Ex-Apple Marketer Breaks Down the Best Facebook Ads & How to Make Them

As many obstacles that you can envision, that the feedback from your consumers or what you’re reading in the space, if you can speak to it and tell why your product can overcome it, you’re gonna have their intrigue for Them to reach out and try your product.

If you already mentioned that over 52 % of the actual conversion rate is based upon the Korea that you’re gonna run, let’s, get into some creative talk. Okay, so as I scroll it’ll come into play now again turn the volume.

I will let her run every time. I show you new creative. I’m gonna. Let it go all the way through now. Let’s. Talk about the major elements that makes it work. I’m gonna turn the volume now that, because it almost scared the crap outta me so we go to the beginning.

You can already see that we’re showing the product within the first three seconds. That is the most valuable information I can share with you, because the average drop off happens around second number 5, so the quicker we can get that first value proposition with the product in place.

That’s; money that’s. What we’re gonna win, so let’s. Look at this. You show the shoes already a hundred percent waterproof knit shoes shows them walking in the puddle. That doesn’t happen, and this is real.

It’s, 100 percent waterproof. You can go jump in puddles. I promise you 100 % issues as it transitions. What we like to call is at least two frames per second designed for everyday wear. Again speaking, breaking out I don’t want to have to use.

Is this just for travel? It’s lightweight and extremely breathable, a big big connotation that we found when we’re looking through our audience is. Can I breathe if it’s waterproof? How is it breathable? Well, it is, and it’s able to communicate that clearly, because that’s, a big big issue that we’ve, seen comments on.

We’ve, seen reviews of if it’s waterproof. How is it able to breathe freely? Well, they’ve developed that technology to do so, as it continues on yet happiness. One of the biggest things we have to include, if someone enjoying it right, you want to see smiling faces.

You want to see the type of people that are actually wearing it, that’s, actually the founder again very easy way for us to show how important that the shoes is taking this. He’s, taking a hose shooting it right on the shoe showing that it’s, easy to clean and get it off diet propositions.

If you can just go through and count how many times they try to inter issue issue issue, knock it down all they’re. Trying to do is convey that this product is gonna solve all these problems for you. Lastly, you got a review copy review.

Copy is the easiest way if you’re having a roadblock if you’re, having trouble going like what am I gonna write about this specifically, nothing reviews. Do the talking and have your great piece of creative work? Let me show you another one: [ Music, ], again the music it’s.

The first thing that jumps out on you. It’s, playful it’s upbeat. I think you’re, seeing a trend. The easiest way for us to put this is text overlay. We are trying to break down all the reasons why someone would not buy this product and frankly, it’s, a giant Snuggie that’s.

All it really is, but we’re able to frame it such a playful light that who wouldn’t want to buy this thing perfect for morning, chill perfect for the chilly morning, design for cuddling. Of course, you want to cut it with this thing.

It comes gift-wrapped that’s, important because guess what we realized by analyzing, the data people are buying this not for themselves, but for others. How do you include that in the in the process of creative iteration? Lastly, I think how they wrote they a copy is really important to highlight.

If you’re like me, you spend a thousand hours in your comfy clothes each year. More often than not, you’re, either wearing comfy clothes or you’re, leaving the house and not so comfy clothes. And for me, if you can look at me, I’m, always in comfy clothes.

I love how it talks about the variety of colors. I love o talk to you. Both it has a female and male inside of it and a great call to action at the end. Moving on [ Music ], it’s, took seven seconds seven seconds to communicate what exactly that this product? Does it’s very impressive, and that means it can be able to show on Instagram and on Facebook? So let’s talk.

Why is it work? Nothing special about the copy, but it’s. Okay, cuz it’s. Direct kind is clear: the clear we can be the more we can get them off that Facebook page and on to shopping on our store. So it’s, the ultimate shopping present.

Do you soccer-ball? If I were to click through it’ll link me right to my page. So now you might be wondering why is this girl dribbling a soccer ball in the house? Well, you got ta understand the demographic right here.

The demographic is potentially in the city, potentially not having space to outdoor training and potentially showing that, like I can’t, invest in having a private coach. So I’ll want a private coach with me in my own home and my own comfort ability, so they’ve, highlighted to show both her training indoors and training outdoors, leveraging that the you do get to see the little bit of A stand that they provide you and it’s.

What we like to call a mean text, so she’s, practicing with a smart soccer ball that might pull some intrigue. I know you’re, seeing the trend it’s very clear now, if you’re running top of funnel traffic, you need to be doing is communicating why they would buy your product? Why, for some reason, you’re, trying to pull on a single string that they would take that leap of faith and give a brand new product.

They’ve, never even heard of an opportunity and the money so product like this, the biggest takeaway show what it looks like for us watch lovers. I include myself in this. You want to see how big that face.

Is you want to see what the strap looks like what you want to see up close and I would come up with different various shirts and it’s. So subtle it’s, so subtle, but they show the variation of shirts and arms and we see that text overlay.

It’s there, every time with creative. That has over a thousand comments and almost over a thousand shares. You have more opportunity for you as a brand or whoever’s, monitoring your comments to kind of reach out and reach out reach out to the consumers and potentially sell them in that comments as well, so the more vile the more I would say, Beautiful the creative is, it makes people want to comment.

It makes people want to talk about it. So if you’re, seeing the engagement go up, that’s, another great opportunity for you as a brand to reach out and try to close some sales. In the comments I got a couple more for you.

It helps to save dark spots and hyperpigmentation for radiant easy skin tone. I could do this all day. This is incredible, and what I want to really highlight here is they know who their demographic is, the content-specific it’s, playful its upbeat and with a named iron gleamin.

It’s pretty on point, so we look at it turn the volume a little bit big text, the consumers are there highlighting the products that’s involved there. These are all things that you can easily get stock, creative or shoot.

It yourself, I can wash this with the sound off because they’re, communicating exactly what it is that they’re, saying it’s, just so visual, the more you can show that demonstration, the more you can look at It exactly it’s happening the more opportunity you have to convincing a consumer.

Try out a brand new product. I love the copy as well, because what you’re gonna do. Is you’re gonna get a you’re gonna get someone on that emotion, you’re trying to resonate with as well as I want. An instant, barefaced glow fade my dark spots and stain free firmly for all skin types.

These are things that they’ve. Seen in the comments, these are the things things that they’ve, been seeing from their past purchasers and they’re directly attacking it. On that prospect and creative, let’s.

Keep the ball rolling one of the classic favorite. This is where it all began. This is digitally [, Music ]. Now we’ll do a caveat. I would never call somebody out that has ADHD. I would never do that.

It’s, not gonna be acceptable on Facebook, but what I want you to see again when I hit play, is it’s gonna be very, very clear to who we want to be marketing towards? Where do we want these people to be taking this? In 2017 we launched this brand.

We knew that the main buying demographic we’re gonna be students in school. Hence I’ll be shot most of it in school. So the formula, if I had to tell you with one more to go, is as many obstacles that you can envision that feedback from your consumers or what you’re reading in the space.

If you can speak to it and tell them why your product can overcome it, you’re gonna, have their intrigue for them to reach out and try your product last one, and we’ll end on a great one, no sound, But what it is it’s, so visually appealing that someone’s gonna, want to understand and use it.

So it’s, a waterproof backpack, not just a waterproof backpack part of me, but it’s. Ultra lightweight and you can use it in any place from the snow from a sand to travel and it’s. Pretty clear takes me only about six seconds for us to convey all that honestly, I could do this all day.

This is the best part about building a brand. You get to create the cream. You get to tell a story. You’re gonna convince someone to buy what you put so much time, effort and money into it’s, pretty straightforward.

As to what you need to be doing, and what type of elements that you need to include in the creative that you’re gonna make, the founder vision is to help you create an ass-kickin business and help you learn straight from the mouths Of world-class founders, you’re free printed edition of founder magazine featuring Sir Richard Branson.

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