Hi guys so welcome to the evenings youtube channel. If you’re new here then definitely consider subscribing, but if you’re, not new. Here then definitely welcome back. So in today’s. Video. I want to talk to you about some of my personal favorite digital products.
I have loved creating in 2020 and i’m, going to be continuing to create in 2021 and also that i think, are hopefully going to be quite good sellers in 2021. I just love creating digital products. I love experimenting with digital products.

If you watch a number of videos on my youtube channel, i talk about digital products, a lot because i love creating low maintenance and passive income streams online. I actually that’s. Basically, my how i create my full-time income and so yeah definitely feel free to check out some other videos as well.
If you don’t know much about me and and what i do, but in this video i want to talk to you about five digital products that i absolutely adore. I’ve loved, creating, and i definitely recommend that if you are thinking about creating some digital products in 2021 or digital product business, that some of these might be awesome ones for you to give a try so the first digital product i want to Talk to you about is one that i only recently created what i recently created, but i created in 2020 because i’ve, been creating digital products now for a good couple of years, but this was the first time that i ever tried to create.
This digital product and i created in 2020 – and these are planners digital download planners – and i had i absolutely love them. I’ve sold quite a number of them now and yeah. I just think they’re, so awesome to create and it’s so great to create a product that helps people.
So i have a couple of planners. I have like a productivity planner. I have an online business planner and i also have an etsy focused planner as well, that helps people build their own etsy shop so definitely feel free to go check it out.
I’ll leave the links to all of them below. If you want to check them out, but i have absolutely loved it, i have loved the feedback of creating my planners and i use canva to create my planners, which i remember when i first started looking into creating planners, everyone was telling me i had to use Certain software and i couldn’t use canva and all of this, and i thought well.
Canva, has been the graphic software that i have used to create all of my other products and i absolutely love it. It’s. What i feel comfortable with i have a couple of tutorials on this youtube channel, showing you how i use camera for certain things, so i just thought.
Oh, i don’t really care what other people say. I’m, going to try and create my planners using canva, and i did i created them and i’ve sold, probably hundreds and hundreds of them, and i have never had a problem.
People really really like them, and i think that’s, something that i just kind of want to mention. Just because people tell you that you can’t create certain products without this or without that, or you have to have this or that that don’t always necessarily believe that and definitely go and try creating products, including all of these Products yourself with whatever software or whatever it is that you have sometimes, unfortunately, a software won’t, allow you or you you.
It’s just too difficult to be able to create a certain digital product using a certain type of software, but sometimes actually you just know and understand a software a little bit more than someone else does and that’s.
Why they recommend a different software than you, but i kind of digress on that, but i think that’s important when we’re talking about creating digital products, especially if you are new to creating digital products.
But again all of these products i’m talking about you – can definitely create whether you are new to it or not. It’s just about experimenting and learning the skills to create them, but planners have definitely been an awesome digital product.
For me to create, i’ve, really loved them. They’ve, helped boost my income and yeah. I’m, definitely going to be creating quite a few more of those in 2021. The next digital product that i want to talk about is one that again i’ve created, i feel, like i’ve, created a lot of videos on this youtube channel.
But again i’ve created a couple of videos around this product and these are online courses. I absolutely love online courses. I i created my first paid online course a couple of years ago, but definitely this year i have felt a lot more comfortable experimenting with how to sell my course experimenting with growing my audience.
My course experimenting with adding content, just everything really and it’s such a fun wonderful product to create, especially if you have a skill or you have something you want to teach other people, and you want to share that with other people.
It’s, absolutely awesome, i love it and you do not have to have a ton of experience at all. You can be a complete beginner and create an online course. I’m actually in the process of creating a course that’s, going to teach people how to create their own online course, because i know that when i started out, i was completely overwhelmed.
I didn’t know. You know what i needed to do, what i needed to put where and how i was going to sell it and actually, having had my course for a good while now and making quite a good sum of money from my course as well.
I feel, like i’m, very confident to talk to you guys about the steps that you need to take in order to build your course and sell your course, so that’s. Definitely a course. I’m, going to be creating and selling in 2021, but yeah they’re, just a really awesome digital product.
They have an amazing passive income ability to them, which again is something i’m, going to be sharing. In my course – and i just think that if they are a product that you think, do you know what in 2021, i want to create this, i want to have a go at.
Creating an online course. Definitely do it. I think, especially with the fact that so many people are needing to work from home or interested in either building online businesses or building types of businesses themselves, that you could perhaps help people with or doing hobbies that they’re interested in.
I know quite a few people who have got courses that are much more centered around interesting hobbies or helping people do things like parenting and all of these different things. I know people are looking a lot online at the end of 2020, but also going into 2021 to help them with those resources, especially things like well-being.
There’s, so many different topics that are coming up even more because, obviously of everything that we’ve been all going through in 2020, but absolutely awesome product. I definitely recommend if you’re thinking about it.
They’re, an awesome one to take into 2021.. The next product i want to talk to you about is one. I have a huge passion, for i have a huge love for, and that is one that you probably see all over my youtube channel, and that is our printfuls, and this is because obviously, digital products have become quite a boosted industry in terms of drawing this pandemic.
But, to be honest, they were growing in popularity. I personally think anyway, because it’s, just such a really handy way to be able to purchase something and there’s. No physical contact involved and there’s no waiting times involved either.
So art printables are absolutely great because they’re, a great way for someone to purchase an art printable to print it out and to be able to decorate their home or to give out as gifts and another reason why i absolutely love art printables Is because for me personally, they will always have a special place in my heart because they are the online business that helped me learn all of the skills.
I mean every single skill that i have gone on to use to create all of my other online businesses. I learned through building my art, printable business and selling art, printables and learning how to target and driving an audience and make sales and create a digital product and use the graphics software.
In order to create my art, printables and all of those things – and i honestly could not recommend them enough, so i always have an absolute passion for art printables, and i even have a course that shows people how to create their own art, printable business, because i Know that it is such a great way to start building your online income to grow.
Your online income learn how to create passive income and low maintenance, digital products, and again you can take that and you can either scale that business or you continue to add businesses to it.
You can pretty much do whatever you want and i think it’s such a great. I’ve, created a lot of videos around this subject. I think it’s, a great online business. To start it’s, super creative and fun to help you learn all of these skills, as well as bring you in income as you learn.
So i’m, always going to recommend europe on year, creating an art, printable business and creating art printables, because i think that they are a pretty good staple. They’re, still growing in popularity as more people become aware of our principles and yeah, just a really great product to create, and definitely one to create and build in 2021.
The next digital product, i think, is going to do very well in 2021 and has done very, very well in 2020, are ebooks and, of course, the reason for that is because a lot of people are looking for. More entertainment are looking for things like books, and things to entertain are looking for things that are super handy.
So you’re, not having to wait days in order to get a physical book in your hand, and also because of unfortunately, the amount of shops and things that keep closing all the time on and off. You know it’s, just an easy way to guarantee you can get a book and obviously i always love having a mixture.
You could probably tell in my office of real books and also digital books, but yeah. I just think they are a hugely growing market for digital products and i personally sell some ebooks and i make income from them.
I’ve had my books now i want to say four years i could be wrong. I can’t. Even think i haven’t actually done any work on them in quite a while, but they still continue to bring me in consistent income month after month.
I’m, so grateful for taking the time to create the books that i created and the fact that they still bring me in income that pays some of my bills each and every month. So i definitely think that they are digital products super worth.
Taking the time to create to learn how to sell, to put them on certain ebook platforms, and i definitely think no one’s worth continuing to create in 2021. In fact, it’s. One of my goals that i want to at least add to my inventory of ebooks in 2021, because i want to keep boosting and growing that passive income stream.
Finally, a more of a big boy – i would say digital product to create that i think is going to do very, very well in 2021 and has been growing. I’ve, definitely been keeping my eye on this digital product and this type of digital product over the last year or so, and i was actually in the process of creating my own, but i just decided to go a different direction temporarily.
But i’m, definitely going to be creating one at some point, hopefully in 2021, and these are membership sites. I absolutely love membership sites. I love the business model of a membership site. I love the fact that it brings in recurring income and it also helps you build an audience and a tribe.
I think it’s. It’s, just such a great digital product that is growing and building in popularity over time, and i definitely think with everything that has been going on in the online world. People are looking for connection community goals and projects that’s.
Just so important and it you can see it’s, definitely buzzing in the online world. I think it’s, going to continue to buzz in 2021 as well. So i definitely recommend that if you want to create your own membership site, whether that is for something like helping people with business or parenting or doing a hobby or you know just well-being or accountability there’s, so many different things that you can Create a membership site around definitely go.
Do your homework start, exploring the how you can create membership sites and obviously, when i sit down – and i start continuing to build my own, i will be documenting the journey and talking to you guys about it as well.
So definitely feel free to subscribe. If you want to stay updated with all of the things that i’m going to be creating and all the digital products, i’m going to be creating in 2021, but yeah. I just think they are an absolutely awesome product.
Their business model is amazing and their revenue has so much potential when it comes to bringing in income it’s. They’re, really really amazing. On your end. So as the seller, and also, i think there’s, something that’s, so going to be needed in 2021, with people wanting to keep that connection, that community with other people wanting projects and things to either help them build their income Or to help them be entertained and excited, or to help with new challenges that are coming around in 2021 and also existing challenges like things like parenting or looking after pets or whatever it is and yeah.
I just know that, and i think that membership sites are going to be just as big in 2021 as in 2020 or even more as they continue to grow in popularity, so yeah definitely one. I both want to create, and also i’m.
Definitely going to be joining because i already am part of a couple, but i want to join a couple more definitely in 2021. So again i’m. So sorry for the bad lighting in this video, it’s, absolutely rubbish, but there is like no light outside, even though it’s like three p.
m. In the uk. I just hope that this video is helpful to you. I hope it starts to get you inspired or interested in the idea of creating your own digital product business in 2021. They are absolutely amazing, and there are so many reasons why i recommend them, whether it’s for personal growth and mental health, whether it’s for challenging yourself, whether it’s for income, whether it’s, A creativity and fun just whether it’s about building community whatever it is.
They are absolutely awesome and the best thing is you can create them from the comfort of your own home and they do not take up all of your time. All the time so yeah just so many reasons why i think they’re.
Absolutely awesome, definitely go check out other videos that i have on the channel. If you want to know more about what i do and the digital products i create, and why i love them so much but yeah, i hope you enjoyed this video definitely feel free to subscribe and check out the description box below for all the details to this Video and everything that i have down there, that’s like helpful resources and all those things and i’ll, see you in the next one: bye,

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