Customize Your Channel Branding & Layout: Add a Profile Picture, Banner, Trailer, Sections, & more!

In this video, we’ll walk you throughthe new Customization page in YouTube Studio. This page lets you change the homepage layout, branding,and basic info for your channel. Let’s first dive into the “Layout” tab. This tab lets you select and organizewhat viewers see when visiting your channel. First, you can add a video spotlight. This is the main videosomeone sees when visiting your channel and you can showcase a different video depending onif the viewer is subscribed or not.

For people who aren’t subscribed,you can add a channel trailer. A channel trailer can be a quick videothat highlights what you create what viewers can expect from your channel,and encourages people to subscribe. For returning subscribers,you can add any featured video. You can change or remove these videosat any time by clicking the 3-dot menu. Next, you can add featured sections. Sections allow you to customize what viewerssee when they land on your channel homepage. They’re made up of videos and playlists. They help you organizeand showcase content from your channel.

To add a section, click “Add section.” Choose if you want to featurevideos, playlists, or channels. With “Videos,” you can choose from a listthat will pre-populate the videos for you. For example, “Uploads” will automatically add any new videothat you publicly upload to your channel. “Popular uploads” will automatically showcaseyour top 12 videos with the highest views. “Playlists” lets you highlight playlistsalready curated by you or other creators. “Single playlist” will display a carouselof videos you’ve added to that playlist showing the most recently added video first.

And “Multiple playlists” will allow youto group multiple playlists under one section and allow you to add a section title. Finally, “Channels” lets you showcaseyour other channels, your collaborators or any other favorite channels. Next up is the “Branding” tab. With this tab,you can add various branding elements that can helpmake your channel visually unique and let viewers know what they can expectif they subscribe to your channel. First, you can add a profile picture.

Your profile picture will appear whereveryour channel is represented on YouTube like next to your videos, comments,and in user search results. Next, you can add a channel banner image. This appears across the top of your channel and can give viewersa visual sense of your channel and content Make sure to follow the imagesize requirements to get the best results. Finally, if you add a video watermark,it will appear on your videos in the bottom right-hand cornerof the video player and viewers can use itto subscribe to your channel.

You can choosewhen it shows during your videos at the end, at a custom start time,or throughout the entire video. Finally, there’s the “Basic info” tab. This tab lets you edit your channel name,add a channel description add translations for your channel nameand description in other languages add links to sites you want to share withyour viewers, and add contact information in case you want peopleto email you with business inquiries. Once you make changes to any of these tabs click “Publish” tomake your changes live on your channel.

For more info about how touse YouTube Studio, check out this playlist. Thanks for watching!
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