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What’s going on everybody it’s another great day live in the brett way and today we’re talking about really good strategies you can implement even when the market’s slow let’s get into it all right guys so my channel has grown quite a bit recently and i think that’s really interesting because we are seeing.

A kind of low volume time in nfts but it does show that a lot of people out there are getting interested in nfts and i really do think we are on the cusp of one of the biggest booms in nfts i mean this technology has only just begun and this is a very fun thing to participate in people are making a lot of money and it’s going to be really hard to ignore a.

Lot of the biggest people in the ecomm space are getting into nfts and overall the influence and interest is just growing so i’m very excited for what’s to come with nfts but guys even in low volume times like right now there are still really good strategies you can use to make money trading and flipping nfts so if we look at the dune analytics here.

We can actually see that there’s still like 50 million dollars in volume happening a day the all-time highs are in the 300 so probably 20 of what it has been but there’s still a lot of money being moved around 50 million that’s a lot of money so there’s these strategies that we’ve learned over time and you can actually.

Implement these even in the slowest times the markets to actually take advantage of people’s fear i guess is the best way to put it so there’s a big saying in the nft space that you need or crypto space or any market really that’s saying you need to be greedy when others are fearful so right now everyone’s looking at ethereum.

The price is going up they don’t want to sell they want to hold their ethereum because they think they’ll miss out if they’re holding nfts and typically nfts do do go down for that reason when ethereum is on its way up so nfts typically do better when the crypto markets are quiet and so we’re seeing that a lot right now.

But that means that people are desperate to get out of their nft positions after they’ve been seeing it going down and down and down over time so this is a really good strategy and i actually want to bring on a good friend of mine kosher plug this is someone i’ve seen in the space since the early pudgy penguin days early doge pound days so active in all.

These discords and then once upon a time a few weeks later a few months later i made my own discord and i saw him there our relationship has grown and he’s he has just been right time and time again making call after call so definitely recommend you guys go follow kosher plug but he has a really cool story and i want him to share it so i’m going to.

Bring him on the channel today and hopefully he can share this strategy with us kosher my dude what’s going on man yeah i’m just i’m just chilling i i don’t know what to do after such a big intro like that i don’t know how i’m going to live up to the hype.

Oh sure my man i don’t give those compliments out lightly i’ve seen you putting in the work month after month even when i was just a discord observer before i even jumped into this space so you’ve absolutely earned this you are so educated in the space and just have so much experience and that’s really what shows in these times so i’m excited to.

Get you on here brother i know a lot of people have learned a lot from both of us so this is kind of cool that we can have two worlds come together uh so this is a strategy that you’ve been advocating for since middle of august is the earliest i can remember and i’m sure much before that and i’ve seen you have much success with this bidding strategy.

That you talk about all right kosher do you kind of want to go over what the strategy actually is and how we can actually do it yeah for sure this strategy is huge especially for those who have less liquidity available i really suggest that everyone who’s newer to the space should try to get familiar with making.

Bids it’s very easy to get some wrap to eat if you guys really want all you got to do is click on an item you want on openc uh let me try to find one so right here you click on this click make offer and then from here what you’re going to want to do is put the amount that you want to bid on so say 0.1 eth.

And you click click whatever day that you want it doesn’t matter and then you just click this button right here where it says convert eth and then from right here you’re just going to select how much you want and then pretty much just select each and then click wrap it’s very simple and uh i do suggest everyone try it out at least once and try to make.

Some low ball bits these lowball bits can make you a ton of money i’ll try to show you a quick example if you go on the meta heroes identity and click on their activity you can scroll through and just see some crazy biz that got accepted earlier today there’s this bit that got accepted right here for a 1.9 wrapped eath which is.

Nuts because this is literally about one eighth under the floor price so if you were to sell this right now you’re going to be making an easy four grand which is insane to think about people can work people work for like literally like a month straight just to make four grand and this dude just made it twice right here.

So you made eight grand look at that nuts like it’s it’s the amount of money that’s in nfts is just insane you can see right here this person bought it for 1.9 right here and immediately sold right here for 2.62 nuts like people don’t realize how much money is in this three hours later yeah well i mean.

It’s it wasn’t exactly 4 000 but you know it’s over over estimation but just in general it’s it’s insane to think about that someone just bought this and immediately sold not even like a day later for like what people make in a month you know it’s crazy like it might come off like why would that guy ever accept a.

1.9 offer when the floor is 2.8 but i mean the market’s been down he’s been seeing his nfts going lower and lower he probably wants to get in on aetherium and just holding ethereum he’ll take the short-term hit in his mind where we kind of believe the opposite we think that this is a really good time to get in and there’s a lot of upside potential so.

We’re gonna take try to take that bet but it’s also not as much of a risk because we can instantly just turn around and sell it on the floor as long as we have like a little more patience so i think it’s a really smart strategy and something you’ve done very well i know you did that with the plasma bears i know you’ve done that with the magic.

Mushrooms you savage i know you’ve done the doge pound the pudgy penguins like you’ve been around the block and so this isn’t like a complicated strategy but it just requires a little more time so if you’re someone that has a lot more a lot of eat to play with you can kind of place more bets without having to put that much time in but if you only have.

Like a few hundred dollars to play with this is absolutely the strategy you should be doing and just going in and make offers on every single item in that collection kosher likes to go for the rare ones and that takes a little more skill to do and so he’s gonna walk me through how i should do it on the galactic apes here soon but i do want.

You guys to understand this isn’t the most complicated strategy but it is effective and it’s probably the least risk most upside potential way this is actually how kosher was able to flip his way to over six figures of nfts in i think around three or four months kosher is not just like myself like we are not any different than you we just got into.

These three four months ago and every project that we thought we were late on then are booming now so it’s about a time in the game and how we’ve learned how to do this and i mean kosher was working at an amazon fulfillment center when i first met him and see where he’s come is absolutely nuts so you kind of want to talk about that because that’s.

One of the coolest stories i’ve heard in crypto uh yeah i mean i’m totally down to talk about that um so basically i was working at amazon like amazon fulfillment center for about like two and a half three months and uh at the time you know i was you know i was in college i was just trying to make.

Some extra money pay off tuition and and just on the side i was like you know doing like a couple things like buying and reselling sneakers and just you know just trying to make some like extra cash yeah so you know i was i was always i always had like that type of like you know like try to make extra money mentality so i would work a job and then.

I’d work you know doing different things and a bunch of stuff so and then all of a sudden i found a a a video by jny crypto or journey crypto if you guys heard of go um he’s he’s a legend and i saw his video on the doge pound and then from the doge pound i originally joined their group and and i was you know i was very interested i was.

Hooked right away and and at the time i had like like literally i had like maybe like two thousand dollars in my bank account so i was like i was straight up just like lowballing people like in the chats and i was like can anyone do a good price for this or and i was texting this dude i forgot his name but he was in uh he.

Was like he’s like a whale in deutsche pound and i was texting like i’m like yo because it was about to be my birthday and i’m like yo bro i’m trying to buy one of these doge pounds for my birthday can he do point three eth and uh he never he never got back to me but uh you know i ended up later uh making some bids for them uh at point.

Six eighth when floor was about like close to one eighth at the time because i was just trying to get enough money and uh once i got enough money i made a couple of bids at point six and and luckily someone accepted and and later i sold it for about like two point something eth after the first rocket madness.

Yes and you’re just flipping your way up the ladder yeah and from that point i bought myself a uh i think two pudgy penguins uh and then i sold both of them at the like the the first peak like i remember if you buy though this is about to be crazy i think i paid.

Point three eth at the time and i think i sold for like three point five or something like that like 10x in like a week or two it’s insane and i was working at amazon just checking my phone because like at amazon they hate when you’re on your phone because they’re afraid that you’re gonna like like you know like sue them.

Or whatever this or that so they hate when you’re on your phone and i think you know pretty much all jobs are like this it’s not just an amazon exclusive thing they’re just but you know professionals so exactly so i was i was on my phone just like i would like i’d be pushing my cart and stuff you know just just picking up.

Like groceries and stuff and at the same time i’d be like scrolling through open c and just like and like like refreshing the page and i’d be like damn bro like my penguin’s worth so much money and i can’t even sell it because i’m at work and like i was just i was just chilling there and i text i even texted my mom i’ll try to i’ll try to find the text.

And i could probably send it to you and i text her i’m like i’m like i’m like i want to buy you one of these penguins because i feel like they’re going to be worth a ton of money one day and uh and i was like i can’t though because i’m at work and they’re at like a such a good price because i think the price is dipped to like like point two each or.

Something after i bought four point three and seven and that note eath was also like two thousand it was like despair it was it was totally different and so the fact that now the punchy penguin floor is well over two eth and eath is also at double 4 000 that’s like a 20x and you.

Sold it almost four that’s literally a 40x absolutely and then from there i uh you know it was it was just it just spiraled from there i started then i didn’t even really start making many bids like i made bids on pudgy penguins and stuff but like no one really got accepted the.

Only real time i started really getting into bids was uh after plasma beard like after the first plasma bear show with with faze banks uh i originally like because i saw his his uh his tweet i know his tweet i saw his post on twitter and on twitter like usually whenever like a like a famous person chill something it’s pretty much.

Guaranteed to at least rock it up some percentage yeah and these were so damn cheap i think they’re like 0.05 at the time so what i did was yeah bro and they rocketed up to 7 8 within like 30 minutes so what i did was i bid on every single one i think there’s one thousand in total i stayed.

Up for like three hours straight because because it was like right before i wanted to go to bed i stayed up for three hours just bidding on every single one and the thing is i don’t have enough like eat that like i had some eat but like i didn’t have ether to just be throwing into bids like on you know whims so i would be bidding like.

Point four or point three on every single one and i think like yeah i think four or five of them got accepted in total and uh i sold each one same day for about four like three to four eight each so like i mean my are you me i didn’t promise so.

Seriously it’s it’s insane but jesus it was it was it was an insane day and i texted my friend because there was like i didn’t have enough of it yeah i didn’t have enough uh wrapped eat at the time so i told him i’m like bro you need to you need to bid on this right now i mean i know i told him he needed to buy this because some dude listed like a week ago.

First like the floor like like 0.03 or whatever and if for some reason the the thing was glitched and it was just sitting on the floor so i i told him put some money in and buy this and he bought it and he sold it for ten thousand dollars it’s insane.

Friends for life dude yeah bro he he gave me he gave me uh he gave me some he gave me some money as a thank you but you know like that’s insane i’m just like it’s crazy to think about he put like a hundred dollars in and came out with 10 grand like just out of like that will solve so many people’s.

Problems in life yeah it’s it’s insane another thing on that point though is kind of similar if you guys do follow big people in the nft space on twitter like alex becker jr and why and you have their notifications on twitter and you happen to be scrolling twitter and they talk about a project we know it’s gonna pump like they have that much influence.

In the space and so if you have notifications on you’re the first one to that information you can start placing bids on them asap because people that have been holding for a long time and have forgotten about it they’re gonna get an email that says you have a new bid and it’s way higher than they like are used to and so they’re like oh my.

God i’ve been wanting to sell this for like two weeks now they got because they don’t know about that information yet and so you’ll get like four or five people that’ll take those offers because they don’t know this big wave is coming exactly when it comes to nfts it’s literally about time in the game being on your toes being ready to make buying.

Decisions when the right information comes your way like speed of information is the name of the game so that’s why it’s really important to network and just be around other people that are taking this seriously and trying to do it like kosher is a random person on the internet that i randomly saw on a discord and i saw the work he was.

Putting in and we just like met cross paths and now he has helped me make tens of thousands of dollars off his calls alone so this is powerful that’s why i’m always so big on community and getting to know people and building relationships because strangers are going to make you rich you want to get around other people.

That are going to make you better so for that note i’m going to have kosher make me better i’m going to have him teach me how to do this bid strategy on a big project right now that’s been a pretty quiet and go for some rare snipes let’s see what we can do i’ll definitely follow up and show you guys what the flip is in a future video as well let’s.

Jump over to my screen and we can get into that all right so here’s the galactic apes this is a project i have been in relatively from the start i’d say the first week after mint i think my average price i got in around 0.7 i ended up flipping one for right around 1.8 and then i kept i bought two and i kept the second one.

For 0.7 so they’ve gone up to 2.5 and so now they’re correcting all the way down to almost 1.2 that’s close to a 40 almost 60 correction right in that range and so that seems pretty severe i think a lot of people i think nfts are oversold and i think a lot of people have been selling just because they anticipate that other people will be.

Selling because other people will be selling because eath is going up so i think there’s a little bit too much of that going on in the space and this is right now when i decide to place my bets so if you see my last few videos i’m going big this week because volume’s low i don’t think nfts are ending anytime soon i think the coinbase nft news is.

Absolutely ginormous and we’ll introduce so many new people so i am placing my bets on good projects and now this is a good project that i’ve been in for a while now i’m going to try to snipe the good nfts the rare ones from a good project with this bidding strategy so let’s get into it.

Share some tips along the way so first thing i like to do we’ll just go from the very first time you see a collection if you’ve never done this before first thing i will always do is hit this collection and then i like to see the floor price you know you want to see how you want to see how thin it is how thick it is so.

Right now it seems pretty quick so this is kind of a thin floor because there’s only about what like 20 to 1.4 i’d say it’s relatively thin so you’ll be able to get some good bids here again you can always just use uh calculus kosher plug trademarked this back in the day uh the good old days and the brettway discord guys if you want to.

Learn more about nfts that is the place to go uh but you can actually say eath and search by the number so let’s say you want you think the floor is going to go to 1.5 you’ll just hit 1.5 eth by now hit apply and it’ll give you the amount there there’s only 66 to a 1.58 floor.

And right now there’s a few sales per hour so that’s like in a day we might actually get there as long as volume picks up so that’s just a good way for you to judge volume and we say volume you just click on owners and you see how many have been sold in the last few hours so only 66 uh to a 1.5 floor and there’s actually.

Been there was actually almost 12 here in this one hour alone so in theory that doesn’t seem too far away it’s only a day and so 1.5 floor seems great and so right now it’s not a bad time to get in the floor is thin and if we do bids we’ll be able to get in way below the floor so things are looking very good kind of a long explanation but i do want.

To put you guys on to good ways to kind of judge the market on a surface level and so as we’re seeing right here people are taking bids right now i think it’s time to go ahead and jump in and look at the rarities and see if we can actually snipe them so kosher uh what is your strategy for this what do you like to start at.

Yeah i mean i usually like to you start with the collection and what i like to do is since i love to snipe rare traits because rare traits just i don’t i don’t know i just it just feels so much better to have to own something that’s way more way more limited and uh it also like your it like also holds a lot more value as well than compared to like some floor.

Ones and i like to look for ones like say for example you want to click on the eyes so click on the eyes really quick and scroll all the way down and what i like to do is i like to look at the traits that are the lowest of the low so like see how that one’s only 57 on the total bottom yeah so i’ll click that.

And those are the ones that i’d be liking to bid on because you see the floor is three eighth for that right there what you want to do is you’re going to want to exclude it for three yeah and you’re going to want to scroll all the way down to the the total bottom so when there’s none listed.

And these are the ones that you’re going to want to bid on so anyone that doesn’t have the last hill that’s the best thing to bid on because this one right here like on the total bottom that you’re like the total total total bottom via that one right there so for what four point what 4.2 so this one sold for 4.2 so they’re very.

Unlikely to accept the low ball bid because no one’s getting like i mean you could technically like if you really wanted to like you miss 100 of the shots you don’t take but i personally just i’d rather just not waste my time because nine percent of the time those people are just either holding for like for life or they’re just you know.

Whatever so i don’t know i never thought of it that way that’s really good insight yeah and what i would like say for example you see the the one with the antennas right here yeah that one right there you see how there’s no like.

He minted this he straight up minted this so if this dude straight up minted and then he yeah and then if he sees like a bid for overflow he might just be like off he’s like this is a pretty good deal i’m gonna accept it really quick so what i would do is i would since the floor is three eth i would probably bid around.

Like 1.6 to 1.75 around that range you could you could do you could do a little higher if you want and also i suggest when you put the offer to set it for custom so click on that and click custom date because that will automatically set it for one day so i mean you could set it for one day consider for one week but i like to just.

Set it at one day because if you have it for longer than that the volatility in the market could change so say for example the floor tanks even more then you’re like a week later then you’re stuck with a bid that went through because the the market went down so i like to just keep it for one day it keeps everything safer exactly your bid.

Would be above the floor price and people yeah if you’re not paying attention exactly i know i’ve absolutely looked past that before so if you guys are doing this that’s very key i’m gonna go ahead and hit make offer you think that’s a good idea i think it’s a great idea if you get that it’s pretty you’re pretty much shown all.

Right i’ll split the i’ll split the profits with you my guy thank you for the financial advice this is not financial advice i want to make that clear before the sec sues me all right guys so that’s how we did it we did it once all right but is this a one time thing are you only placing a few bids on a few.

Nfts kosher i’m making bids for hours literally on the same collection just different rarities different traits and just do the same thing and it applies to literally everything oh my god and guys one thing don’t think you need if you make four bits of one weave that you need to have four wreath.

In there you don’t need enough to cover the most you’re bidding on one and once one goes through all of your others will be canceled essentially exactly yeah a lot of people have that issue of uh of always asking and and wondering like oh i don’t have you know enough e to to be bidding on this you could bid infinitely you could bid as many times as you want.

You could be on pretty much everything um see you guys this is not costing me any gas oh yeah don’t don’t accept that don’t accept that you have 7d do what oh see look at that this is why you have people smarter than you look after for you look after you yeah.

Also if you really make a mistake with one of your bids you could cancel it and uh scroll down and just click cancel but it will charge you a gas fee so say for example you bid like 2.7 instead of 1.7 on accident you know you could just click cancel and it’ll give you it’ll be like a 15 fee or whatever but it’s worth it if like it’s you know if you really.

Made that big of a mistake okay and guys your wreath is literally just right here so if you don’t know how much you just click on your wallet right here and boom okay moving on so we got two in the bag uh i’ll do one more guys i do want to make.

One point why did he choose eyes because eyes are dope there’s no other reason behind that like you want to basically pick in my opinion the most like flashy the most subjective yep the most subjective trait that people would like that stands out because rarity isn’t everything it’s definitely.

Something you can factor in but at the end of the day people like what looks the coolest and so we start with eyes that’s flashy uh we could try what what do you think head would be the next one or maybe uh maybe maybe maybe body because usually my body is gold if there’s a gold type of body people love that rich people love shiny stuff.

The gold bodies are big i just bought a gold laser eyes jungle freak so we’re on the same page anything anything with gold or like diamond bodies will rock it like it’s it’s pretty much like a guarantee in nfts all right so i don’t know what they’re called their body that’s that’s type maybe yeah type yeah okay so let’s.

Start with the looks like jedi oof okay so we want to take off laser eyes here and that would have been a good one to bid on thirty-four yeah that that must be a really good one to go forward you heard it here first seven yeah that’s the floor seven okay so you’re gonna wanna go all the way down.

And what you could also do is what’s also a good tip is if it’s for something more rare like this uh what you want to do is uh you’re going to want to click where it says price low to high so scroll up and then what you’re going to do is click highest last sale beautiful.

And then from here you could see the highest sales so you could estimate that what what is this one sold for 12 15 eighth right here 15 each yeah i i only reason i’m asking is because like the the quality is like a little weird with the screen um but yeah as you can see like there’s some crazy.

Crazy crazy high sales already so this is pretty much pretty much guaranteed pretty much guaranteed money at this point if you can get it for really cheap and i mean obviously the floor price went down from that but you know you can still estimate that it still holds a lot of value considering so what you’d want to do.

From that is just you just literally scroll from low to high again and just scroll all the way down to the unlisted ones and make bids like it’s that simple beautiful so look we’re at the bottom even this same sort would actually work because these have never been sold so they’re at the bottom they’re at zero so easy way to do that click on there.

We can go 1.75 for these because they’re a little nicer a little more rare and i just do this oh i got it seven days seven days i’m an amateur you can clearly tell this is why you have smart friends everybody oh yeah and you could even change like the exact time if you really wanted to.

Like you can make it two hour bids so that’s pretty cool as well how serious you want to take it that’s really the question if you ask me you got to take it as serious as possible there’s a lot of money on the line here so be professional be organized have a system and just rinse and repeat put some hours in and you’ll get rewarded.

Absolutely yeah guys i think this is quite the content filled uh video i’m gonna keep making these offers because i do want to show you guys this real power just to show that it’s not just all for show so i’m gonna keep doing this for the next hour or two and i’ll come back with the results hopefully in a follow-up video with my.

Boy kosher plug if you’ll be nice enough to join us again i’d be i’d be glad to and also i really do suggest you you up your bids a little bit on these because these are a little more of a rare trait so uh people are less likely to be like accepting these low low balls because disrespected yeah and as you can see like some of these.

Offers that these people are getting like they’re like they’re bot bids so essentially there’s a person who runs like a script that bids on every single thing way under the floor value in hopes that someone’s gonna accept it and these bots are crazy and uh you know yeah yeah i was making sure you can.

Change it but uh but yeah these bots are insane and uh you know i just i suggest just to take your time and make as many bids as possible because there’s so much money to be made with this well hell yeah man looks like i got some work ahead of me i’ll continue to do.

This i’ll get this in the bag and my man thank you again for sharing your story sharing your game like you are an absolute beast of what you do so i’m very happy to have you on the channel i look forward to having you around man yeah for sure man can’t wait to come back so if you guys learned something in.

Today’s video go ahead and leave a like on the video below just hit that like button it really does help the channel it spreads the channel and overall will help further mass adoption in the nft space so i really appreciate that leave a comment with something that you’ve learned this week i love to hear what you guys have been learning and making.

Yourselves better with from there turn on notifications if you want these videos as soon as possible and as always guys thank you so much for watching have a great day i’ll see you in the next one
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