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As you might know, i’ve, been running facebook ads for my music for just about a year now, and they have got me tens of thousands of streams on spotify and have cost very little to do. But today i’m sitting down with a marketing expert directly from facebook to walk through my upcoming release campaign and make sure my ads are set up properly.

I was fortunate enough to have them reach out directly to me and offer this service, so i did not hesitate to jump on this opportunity. So i’m sure there’s, gonna be lots of valuable tips and tricks that we’re gonna learn along the way.

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How are you doing today, uh not too bad? How about yourself amazing! Thank you so much for speaking with me today, uh. So today our call will typically just be 50 uh, 30 minutes, and you know i just want to check in that.

Whatever strategies we incorporated last time, how are you doing with that yeah, so uh, i haven ‘ T ran any uh campaign since we last chatted, but i have a couple campaigns set up and it’d, just be great.

If you could review them for me and see if they’re optimized as best as they could be sleepless nights, remix traffic and one is spotify conversion. Yep, let’s, see the traffic. I’m glad you’ve created a traffic campaign.

It’s, really going to help you, you know, get a lead in your conversions, one yeah for sure 60 dollars. So i see you ‘ Ve put it as a lifetime budget. Why is that um no particular reason. I only want to run this uh for the first three days, um just to help boost uh boost my traffic in the first few days of this music release and then use the conversation.

Doing it and on a daily budget at twenty dollars, each it’ll, be the same thing, but a daily budget is better reason, being you get more uh results, and also it focuses on the objective you’re working on.

Well, if you do a lifetime budget, it just focuses on the campaign on overall and you. It might have an effect on your results. Okay, so you think daily budget would be better. Then! Yes, it helps you hit your objective faster and it helps you like focus on your objective in a better, more um, effective way than the lifetime, because lifetime will just look on the campaign on a whole overall, if you just look at the overall campaign, but not On the objective you’re looking at daily will know that in 20 dollars.

I need to get like this many results, and i just have three days that’s. What algorithm works like okay, okay yeah, so i selected lifetime, and then i only put in three days as my ad schedule, but yeah daily is better then yeah daily is better if you’re doing it for three days.

That’s! Fine uh, but again like okay. If you’re, i’m just going to give you a heads up on this. If your campaign does go into learning phase, you will have to run it for seven days, because again it goes.

Facebook algorithm understands the advertisement for seven days right yeah, so if you want to set it for like 10 days, that would be great if you want to close it after three years once it goes active that’s, fine, that’ll, Be a better option to do okay, so you think i should still have it set for longer at 20 a day, but just close it.

Okay! Yes, because i fear that if it goes into the learning phase, it won’t even go out in those three days and reach out to people yeah for sure. So once it gets active, then you’re. More than welcome in three four days, if you want to close it down, you can close it, no problem, okay, so if you can use sixty dollars as your budget in the daily order, just that you have to divide into twenty or fifteen dollars a day, something Like that yeah for sure yeah, i will do that.

Definitely yeah. Okay, i do come to your audience. I see your detail. Targeting expansion is off. Is there a reason? Um yeah? I want to make sure that i’m only targeting people uh, who use spotify uh.

I know in the past i ‘ Ve got a lot of traffic to the website and then, when i look at my results on spotify, i ‘ Ll only have half as many listeners as i got actual uh people sent over there.

So i just want to try to narrow it down. So that people who are actually clicking on the link are more likely to have spotify yeah. So i see that in the detail targeting section you have put in like spotify as your detailed target.

So when you put your details targeting expansion on basically, it will just target people who are interested in spotify only because you’ve, already narrowed it by the solidifier keyword. Okay, so it will still keep it within the the spotify yeah okay.

So what because you have already narrowed it down with the keyword right. It is just so what the keyword does the keyword narrows it down and then, when you put on the detail, targeting expansion, it helps you reach out to new people within the keywords.

Okay, so you can actually mention spotify, music, listeners and so on and so forth. That will help you, okay for sure you can do up to five or ten and keep it on a generic basis, because we definitely want to target like more and more people right.

Yeah yeah, definitely okay, perfect and the other one uh, and i see you’re. Just using single images like you, you you, don’t want to opt for carousel this time. Um i’m using uh videos and uh. They just then, that’s, fine yeah, okay, because videos are really trending.

This time. Like this, your videos are like the trend. Yeah i’ve noticed videos have been performing better for me yeah, because people have a higher attention span when it comes to videos like with single images they just scroll up yeah for sure i come to your so traffic admin looks good to me That’s.

Fine, the budget is fine. I’m. Looking at your conversions campaign: okay, okay, your campaign budget, optimization your five assets, so the number of ad sets and ads in one right now is fine. So, just with a new update with ios 14, i’m going to give you a heads up.

You should not have more than five ad sets or 10 ads in a campaign, because, if you do more than that, it might have an impact on your campaign on a whole. So, for now what you’re doing is fine, but just once ios 14 comes over uh.

If you just want to like be mindful of that. That will really help your campaigns stay at the momentum they have gained. Okay, for sure, is there any reason for that with ios 14? Yes, yes, with ios 14, they have made an announcement that uh it’s better to consolidate your assets and ads because uh, if you have, because we have uh income, encountered business profiles which have like 84 ads 20 assets.

So what happens? Is your algorithm is not being able to take the budget you’re giving so then it will go into learning limited phase, because your budget is smaller than the amount of content. You have right.

Okay, yeah! So suppose you’re. Investing like four hundred dollars in your 84 hours, like 400, cannot just navigate and even though, like they’re closed kodi, they will still have an impact on algorithm on the whole because it’s again coded at the back end right.

Okay, yeah for sure yeah, none of those will be able to actually exit the learning phase, yeah gotcha yeah. So if you have ads that you’re, not running and in the same asset, and you still want to retain the data, you’re more than welcome to create a new campaign and copy it in there.

But if you’re, not running into that current campaign, just don’t, keep it there. Otherwise the budget you’re. Allocating facebook will take it as if your budget is less and your content is more and then it will not reach out to the people you want to reach out.

Okay, okay, got you so yeah. What i’m doing with my ad sets here mainly, is just testing with uh lookalike expansion on and then detailed targeting expansion on verse not having it on. Is this a good way to approach, doing it yeah absolutely so.

The best way right now is using look like expansion and detail charting. Those two are like one of the biggest benefits you know you. It offers an audience to run a productive campaign. It’s, not about having a very big budget.

You should have an optimum budget, and i see your budget is very optimum. That is good. You should definitely have a larger audience. That is the main goal of you know hitting a perfect campaign. Your audience should keep growing.

That is one, and i see that you’re using lookalike in your conversion, one so in case in future. You want to run a campaign and you want to run all three kinds of audiences in one campaign. What you can do you can create the campaign in one ad set, you can put custom audience the other ad set.

You can copy and put look-alike the third asset. You can put the generic one-way detail directing expansion. What will happen that campaign will cover all the audiences in one in three different assets and it would not be overlapping each other.

So you’re targeting retargeting in the custom by by producing custom audience you’ll, be using new audience using look alike and you’ll, also be reaching out to new prospective audience to detail targeting expansion.

Okay, so running three separate ad sets that way is, is more efficient, then yeah, because you are actually capturing all the audience there’s. Nothing left that you’re, not capturing right yeah. You cover the custom audience you’ve covered the look alike and you also covered the uh generic audience that you just want to keep, as you know, detail targeting leadership, expansion and just the normal countries you target.

So you’re, covering all the audience in that one campaign of yours, okay, so for this particular uh for my audiences here should i have them separated so should i like take out the lookalikes and have them as their own or do you think The way it’s set up is fine for this.

No, the setup is fine in this one, because you’re, mainly targeting the you. So in your main look expansion, you’re. Having look like no, i think this is fine. Let this run in uh. You’ll, be doing more campaigns in future, so you can definitely, then you ‘

Ll have the opportunity to experiment with your custom audience the generic and look alike in all one, so this campaign will do well, because your campaign setup is good because your, i think your main goal is just look alike in the conversions.

Basically, but and also you have hit like certain countries, but definitely in the next campaign i would suggest you can put all three in one campaign in separate assets so that you’re, covering it 360 degrees.

So your campaign will have something new to you know, focus on okay, so yeah, so one would be retargeting, one would be for the lookalike and then one would be for detailed expansion. Yes, where you just put in your countries, put in your details, directing keywords and your details, writing expansion and you’re good, so, basically that one convergence campaign of yours covers all the three audience aspects, so 360 degrees.

You cover the whole audience sector because there’s, nothing beyond these three audiences right, yes, okay, perfect yeah, your campaigns look great, and if you that’s, all like, if you just if you want, you can put it in the automatic Placements that’ll be great, but i know that you just want to play them on facebook and instagram.

We had that conversation last time. The manual placement is also fine yeah. I have trouble. If you want to go ahead, you can use carousel later. Okay, yeah yeah, i’ve, tried automatic placement in the best, and i find that over the long term i don’t.

Most of the results end up coming from facebook and instagram anyways. So i figured i’d, make the learning phase a bit quicker by just cutting those out yeah right. Let me check if your conversion can’t been on lifetime two or is it one daily uh yeah? Nobody change that to daily.

Okay, okay, daily, because i think you will want to run your conversion campaign for a longer period of time compared to the traffic right yeah, which makes sense yeah exactly yep, perfect sounds good.

Everything looks good to me. You’re good to publish your campaigns once whenever you’re ready and i’m sure it’s. Gon na do well awesome um. It says i can’t change the campaign budget uh to daily after it’s been published.

Well, i just need to make a copy of this then and publish that one you have to close it make the changes, then publish it. Okay, okay, yeah, because you just published it just for i could see it right yeah, so you can pause it because it’s.

Just few minutes. It’s, not been even a day, so you can close it, make the changes and then publish it, because you want to get it into the relearning phase right, because when you do it again go to the relearning phase, yeah that’S right: okay, gotcha, okay, any other questions so far, uh, no, no perfect, uh! So having a recap, we discussed about traffic campaign, custom, audience, lookalike audience the best budget practices and carousel as and we also discussed about ios 14 and the pixel setup sounds good yeah.

Excellent, so uh, if you can confirm your email with me, i’ll. Send you the resources in my follow-up email and in in the meantime. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me and i’ll, be happy to help you with the resources.

Okay for sure that’d, be great perfect. I hope you get a lot of success on your campaigns and if you do have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me yeah, absolutely, okay, so there you have it.

That was my call with a marketing expert from facebook, and i learned a lot of very valuable stuff. I took down some notes along the way. So let me just recap some of the important points that i got from her so first within that traffic campaign that i had she said i should be running daily instead of lifetime budgets and the reason for this was that it’s, going to Give the facebook algorithm and running their ads uh the the best opportunity to try to spend my budget within that day.

If i go lifetime, apparently it doesn’t seem to know when it ends and just gonna kind of willy-nilly spend it. But if they know they have to spend twenty dollars every day, then it is gonna make sure that it gets the best bang for its buck with that twenty dollars.

The other thing that i had was that my ad sets and running my ads should be longer than three days, which i totally agree. I have found the best results for myself have been running at least two week campaigns, if not a month long.

This really gives time for facebook to dive in deeper to all the numbers and really analyze all the data. So i do agree that three days isn’t necessarily the best, but i want to try to push as many people over to spotify to help trigger the release radar algorithm in the first three days.

So that is why i’m. Only running it for three days from there she said that i should have my detailed targeting expansion, on which i ‘ Ve always been really hesitant to do because it feels like it ignores all of my um interests, like spotify, that i put in there but like she said it is still gonna try to capture people who would be interested in spotify in some way and making Sure that they’re, going to be able to go through with the conversion uh campaign and objective.

So i’m, going to try out a little more detailed targeting expansion in this next campaign and i’ll. Let you know how that all goes for me next one. She said his videos are great to have over images and i have hardly ran any images and when i have they don’t perform very well.

She seems to really really be pushing carousel posts, which makes sense if you go onto instagram, you just want to keep swiping for as long as you can. Even if you find a post, you like you just want to keep swiping.

So i think that’s, a good idea, but of course videos are going to be way better than any image now, with the conversions campaign. Once again, she said the daily budget is something i should address instead of a lifetime budget.

So that is a change i’m going to make for sure, and we’ll, keep running down the future and then she said everything else. Looked pretty good for the most part, she did talk a little bit um about the multiple ad sets that i have having five and how that can get a little confusing uh when it comes down to learning and trying to really dial in the facebook ads algorithm.

So you want to try to limit yourself to only five ad sets, but this is again based on your budget. If you have a thousand or five thousand dollar budget, having more ad sets can be okay, but if you’re only spending a hundred dollars try to limit down to maybe just two or three ad sets, and the same goes for ads here.

I’m testing out five different ads uh in every ad set, so that is a lot of different ads. That facebook is gonna, have to show people, and so, if you, don’t have a big enough budget. It’s. Gon na be tough to get the results.

Luckily, for this i have a 300 budget for this whole campaign. So running five different ads should be feasible. She says no more than 10., so that seems fine there. Now this one was really really interesting in terms of in terms of the ad sets, so she said that i should have one that’s, my custom audience, so this would be people who have interacted with us on instagram or have already clicked through Onto our landing page – and i can get that that data through facebook pixel or for uh, what was the other one video views? Who’s? When i have 95 video views? Uh anybody who’s watched 95 of uh way through my video, would get targeted.

So this is called a retargeting campaign, basically targeting anybody who’s already been on your instagram page or has already watched one of your videos or is already clicked onto your website. So she says that’s, the first level that we should be targeting the next would be a look-alike of those people, so that’s.

What i normally run, i run an instagram engagement, lookalike and a video views, look alike so targeting the top one percent of people who look like those who have already listened to my song and have already interacted with uh with us on instagram.

So we’re, getting the original source. We’re, getting people that are very very similar to that, and then she said the third one we should use is the detailed targeting expansion. Now this is going to look past.

All of these biases and people who are more likely to like our stuff and reach it out to the world and try to find new customers or new listeners for our songs. So this is a great way to go just beyond your own little niche, and this is a way to really expand your following and try to find new fans in different areas that you wouldn ‘

T normally expect so she recommends having these three retargeting. Look alike and then detailed targeting expansion in order to cover the broad market, and i think this is a really really cool technique and strategy, which is kind of what i & #.

39 ve, been doing with my own uh, with a few different twists and variations. But i’m, really excited to see how that turns out, because that that covers everybody pretty much so that’s about all of the big big bullet points that i got from her on this particular one.

I did actually have a call with her a few weeks ago, which i tried to record, but it ended up. I lost all the footage and she did give me a couple more, very, very important things. She said that you should always run a both detailed targeting expansion and your lookalike expansion, along with just running your normal ad set.

As i mentioned, this is going to expand you to more people, give yourselves more options. So what i’m doing in this particular campaign is a being these. I have my main group that i’m targeting and then i have um my main group plus lookalike expansion and my main group plus detailed targeting expansion.

And this way i’m gonna be able to cover all my bases and see what’s really working for this song and after a few days i’ll, just cut out the ones that aren ‘ T working and focus on the ones that’s, giving me the most results.

The other thing she mentioned before uh in my previous call with her, is talking about traffic campaigns and you’ll notice here that i am actually running a traffic campaign, and this is something i’ve, never done before.

I normally just run conversion campaigns, but in the first three days of my release, i need to get as many people to watch this video watch my ads and head over to spotify and listen to the song to help with the release radar algorithm.

So, by running a traffic campaign, i’m, not worried about the two-step process of clicking onto my landing page and then clicking onto spotify. I’m just linking them directly to spotify. So hopefully, a lot of people will click on that link, go right to spotify and it will help get me a lot of data as to who’s clicking on the link, and this will help me further target these people in the future and Will help give data for my conversions campaign, so i think this is some really really helpful information and a great way to start gathering data once again.

Marketing and running facebook ads is all about gathering data, the more data you have about people who, like your music and are performing the action you want, whether that’s, buying your merchandise or clicking through over to your spotify page, the more data they Collect the easier it’s, going to be for you to target these people and the cheaper it’s, going to be so anyways that kind of recaps everything that we talked about on that call.

Hopefully, you found this information just as helpful as i did it’s really great to go through and walk through. These uh campaign builds with a marketing expert from facebook and just to see that i am doing it right and that everything’s built properly.

So, as always, if you did find this video helpful be sure to give it a big thumbs up. It really does help out me and my channel so so much so thanks in advance. You can do that. Oh, i’m, losing my voice just been talking here and if you want to stay up to date with more music related content.

Just like this feel free to subscribe so that you don’t miss out thanks. So much for watching have a good one.

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