How I Make $200/Day Reviewing Stuff on YouTube (No Face Required)

In this video I’m going to show you my step-by-step formula that I use to create product reviews for products like this this and this I’m going to show you how I rank those products almost every single time in YouTube like this this this this this this and this and make commissions like these or these on autopilot for weeks months or honestly.

Sometimes even years guys if you are trying to start affiliate marketing or making money online but aren’t trying out product reviews you are missing out on some of the easiest money the internet has to offer most people watching these videos are sitting there with their credit cards in their hand and a problem that they want solved and.

They’re one tiny nudge away from buying something and honestly this method is super super beginner friendly meaning that you can do this without showing your face if you want by showing your hands or screen or something like that and you don’t have to be super entertaining or funny you just have to structure your videos your thumbs and.

Your titles the right way and you can make money so without any further delay let’s dive in and let’s talk about this method now let’s explain the method real quick if you’re not familiar with the method that I’m talking about it’s pretty simple you find a product and then you go make a review of that product if you like the product you sign.

Up for their referral program and you get paid when you send people to it in the video now if you don’t like the product then you sign up for their competitors referral program and you send people that watch your video to that referral link instead it’s that simple you just put these links in the description of your YouTube video like.

This right here either way people watch your video and you get paid now let’s talk first about the two kinds of products that you can do this with there are physical products and there are digital products physical products are things that are sold on Amazon things like that and digital products are courses or softwares or anything that’s.

Kind of on the realm of the internet now I personally much much prefer digital products for a couple reasons the first one is they usually have much higher referral commissions meaning that if you make a sale you make 20 30 40 even 50 of the money that’s made from that sale versus physical products you tend to make anywhere from one to maybe 10.

Percent on the high end the other reason is that digital products tend to be higher end meaning typically someone will sell a course for a thousand dollars or five thousand dollars even I’ve seen some go for and then also the softwares tend to be recurring meaning that if you get somebody to sign up for a software that you’ve done a review for.

Then they’ll pay every single month for as long as they stay with that software which means that you could make money this month and you can make money two years from now as long as that person who signed up for your referral link is still using that software and paying every single month so let’s talk real quick about how I’m finding product.

Ideas how I’m finding things to review and products out there that have good opportunity to review and as you watch this you’re going to be blown away by how easy it is my biggest resource by far is just the YouTube search bar you can see if I go to the search bar right here what I’ll do is I’ll find a software I’ll find some product there’s.

One you’ve got to start with just one single product that you think you want to review and you’ll type in that so a good example would be I would type in clicks funnels review because I’ve done a couple of those you guys are all familiar with click funnels and what I do there then what I’ll do is I’ll go and look at all these channels so you.

Can see there’s Me Yours Truly right there at the top thank goodness but then you can see there’s marketing Island Gavin Bell and what we’re going to do is I’m going to look for a channel as I scroll down that specifically looks like all it does is product reviews because that’s what this channel is about so I’m essentially trying to find a couple.

Competitors right and you can see as I scroll down not that far I’ve got Garrett’s online marketing reviews perfect right I go to that and he starts talking but I go to my videos right there and you can see tons and tons and tons of videos okay and as I look at these there’s all these different products that I can review and there’s a.

Couple different ways that I can start getting product ideas first I could go to sort and I could sort them by most popular okay now I can go look and see what products has he reviewed that did really well right looks like a year ago they did a prime America review I don’t know what that is but that’s obviously worth worth looking into because you got.

70 000 views okay and I can just keep kind of moving in through here honey gain review 38 000 views clout zap and what I’m looking for is two things I’m looking for recency and I’m looking for views so I want things that have a lot of views that were put out recently so if it’s two three four five years old then more than likely that product no.

Longer is going getting very many searches in YouTube it’s kind of an old product people are familiar with it or they’re not even selling it anymore so instead what I want to be doing is finding these these things that he’s done in the last six months ideally or up to maybe a year that have also got a lot of reviews because that’s probably.

Still a little bit hot there’s still people searching for it and things like that so I’ll go through these and I’ll start taking note of all these different ones and I’m going to go look into each one of these and see if it’s something that I would like to do a review on then I go back to that main search that click funnels review and I’ll go look through.

These again right and I’ll find another one this says legit marketing reviews genius right great there’s another competitor right there doing the same thing so I can go to their videos and look at the same thing we’ve got a sales blink review when dinghy review none of those did that well but look right here SE ranking review okay that got a.

Thousand views and it’s only two weeks old and it’s only a thousand subscriber Channel which means there’s a lot of people that watch that video they probably did pretty good off of that video so that’s something I’d want to look at doing pretty quick here because there’s clearly something going on with whatever that product is and I do this.

Over and over again I can just go down the marketing hole over and over again I can also go to now I search SE ranking review right and I go see who else is putting out videos for SC ranking review recently and I’ll see if I can find some more competitors I’ll bet you digital tool case that sounds like a product review channel right there we already.

Ran into legit marketing reviews digitally up that sounds like a product review channel so you once you get one single product that you want to review you let the ball just start rolling and you start taking all this data from all these other channels and what I usually do is you can see right here I’ll make an actual bookmark right here of review.

Channels and all these are review channels now that whenever I’m looking for ideas of products to review I just go to one of these channels or a couple of these channels I go and look through what they’re doing and I run with that now I’m going to pause for a second we’re going to do a little bonus round here because there’s a really cool.

Method that I’ve actually been using lately that’s been working crazy good as well so I’m going to show you this this is a bonus way to find really cool opportunities and the way it works is if you ever notice that when you go to Google a lot of times it will show a YouTube video in the actual results and ideally let me show you this example.

Right here I ideally it’ll not only show a YouTube video but it’ll show it huge like this one right here you see that it’s showing this the YouTube video is like the only option for someone to click on like when I search yield notes review where else would I go there’s only one thing taking up a whole page so the most ideal situation in the world is.

You can actually rank your YouTube video in Google like this but even if you don’t do like that a lot of times it’ll put YouTube videos right here you can see just a few searches down in a Google search so one way that we want to go about maybe finding some really cool opportunities is we want to go and see if we can find searches that not only.

Are YouTube but they’re also places where YouTube videos are ranking in Google so we can get two times the traffic right Google actually is a bigger search engine than YouTube and so we can double up on our traffic without doing any more work just by doing videos about those so the way we do that is we go to this tool called it is.

A little expensive it’s like 99 a month you can go to and actually hire someone for like 10 bucks I think who has an account to do this for you so that’s an option or you can just sign up for a month but you do something similar to what we just did you’d go to the content Explorer at the top right here and you type in the word click funnels.

Review right or whatever it is the product it’s kind of your base product that you’re using to find other products now what I’m going to do is I’m going to scroll down here to where it says websites and we’re going to find all the websites right once again we’re looking for competitors and we’re going to find all these competitors that are making.

Reviews of Click funnels and we’re going to try to find one that does um just reviews right that’s kind of what we’re looking for is these competing sites and as I scroll down here a little bit nothing’s like standing out instantly as reviews but I think I’ve heard of I know this site right here I know they do a lot of reviews because that’s my site.

Right there that’s my product right there being reviewed by them so I’m going to click on that and that looks like a decent one you can see they do a lot of product reviews they’ve got a whole section about it right there so now we’re gonna go right up here we’re going to copy their URL and then we’re going to head back here to ahrefs and.

We’re going to start exploring their website now as we’re exploring the website this is going to give us tons of data but we really only care about one thing we want to know what things they’re ranking for where there’s a video involved okay and what I mean by that is we want to know what kind of searches or products have they reviewed.

Where there’s a video showing up in Google as well so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to this Overview at the top overview 1.0 I guess that’s a that’s new overview 2.0 and then we’re going to go right here we’re going to go to organic keywords and what we’re going to do so these are all the keywords that they’re ranking for is we’re actually.

Going to filter okay so we’re going to go to search features right here and we only want the ones that have videos okay right here videos in the search result we’ll click apply now what we’ve done is these are different keywords that people type into Google that this website is ranking for but every single one of these keywords also has a YouTube video.

Ranking in Google so these are good opportunities for us to make videos around and you can see right here we’ve got one funnel away challenge we’ve got affiliate Triad review we’ve got legendary marketer bonus which is pretty much the exact same thing as a review we’ve got Authority hacker Pro which is probably a review is legendary marketer.

Legit that’s a review right Authority hacker review so these are all things that people are typing into Google where we can make a YouTube video and then go dominate all the blogs out there it’s a killer opportunity if you if you get one good video you can own Google and YouTube In One Suite now let’s move on to number two which is what kind of.

Videos are we now gonna make we’ve talked a little bit about product reviews that’s obviously the easy one but there’s a bunch more opportunities Way Beyond just product reviews so there’s typically five types of videos that I’ll make for each of these products now you won’t do this with all the products if it’s a big product it.

Seems like it’s got a lot of potential you might do all five if it’s not you might just do the first two or the first three of these video ideas for this particular product what you’re going to do is first you’re going to make a review this is going to be exactly what we just talked about we’ll show you an outline for a review a little bit later.

In this video next you’re gonna make a how-to video and what this means is you’re going to take the problem that is being solved by this product right so for example let’s say you’re selling some kind of special new cleaner that you can use to clean up cat urine well that’s great you can do a review of that cleaner but then on your second video.

You can do a how to clean up cat urine right and that video can get a bunch of views too and we’ll also get a ton of sales because once again we’re targeting people that have a problem right now their credit cards in their hand they’re looking to buy something number three we’re going to move on to best X for Y videos and what that means is whatever.

Again that product solves we’re going to say the best this for this so we’re going to say the best cleaner for cat urine same idea but a different type of video that you’ll see people typing into Google and also into YouTube so the best X for Y videos or what I’ll do third now if these are all doing well then you can do two more types of videos if you’re in.

A big Niche with a lot of it seems like a lot of these videos are getting a lot of views and stuff like that then you move on and you’ll do a fourth one which is competitors meaning you’ll do a review of their competitor and you’ll either refer them to the competitor or you’ll refer them to the product that you’re in you’re kind of initially doing.

Your review for so for example if I was promoting this cat urine stain right or cat urine remover then I might go find their their closest competitor or the competitor that has the most clout that most people know about and I might do a review of them but in the review I’ll say ah they’re not as good right you should be using this company and this.

Product instead because they work much much better and obviously be ethical and honest with this but so you can review their competitor and then you’re kind of like siphoning traffic off of their competitors keywords and sending it to them and then the very last one is if they’re both kind of big so they’re both big names in their industry then you can.

Do a versus video meaning X versus y so them versus their competitor and if they’re both well-known Brands uh then and they’re both big and get a lot of searches then you should be able to do well with that video as well so like I said you won’t do all those every single time but those are your five video options and I would typically start at.

The top of that list and just work my way down now let’s move on to the outline so we’re gonna make a list You’re Gonna Make a list of probably 50 to 100 different video ideas that you can start making and then we’re gonna move on to the outline for each of these videos and this is the outline that you’re gonna make and it’s going to look.

Like this almost every single time you can you can take away a few things or add a few things but this is going to be your bare bone structure on almost every single one of these videos that you do with reviews you’re going to start with the why meaning you’re going to figure out what is the reason the biggest reason the biggest problem that people.

Are using this product to solve so in our account you’re an example obviously maybe use whatever their household cleaner was or they used water or they just wiped it up with paper towels right and the smell is still there or they just moved into a house and it smells like cat urine because cats peed there right so you’re going to kind of figure.

Out that core issue and you’re gonna say does your cat keep peeing all over the house is your house smell like urine every single day are you embarrassed with your you know your friends come over and you’re embarrassed right maybe that’s the core problem so you’re gonna you’re gonna tune into the why the real why and your intro is going to be about.

15 to 30 seconds and it’s going to hit right on that y this is your problem you’re going to empathize with your problem and state it and then you’re going to say I’ve got a solution I’m going to show you right in this video we’re going to talk about this product I want to talk about whether or not it can solve your problem or not boom they know.

Exactly what they’re getting and you’ve just kind of basically told them their exact problem next you’re going to do a really quick overview of the product just for another 15 or 30 seconds you’re going to talk exactly about the product show the bottle very important here that you show the product in some way whether it’s on your screen or you’re holding.

The physical product and you’re going to do an overview like that so now you’re only about a minute in and it’s time to start really talking now I like to tell typically start with features that solve the problem meaning every product has five ten twenty different features right especially as you get into like these software reviews there’s like a thousand.

Things it can do but you want to go back again to that problem that you figured out in the beginning but does this solve this problem and you’re going to go pick out probably three to five features that actually solve that problem so with this you know maybe with the click funnels review you want to make money and you want to do less work right you want to.

Like not be involved in every sale you want it to be on autopilot that kind of stuff well then go find the features that do that oh look this automatically does this there’s a great feature oh look this is really really easy to use so if you’re if you’re not tech savvy right so you’re going to take those problems that they’re coming in with and.

You’re going to focus your feature list on those then you’re going to go into pros and cons okay so you kind of talked a little about the features you’re going to say okay so here’s the things that I just overall love about this product and here’s the things that I overall don’t love and and once again always be honest here the more honest you are the more.

Sales you’re going to get for whatever product you recommend at the end because they can sense that you’re being honest then I usually move on for a brief bit and talk a little bit about how they compare to competitors right so we’ve kind of gone over this product everything we like and don’t like about it you’re going to talk a little bit.

About how it compares to everybody else out there people love this right people want this they need this and you can always throw in other referral links or affiliate links if you want you can sign up for everyone’s affiliate programs if you want and put all the links in the bottom of the video if that’s how you want to go about it but typically I find.

It does better if you if you make a strong statement meaning you definitively give them a best in this example next we’re going to move on you’re going to talk briefly about pricing you’re going to go over if they have different pricing models or if there’s some kind of sales or ways to get coupons just spend about 30 seconds.

Talking about basically how they can get access to this and how much it’s going to cost them to do so and then you’re going to finish with a definitive opinion okay what I mean by that is you take a stand you say this is the best product I’ve used this in a bunch of others it absolutely took that pet urine smell right out of my house right or it.

Was terrible it left the stain you’re going to want to use this product and then you refer them to a competitor whatever you do take a stand let’s talk for just a brief minute about filming you’re gonna need a hammock if you’re going to make a video obviously Lee I’m totally just kidding you don’t need a hammock in fact you need very little and.

In fact this this uh screen that we’re filming on right now is just a smartphone it’s the front side of a smartphone I mean the the worst camera on a smartphone is all I’m using to film this particular scene that’s all you need for these types of videos people aren’t coming to be entertained they’re not coming to have their mind blown.

They’re coming to get a problem solved as quickly as possible and you can easily do that with either sharing your screen for digital products or just using a smartphone for physical products so here’s the three things you need to remember when you’re filming the first one is get to the point these people again not here to be entertained not.

Here to have fun with you and be your friend they’re here to get their problem solved and that’s why they’re watching your video so move quickly to that point the next thing is you’re going to want to show not tell meaning anytime you possibly can you’re going to want to show what you’re talking about on the product as opposed to just telling them.

I really love this feature of the product there’s no reason to do that show them the exact feature whether you’re holding it or you’re showing them on the screen show them everything you can because they really really want to see this in action and then the last thing is you’re going to want multiple calls to action throughout the video so.

If you watch a typical YouTube watch chart you’ll typically get about 40 percent maybe a little less maybe a little more of people to watch to the end of your video so you don’t want to wait till the very end to say hey I’ve got a link in the description if you’re ready to buy I’ll typically try to say that just a couple minutes in and then.

Another depending on how long the video is I might say it five or six minutes in again and then again at the end so they’re very clear that somewhere at the bottom of your video there is a link whenever they’re ready to get started with the product whenever you know you made that point that sold them and they’re ready to sign up for a trial or.

Just go ahead and buy it they know there’s a link in the description that’s the fastest way to get there now let’s talk a little about thumbnails because this is something people don’t take nearly as seriously as they should and thumbnails can make or break your review you can make the best review in the world and a poor thumbnail will result.

In no views so let’s talk about exactly what you’re going to do and then I’ll show you with some of my thumbnails exactly what it is that I’m talking about number one is again the same rule applies we’ve got to show not tell our thumbnail needs to not just say this review right we’ve got to show them connect with them that they really get.

That this is a about that product and there’s a couple different ways we can do that the first one is just by showing the product if possible so on a physical product you can see right here I’m doing this review uh in this case it’s a tutorial of a crypto Hardware wallet and you can see I’m trying to just really get that right in the camera’s face I.

Want to show that now in the case of a digital product for example uh click funnels my review you can see I’m actually holding up a computer and the computer is showing click funnels right it’s showing the click funnels Builder The Click funnels home page right there so that’s another way that you can show other ways you can show are you can use.

Logos you can see right here on that top video I’m using the logo of the product and I’m also using the color scheme of the product so you can use both of those to basically tie in your review to that product and you can see when I when I look up this review for this product right we’re doing well and me and me and this guy both have two videos ranking.

Though his are better than mine but you can see we’re doing it the exact same way right we’re both using the logo we’re both using the color scheme we’re both using their exact style of marketing to connect with people that know who they are and the last thing that we’ve been doing and it’s been just crazy effective for us lately is we’ve.

Been using perspective in our shots meaning that we’re trying to show something close to the camera and something far away so you can see right here both of these videos did really well and they’ve both got some kind of perspective where you can kind of something stands out from the main part of the screen it’s not just a picture.

And a product if it is a product I mean you know it’s being held out like that phone right there or my hand you can see something to give it perspective has been really helpful on our click-through rates and and in all the product reviews going forward we’re going to be doing something with this idea of perspective so the number one way to do that if it’s.

A physical product get that product way out in front of you something like that right where you can kind of have it sitting right there in their face and they can kind of see you further back that’s a great way with physical products with digital products how you can play with it a little bit by holding a computer or a phone with the you know.

With the actual digital product on the phone things like that give perspective now let’s talk briefly about titles which is something that so many YouTube marketers just forget about and throw in at the last second when honestly guys the the YouTube algorithm is going to give so much clout to your thumbnail and your title you’re not going to stand out.

A ton on your product review video a lot of people are making these videos and a lot of them are fairly similar because we’re all talking about the same thing you’re going to stand out a ton with a good thumbnail and a good title and so if you take what I talk about here and you incorporate it in your titles you can double your click-through rate which.

Can 10x or 100x how many views your video actually gets now what you want to do to do this typically is to try to get them curious the number one thing is you want them this person that’s looking to buy this product to be curious about your video like what does he have to say that no one else is saying or that I have to know before I end up purchasing.

This product and honestly the best way to do that is don’t buy until so you can see right here this guide and a lot of people they’ll do you know something something review don’t buy until you watch this and it Sparks it in your head right oh like what is he saying that I need to know about before I buy this so it’s curiosity you can also use words.

Like be careful XX review be careful before you buy something that makes them like uh get a little bit of fear maybe and be a little bit curious about what it is that you have to say and then the last one is just something that implies that you made the best review that you have an all-encompassing review and the way way that I typically do that is.

Words like honest and then I’ll also I’ll say this at the end of a lot of reviews The Good the Bad and the Ugly it’s another way of saying pros and cons right essentially you’re saying hey I’m going to give you a full legitimate review that goes over everything another thing that works really well is trying to speak to their pain points meaning I.

Could do a click funnels review and I could say click funnels review will this save you 200 hours or will this make your business you know twice as much money something where you’re taking that desire that pain that they’re hoping the product will solve and you’re asking the question to them because that’s the question that they really have coming in.

Right when someone watches a click funnels review that’s what they really want to know is this going to help my business make money and the last thing is you want to use power words meaning you don’t want to just throw out what the video is about you want to incorporate power words and there’s a whole list I’m going to leave a link in.

The description so you can go grab that after the video but these are power words that essentially give your video just a little more oof and make it seem just a little more legit words like special or simple or secret or hack right this hack for removing cat urine will blow your mind right we use we use power words is this the simplest.

Solution for getting rid of cat urine so we want to incorporate these power words and the reason for that is it just works this will increase our click-through rate which means we’ll get a lot more Impressions which means everything the entire ship will go up as we use these words liberally inside of our titles now I’m not going to hammer the description.

Much at all to be honest let’s just say that you put your your affiliate or your referral link inside of the description and then you add maybe three or four paragraphs of text the description is not what’s going to do it for you and if you’ve been told that you’ve been lied to the description is going to do very little for your video overall the most.

Important thing in your description is that referral link that you’re telling people to go click and you’re going to want that to be at the very very top so it’s actually above the fold meaning people don’t have to click view more to get there guys every single piece of this puzzle matters the way that people dominate spaces like the product review.

Space is they understand every piece of the puzzle and they do every single piece effectively they don’t just whip out videos and hope that they work they make a good outline the following principles that work they make thumbnails and titles deliberately that they know will actually work because they’ve done them for because they know.

And understand power words and curiosity and all these things so you spend the time on each one of these things for each one of your videos and you can see absolutely phenomenal crazy results and if I’m being honest with you it only takes one video I’ve had multiple videos where one single video making a product review for the right product at the.

Right time has literally made me a full-time income from that one single video we’re talking 30 40 50 000 in a single year from one single product review so you don’t want to mess this up you want to follow every single step and you want to really Master this and you can make wild amounts of money doing YouTube product reviews and I’ve done.

Everything I can to make this the most all-encompassing video about product reviews that you could possibly find that are absolutely people charging a ton of money for what we just talked about in this video if you feel like you’ve got some value out of it which I’m assuming you have at this point give me a like give me a subscribe I would.

Love a comment I go and read every single comment I promise you that thanks so much for watching guys go make those product reviews

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