Blogging Niches: How BROAD Can You Go? [8 Months Case Study]

Hi guys in this video i want to share some results with you from a test study. I’ve, been doing over the last 9 or 10 months, so i started the site in march and now we are in january, so the site is 10 months old and it’s.

A very, very super, broad broadside. This just about anything and everything it’s, a woman’s magazine and i’ve, been writing about cultural questions, personal development relationship fashion, social media, interior design, jewelry shopping furniture, dating tips and just all over the place.

So the idea was to test if you can write about like everything and all there is to write about instead of going with a specific niche, i wanted to test if i could rank this site, if i could get good traffic to a site like that, you Might be wondering why on earth would you do that, but we’ll get back to that in a second, because there are some major advantages to having like a broad domain name and abroad site all together.

So i started this site with a very, very broad domain name and a very broad idea about that. I wanted to go into everything, think about something like mashable. For example, they write about everything from tech and lifestyle and fashion and just all over the place, and i posted 37 articles on the site and i made sure that they were in different categories.

So there was no really topical relevance or you can say no silos or categories, meaning that google would not really see me as an expert in anything from the start, at least so that was the idea to see if a site like that would ever take off.

So, as i said, i posted 37 articles and then i just let them sit there, because i didn’t want to waste more time and money on the project if it didn’t take off at all. So before we look at the numbers and we see what happened with this site, i want to talk a little bit about why you may want to go for a broader niche and or a broader domain name, rather than a very small and well-defined niche.

So there are definitely more growth potential down the line for your site. If you go with a very broad domain name and a broader niche altogether, because you’ll be able to go in many different directions if your site is not called sound bar freak or best sound bar review, something where you go more specific and You talk about a specific product or category of items or products or a hobby, or something like that so by going broader, so to speak with the domain name and going for a bigger niche.

There are this growth potential, of course, but there’s. Also potential to get more authority over time because let’s say you wanted to build this one bigger site instead of building two or three smaller sites, then over time, if you put more articles on one website, instead of spreading them over different sub Niches, you would have more links pointing to this same domain name.

So let’s say you build this bigger, broader site. Instead of building out two or three smaller sites in smaller, well-defined niches, then over time let’s, say you post 100 articles on this site and you post 100 articles across these three sites.

So 100 articles is the amount of content you can produce right and over here you have them put in three different sites. Let’s say these hundred articles will attract 30 links over time. Then, when you have all these articles on the same domain name and you create a broader site, all these links will point to the same domain name while over here they’ll, be pointing to three different domain names, meaning that you’Ll sort of spread that authority in google’s eyes over several sites over here.

On the other hand, you & # 39; ll, have a bigger, more authoritative and more trustworthy site in google’s eyes, because the domain has more backlinks. All together across the articles on the site and something else that’s, really cool.

If you have a site that’s broader rather than narrow, is that whenever you find a really good writer, you’ll, be able to work with that writer to figure out what they’re good at what they know About, naturally, like what experience do they have? We talked about this a little bit in one of the last videos i did where i shared with you, how i’ve, been building this bigger site with just one writer, and i really just dig into everything that this writer knew about.

It was a tech site, and i guess you remember that video so by having a broader niche or a broader site, a broader domain name, you’ll, be able to work with your writer and figure out what they are good at, what they are Passionate about so you’ll, get better content because you don’t need to force them to only write about sound bars or specific type of bikes or birds, or something like that.

So now let’s, dive into the data here and see what actually happened on the site. So this is google search console and you’ll, see here that it took a long time before anything happened on the site and then slowly it started to take off.

And then here we had the google corp update, which did to my site what it normally does. It will cause a dip for a while and then it bounces back over a week or two and then the growth here continues and then, of course, we have christmas here and we have a lot of things going on here over the holidays, and that just means That traffic will probably pick up again here in january, and the holiday season here is definitely something to factor in, because if we look here at the demographics over in google analytics, we will see here that the majority, the blue portion here is traffic from the united States and if we include the uk, canada and australia, it’s 75 of the traffic.

So it’s. Definitely from the western english-speaking world, which also means that christmas is a big thing and we will have less traffic when it’s, something that hasn’t gotten anything to do with christmas or just something that people will google around the Holidays, so if we go back here, we can see that, from these 37 articles we got around a little less than 000 clicks and out of these 37 articles, 30 of those by now had eight to nine months time to rank.

That means that normally these articles would have reached their full potential in terms of traffic so and normally i get around 800 to 1000 page views per article and that’s, not what i’m getting here as we’Ll see in a second over in google analytics so remember.

We’re testing. How important it is to have this topical relevance to write articles around the same sub niche and we’re, also seeing if we can beat this without trying to rank on similar topics. If we just go for underserved topics, because on this side here, all 37 articles are very, very much underserved topics: it’s, definitely something where you would find forums, quora and other user generated content at the top of google.

So let’s, get over here to google analytics and see what happened here. So you’ll, see over the last 30 days. Only one of these articles has more than 800 page views per month. It’s at 1400. Page view so that’s, doing pretty well, but then the rest of those here are much lower and as we keep scrolling down here, you’ll, see many of these articles have like less than 50 clicks by now, and they’re, definitely underserved topics and they’re, definitely not in the ymyl space.

So i strongly believe that we will rank for it. Eventually. It just takes a lot longer so by looking at the numbers here, with around 3 000 page views over a 30 day period. Normally i would get closer to 30 000 page views, because i have 30 articles that had time to rank.

They are more than 8 months old. They would each draw in around 800 page views and then some extra for the other articles that haven’t reached their full potential. Yet so i think that would be around 25 to 30 000 page views.

So the site here is growing around 8 to 10 times slower than my other sites, where i don’t stretch myself over a lot of different topics, but i try to stick to a specific category of topics. So i sort of developed this topical relevance in google and show them that i’m, actually an authority on what i’m writing about.

So i think it’s really important to test these assumptions once in a while, because google is evolving and we need to know what happens. So, of course, i assumed this would be the case, but i didn’t know that it was up to 10 times slower.

If you don’t follow the strategy of writing articles around the same category or the same product, or something like that. But again you can definitely rank your site. It just takes a lot longer, so you might be wondering what about monetization for a site like this and for this specific site here, i didn’t turn on ads just yet, because there’s, not a lot of traffic to it.

Yet, as you could see – and i also didn’t include any of your little links – it was just a test so far at least to see if i could actually get some traction and get some traffic to the site and then, of course we Can always monetize it if it’s a good success, but i would say for a site like this, that’s super broad.

It’s, a great opportunity to monetize. It really well, because you’ll, be able to dig into products and areas with a lot of commercial intent, and you can just go all over the place. So as soon as you find a topic or a sub-category of topics where you have good earnings with ads and affiliate, you can just keep digging into that area and you can find other sub niches within that broad domain.

Name that that can go on the side, because you’ll, be able to go almost everywhere with a site like this, so i would say it’s. It’s, a really really strong strategy for the monetization part of things.

So let’s. Try to conclude something here. If this is a good strategy to go as broad as this, or if this is indeed too broad, i would not build a site like this, not as broad as this. I would not go all over the place.

I would try to have a defined niche. At least in the beginning, i would try to write articles around the same type of product or the same hobby or whatever, and not spread yourself all over the place, because you will just have a harder time getting started with the site.

If you really need a year or two before you see any real traffic to it, so it’s very, very demotivating not to be able to monetize your site even after a year and not really make hardly any money with it.

But we saw that it can be done and to me it looks like it just takes a lot more time, so you ‘ Ll probably see the same amount of traffic, it’ll, just be delayed, maybe even a year more, but i ‘

Ll, definitely come back with an update on the site and the traffic and how it all goes eventually. After a couple more months and if something starts to happen quickly, of course, i’ll, let you guys know so i think the conclusion here is: you can totally do it if you want a site like that, and i think it’S a strong strategy, if you have time on your hands, so maybe for your second or third or fourth site.

If you are deciding to build this as a business, and you’re, not just looking to build like one block and maybe create this block of yours around a hobby that you’re, really passionate about. If you’re more looking to create a business and you want to diversify and go into different areas and have different sites and a portfolio of sites, i think it can be a great strategy, but just be aware that the traffic will come much.

Much slower, so i think, with a site like this. What i would do differently is to always start with let’s, say 20 30 or 40 articles around the same product or hobby or sub niche within that site, because, even though the domain name is super, super broad doesn’t mean That you have to start going all over the place with the first 50 articles right.

You can still start writing the first batch of articles around the same topic, and then you will definitely take off much much faster because you’ll. Have this topical relevance in google and they will see you as an expert much much sooner around the specific thing that you decide to write about this sub niche that you decide to start out with on your site and then down the line you’Ll be able to just go everywhere with the site and that’s.

Why i like to really use these broader domain names? I have a handful of really big sites or these sites that i can go very very far with i’ve shared a lot of data with you here on the channel. You know my site go downsize.

It’s, not called like or I call it go downsize because i wanted to write about just small space living, so we write about that from a perspective of apartments and boats that’s.

Definitely a confined space. If you’re living on a boat, that’s, a small space too, and also rving and full-time rving and camping, and that stuff, where you’re, also living in a small space, so by calling it go downsize, we Were able to go into these huge verticals and really, i think we can take that site to 10 000 articles.

If you want to, i think i’m, getting close to 800 articles. Now i’ve, been speeding down a little bit, because i want to ensure that the quality is still good. As i’m wrapping up the content production, i just crossed, i think 100 articles per month and i’m.

Not sure i’ll go much faster or start producing much more content than that. Now that i also have the community to take care of and my course and i want, of course keep developing that and be very, very engaged in that.

I’m in the course community daily, and you know that if you’re in there, but i i also have other sites like one big tech site, that’s, just about everything, tech related, or at least it can Be over time – and i shared some numbers with you about that site – i think a couple weeks ago and i have a broad broadside about automotive and the site about interior and just other things.

So i’m testing out a lot of things, but i’m, also trying to build out these big pillar sites that can go really really far. So the deciding factor here when you’re, choosing a niche where you can go broad is really the domain name.

So a good example here i just came up with instead of calling your site pro hiker. If you want to build a site about hiking, you could call it nature freak, for example, because then you’ll, be able to not only talk about hiking.

Eventually, you’ll, also be able to talk about swimming or biking, running camping and just all of it really, and that’s. A great way to do it because a site called nature freak will just look as valid to write about hiking as a site.

That specifically, has the word hiking in the domain name, so i always try to avoid having a product name or a category name or something like that in the domain name, i don’t want to have a site that’s called Pro hiker, because that will limit me to only be able to write about hiking and if, for some reason, i’m, not able to rank there over time, or maybe i even exhaust the number of topics and there’s.

Just really. No more really good topics to write about. Eventually then, i’ll, get stuck with the site and i can really continue developing it, and maybe at that stage the site has gathered, let’s, say 200, really really strong links or thousands of links and by that time it’ll be a monster of a site that you really want to throw some really competitive stuff on where you can make a lot of money from affiliate heavy articles and it’ll.

Be such a pity if you’re, not able to keep growing it into other verticals if by then you have a really really strong side with a lot of authority on google subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up.

I hope it was helpful. I’ll, see you guys again soon. Bye,

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