From 0 To $400/Day In 1 Week On YouTube Without Making Videos

on day one i had zero dollars but on day
seven i started making 400
a day and the thing with that youtube
channel is that i never reveal my face
in any of those videos i didn’t film
anything myself and in fact i didn’t
make any of those videos myself but i
was still able to go from zero to making
over ten thousand dollars per month but
just from ad revenue alone from that one
single youtube channel and no it’s not
what you think
hey my name is dave nick and inside of
this video we will be talking about how
i was able to grow that youtube channel
from zero zero views zero subscribers
and zero dollars to making over four
hundred dollars a day without ever
making videos for that youtube channel
and right from the start i just want to
tell you that no i’m not starting
someone else’s content and just posting
it on those youtube channels because hey
that’s illegal and b that would never
work and i also want to let you know
that it’s actually impossible to grow a
youtube automation channel like that
just from xero to immediately start
making 400
a day in a single week unless you do the
thing that we will be talking about in
this tutorial but first of all before we
talk about that i just want to explain
exactly how i’m actually getting content
for that youtube channel if i’m never
recording anything myself so i don’t
have a camera for that youtube channel
even though i’m making tens of thousands
of dollars per month because i’m not
just counting on youtube other revenue
we also have different revenue sources
on that one a single youtube channel now
we have talked about the content
creation in so many different videos on
this youtube channel so i’m not gonna go
in details on that in this tutorial
because once again we have talked about
it so many different times so i will
just leave a link to a couple of my
tutorials which you can watch completely
free of charge on this youtube channel
but basically you just need four
different things and you just need to do
it in four different steps and i’m
talking about the content creation first
so obviously you will need a profitable
niche then you will just need to write a
script for that youtube video or for
those youtube videos then you will need
a voiceover so someone reading the
script into the microphone and then
finally you will just need a video
editing like the visuals something to
show up on the screen and in most of the
cases you can find free online resources
like free stock footage free stock
photos or just make tutorial videos like
screen share videos or presentations
there’s a lot of different ways you can
go around this and once again you can
find all of those video resources online
completely free of charge now yes you
can craft those videos yourself and once
again i will leave a couple of tutorials
in the description down below what you
can watch and learn how to do that but
what i’m personally doing in order to
scale this and in order to run this as a
business is i’m actually building teams
of people that are doing the work for me
and at this point i have systems that
allow me to basically spend no more than
five minutes on my youtube channels and
still around them successfully and scale
this every single month and if you want
to learn more about that then i will
also leave a link to that in the
description down below it’s gonna be the
first link in the description box down
below but anyways as i said you can’t
just start from zero and then grow a
youtube channel out of nowhere to 400
a day just one a week unless you do the
thing that we will be talking about in
this video and that’s actually having a
network of different youtube channels in
a similar or the same need so what i
mean by that is in order to get to a
point where you can just think of a
youtube idea like a youtube channel idea
and just just grow that channel out of
nowhere to hundreds of dollars a day
before you get to that point first of
all you need to do some work and that
work includes building smaller youtube
channels in that particular niche so it
all starts with choosing the right
mission once you’ve chosen the right
niche you just need to start working on
multiple different youtube channels
start building them and that can
sometimes take months and months if not
even years if you don’t know the right
strategies for getting views subscribers
and all of that so for some people that
can literally take for like two years or
three years but once they’ve built those
youtube channels they can now use the
traffic from those youtube channels to
grow new youtube channels like for
example you started a youtube channel in
the shopify drop shipping space and
you’re already established in that niche
so your channel is getting like 10 000
views per video now you can start a
different channel either in the same
niche like shopify drop shipping just a
little bit different type of a channel
but in the same niche or you can start a
youtube channel in a similar niche like
for example a youtube channel about
amazon fba or drop servicing or
something like that like some different
kind of an online business and once you
start our channel from scratch you can
use this first channel which is already
established to send traffic from that
channel to this new youtube channel and
that’s how i was slowly building my
network of similar youtube channels and
so now whenever i have an idea for a
youtube channel i can just tell my theme
to start creating content on that brand
new youtube channel and i will just use
all of the other youtube channels which
are in the same or the similar niche to
drive views to this one and it will grow
from zero to like four hundred or five
hundred dollars a day just from ad
revenue like less than seven days and
that’s basically what we do every single
month every single month i’m using money
from all of the established youtube
channels to start a new one and i’m also
using traffic from those established
youtube channels to grow this new
youtube channel and once that new
youtube channel becomes established on
its own i just put it in the network of
my lots of different youtube channels
and now all of them can help a new
youtube channel start growing so
obviously it’s a slow process but it’s
like a snowball effect i started with
one youtube channel and i just slowly
started building audience on that
youtube channel and then i used that
audience to grow a second youtube
channel and now i have two different
youtube channels which i used to drive
traffic on a third youtube channel and
then i had three youtube channels and i
started driving traffic to a fourth
youtube channel but it’s really
important that all of your youtube
channels are pretty much in the same or
similar space so if you start a youtube
channel in like funny cats niche and
then you open up a youtube channel about
drop shipping obviously there’s some
disconnect between those two and you
can’t actually drive traffic from this
cat’s youtube channel to a drop shipping
youtube channel obviously that would
ruin your drop shipping channel and it
will just die off so instead of just
jumping into one niche to another or
being like all right the travel niche is
now going viral i’m gonna jump into the
traveling issue oh no no no the fishing
niche is now going viral i’m gonna jump
into the fishing niche don’t do that but
do either right from the start spend
some time doing research and find the
best niche from the start so you can
kind of start start building your
ecosystem with youtube channels in that
particular space in that particular need
so don’t let the shiny objects effect
affect you is that’s how you say it and
don’t jump into lots of different niches
that are not connected to each other and
if you’re completely new to this online
business of youtube automation then i
will once again leave a couple of
tutorials which you can watch to learn
more about how this business model
actually works and how you can get
started with it i really hope you’ve
learned something new in this video and
i really hope you got some value out of

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