something like Home Depot affiliate program. If you want to find if the store or the brand that you love has an affiliate program, you usually can just go in type in the brand name and type in affiliate program after it.

And then it should be one of the first things that comes up. For instance, home depot does have an affiliate program and we can click on it and see what are their requirements. And if we meet those requirements, then we can go ahead and sign up for that.

So there’s, an approval process, in addition to an individual type things. There are several companies that will go through a marketplace that handles their affiliates, and I’m going to show you a couple of those here, for example, share.

So is a large market place that top brands go through and all you need to do is become an affiliate for share, sell once you get approved for that, then you can log in and apply to each individual program that you want to be a part of The same thing for CJ affiliate: it used to be called Commission Junction.

You can do the same thing here apply and once you do, you can search all of the programs that are in there and I’ll just quickly log in to show you what that looks like. So with things like Ferris, L and CJ, you have to get a login account with them and then you can go through and review all of the programs that are out there and you can even do a keyword.

Search, if you know, say the brand that you want or the type of stuff that you want. I’m. Just gonna do keyword for garden what type of stuff comes up for garden and then I could go through and pick which one I want and then ask to be a part of that now.

If your stuff is more suited for informational products, something like Clickbank would be great for that. This one is usually geared more towards information. Now, when you’re first, starting out the easiest one to deal with, I always recommend people just starting out with the Amazon Associates program.

It’s, probably the easiest way to make sales and simply it’s, because Amazon is huge. Everybody knows who Amazon is everybody trusts Amazon for e-commerce and they’re very good at converting. So all you have to do.

Is go to your Amazon? You’re, probably going to be logged in. If you’re, not, then you ‘ Ll have to create a login, and you scroll all the way down to this area where there’s. This whole area of make money with us, and these are all the different ways that you can make money with Amazon, though the one that we’re looking for is the become an affiliate.

So you want to basically sell their items and you see that you can get as much as 10 % advertising fee. The reality of that is most of the stuff is anywhere between 8 % and all the way down to 4 %, and you’ll want to join here.

So what you want to do first, is go through and create an associates account. Now there are some caveats to signing up for Amazon Associates. You want to make sure you’re already getting traffic or you want to make sure that you’re likely going to be getting traffic in the next six months.

The reason why I say this is because you can sign up for Amazon Associates once you’re approved, for that which shouldn’t be a problem. If you have a website, you can show them your website. You can verify your identified entity and you should be approved, but once you start putting links on your website, then you have six months where you have to make three sales within those six months.

Otherwise they basically go through the whole process of making. You sign up again and and try to make the sales. So if you can already have traffic coming to your site, already have the content ready to go so that you can make your sale as soon as you camp once you go through the whole process.

You want to make sure that you add your website, so up under your email address, go to account settings and from here this is where you can add or edit your website address, and you can click Add and you can click Next and then you want to Tell them if it’s 4:13 or below children, so say: no, once you add your website, you can either go up here and start doing product Li grabbing product links, but this is the way I prefer to do it under here.

Look for the Associates site, stripe options. We’re gonna click on that, and we want to turn this on and then it’ll open up to this associate site stripe options from here. You see that what it will do is it will add this little toolbar to your Amazon account.

So whenever you’re, reviewing Amazon or looking or searching, then you’ll, see this and it’s very helpful when setting up the links or grabbing the links. So you want to make sure that this is set to enable now that we’ve set up.

Our Amazon Associates account. We know which keywords we want to target now we have to do the research so that we can write the article and for this one I’m going to use gardening glyphs. So I want to go out and see what are the pain points of gardening gloves? What are people looking for when they’re searching for gardening gloves? What are the pros and cons of each of these, and then I start to create an article about this.

That is great for the reader on my site, so, for instance, this will be one of the ones I choose to showcase on my site. You can’t, go out and just right, click and download these images to your site.

There’s, a certain way that you have to do that and that’s through the site stripe. So what we can do here is get the text, and that is the link that we want to get and inside this link it has our affiliate information.

I prefer to do the short link simply because it looks a little bit better, but you can also use the long link and you see a little bit or it’s just ugly and with Amazon you can’t cloak or you Can’t do redirects.

You have to link to these directly, so I usually choose the short link just because it doesn’t. Look so scary. So I’m going to copy that and then you can also grab the image by clicking on image and then you choose which image size.

So let me show you what I do when I’m setting something like this up. So I’m gonna go back to my blog and we’re going to go to our dashboard. We’re, going to create a new post because we’re, going to talk about best gardening gloves and you ‘

Ll want to have a better title for this, but we’re gonna go with that, and then you just want to lay out all the information on everything I just talked about. You know the review of the best gardening gloves what you’re, looking for when reviewing best gardening gloves, a gardener will need to think about when they’re, finding best, gardening gloves and then so.

What I like to do when I’m doing this, is I’ll, do a heading and I’ll, make it an h2 and h3, depending on how I’ve got this set up for this one. I’m gonna. Do this and then from here you’ll just enter all of the information about it.

What I also like to do – and some people will do it a certain way, but I will add the link to my headline, so I’m, going to highlight this on, to add a link that’s. Where I add my affiliate link, so I’ll, go up here and get the text I’ll copy that and then we’ll go back, and this is where we’ll paste that link – and you Want to make sure that it opens in a new tab and we can apply it then you can go through and add the information.

What you can also do is everything is really visual and, like I said before, you can’t download and upload. These images to your site, it always has to stay on Amazon site. So what we can do is go to image up here on the site, stripe and pick the image size that we want, and this is the HTML that we need to grab.

So I’m going to right-click and copy and then let’s head back over and we need to add that in here. So I’m going to click on the little plus guy because it’s. Not going to be just pasting this in here, I need to paste basically an HTML block, so I’m gonna look up HTML that’s.

What I want custom HTML and then I can right click and paste that, and now, once I paste that we can preview it and that’s. What it’ll bring overs it’ll, bring over the image cool thing about that is so when somebody clicks on that and goes to Amazon and purchases, the link also has your tracking ID, so that’s really good.

So once you go through that and create the full article on what they need to look for the pros and the cons and comparison, then you can publish this and then let it start ranking and once it starts ranking, then it you can see how it’s doing so that’s, a really super simple way to start with affiliate marketing.

Once this page starts to get traffic, then you can keep track anytime. You go to your website with the site stripe. You can see the earnings and it will open up into your reports and you can watch a daily report of how your site did the day before or even the day of, and this is just an example of a pretty new site.

So you start to see a little bit of traffic a little bit of clicks and then a little bit of ordering going on Amazon pays out two months after you make your sales. So anything that I am making say in June, I won’t, see until August there’s, also a threshold that you have to meet and I believe it’s a hundred dollar threshold before you get it.

Otherwise, it just rolls over till the next month until you reach that threshold. So I want to show you a couple of plugins that you can also add that will make some of this process easy. It’ll also help with the tracking.

So you saw that you saw the process of me going out and grabbing the links and then adding the images and stuff like that. There’s, a plugin that I also like to use and it’s called a a WP. You can go to wpbeginner.

com, slash refer, /a a WP to see what I’m talking about, but basic this plug-in does a tremendous amount of making it super easy for you to bring in all of these products just by doing a little bit of Short code – and I like it, because let me show you what that looks like you: can do things like a comparison table using this plugin and you choose what all to bring over here by default.

You’re, not allowed to copy, say like the description or the price. You should never have a price that you have copied from Amazon on here, but because this is all coming over by Amazon’s own API, you’re allowed to do that and that’s because as soon as something On Amazon updates the API updates as well, and so that’s, why you’re allowed to have it so super powerful? It was great for comparison, tables, people, love comparison tables also, if you want to add a single or multiple boxes.

So this is just bringing over the information. If I go back here, you can choose what all of this to bring over onto your site, and I love that because it just showcases it a little bit nicer. You can also bring the reviews over, so you would want to play with this plugin to see if it helps with your conversions.

The other thing I want to showcase is basically its monster insights. So what you want to do is once you’re starting to get traffic on these sites. You want to know. Well, is anybody clicking or it is anybody clicking on these links? And how do you know you do have the Amazon report and it can show you the link type performance, so it ‘

Ll show you how many clicks are coming over, but you also want to know from your website in case there’s. Any issues going on you’ll want to know well how many outbound links am. I are people clicking on from my site and monster insights Pro, lest you do that.

So let’s. Go through that process. We’re, going to go to our dashboard area. I want to go to plugins, add new, and this is the pro version, so you’ll want to purchase it from monster, insights and then download the plug-in.

So you want to purchase the plug-in from Monster insights. You can check out our link in the description below for a coupon code that you can use that’ll, get a count, all monster insights once you purchase it, then you can download it from the dashboard here so go to downloads, and we just Want to download this locally, then we’ll head back over to our dashboard, go to upload plugin from here.

We need to let’s click and we can drag that up here. We see it’s here, let’s, go ahead and install this now after its installed make sure you activate the plug-in, and now it will go through this process of setting it up.

So we are a publisher or a blog or an affiliate site. We’ll click Save and continue. We need to paste our license key from our dashboard. You can go to overview and grab the license key, so right, click and copy that and back over, and we’ll paste that in its gonna go out, verify it and everything looks good and you want to connect your monster insights now.

You probably already have this setup if you have had your website for a long time, but I’m, going to go ahead and connect this and you’ll want to connect it with the website that this is associated with ok once It does that this is what I’m.

Looking for the events tracking, this is amazing, because what monster insights will do is in addition to connecting my site with Google Analytics. It will also track all the events tracking, basically any outbound link any time.

Somebody clicks on a link. It goes somewhere else on my site or go somewhere else from my site to another site like Amazon, then I can see that so I can see what are the popular things that people are clicking on and do I need to make an introduction say I have The best gloves, but it’s not to Amazon.

It’s through an individual website, but they’re. Getting a lot of links from my page, because I’m recommending them. I can reach out to them and say: hey. I have all of these people coming to your site from mine.

Can you give me an affiliate and can we make a deal so this is really great way to do that. This is already set up to do some of the most common ways of setting up affiliate link tracking. But if you have another one, you can simply add that here and then click Save and continue.

You can choose what else to add on here. I like to see the individual posts and pages for my dashboard and it’s already activated, and then there are a few others that you can look at. So let’s, click Save and continue, and again it’s just going through this great wizard to set it up for us.

So now that we’re done now, we can go to reports and this might take a little bit of time to start seeing the clicks on your site. If you have never set up Google Analytics, if you have and you’ve just turned this on, then you should start to see some traffic here and then you can scroll down and you can see these are the top outbound links and the top Affiliate links now I don’t.

Have this set up to show affiliate links, so you won’t, see that with Amazon affiliates you’ll, see them as top outbound links for Amazon affiliate links, you’ll know what it is by the title that you Set as the hyper link, for instance, under my posts, I set up Pinetree tools as my hyper link, so once people start clicking on that, that’s, what it will come over as so having the monster, insights, insights, part and event tracking is a Huge way to kind of keep an eye on your most popular outbound links, so that was a real, quick and easy way to get started with affiliate marketing.

Once you’re used to doing these real, simple techniques, then you can move on to more advanced techniques where you’re partnering with another company or another website, and you start getting affiliate commissions from promoting their things.

Keeping on with this making money series in the next video I’ll walk you through how to set up your own membership site and we’ll continue on with the gardening website, so make sure you subscribe to our channel.

So you’ll, get notifications of all of our new videos coming out weekly and thanks for watching

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