Ranking videos on YouTube has a different algorithm than ranking videos on Google because those searching on YouTube have different intentions of those searching on Google.

For ranking at the top of YouTube, you need real people to search for your keyword in YouTube, click on your video instead of a competitor’s video, watch your video, and interact with it such as commenting, sharing, liking..etc.

The more of this you have, the more authority your channel builds and the more relevant YouTube thinks your video is based on the keyword they are searching so your video gets moved up over your competitors. It’s as simple as that.

If you have a new YouTube channel, don’t expect to get top rankings for your videos.  In fact, YouTube may not rank your first couple of videos at all.  YouTube has to know that you are a legit channel and provide content that its viewers want to watch which is why it’s so important to create quality content.

Don’t expect to outrank another high authority YouTube channel if your channel is relatively new.


Video optimization plays a MASSIVE part in ranking your videos.  This is where most people mess up.  In fact, proper video optimization may be enough to rank your video at the top of YouTube depending on the competition.

Here’s what you need to do to properly optimize your YouTube video:

Focus On One Niche/Topic:
Make sure your YouTube channel is based around one specific niche/topic so YouTube understands what it’s about.  If you mix in several completely different topics in your channel, it confuses YT and it won’t know what your channel is really about.  This reduces your channel’s authority because it’s not focused on one specific topic.

Your Video Title:
Include your main keyword (the keyword you want to rank for) at the beginning of your video title.  This is a huge ranking factor that can make or break your video rankings.  Then add another variation of your keyword at the end of the video title.

Your Video Description:
Include your main keyword at the very beginning of your video description.  Create a few paragraphs in your video description and add your keyword 2-3 more times.  You can get a lot of extra views if you add in variations of your keyword too which will many times rank in YouTube search results.

Your Video Tags:
Include your main keyword and variations in your video tags.

Video Thumbnail:
Create an eye-catching thumbnail that people will want to click on.  YouTube can read the text in thumbnails as well as understand images so try to include your main keyword in your thumbnail.

YouTube Ranking Example

When you properly optimize your video, you’ll get many more organic views! If you add secondary keywords and/or variations of the main keyword in your video title, description, and tags, your video can even rank for them.

Let’s say you want to promote the ranking service. Here’s one way you could optimize your video.

Main keyword: Review
Secondary keywords: rank in youtube, youtube seo service, youtube video seo, video seo services

Possible Video Titles: Review: Rank in YouTube With Review: YouTube SEO Ranking Service Review: My Results With Ranking in YouTube Review: How I Ranked In YouTube Using

Possible Video Description: Review: In this video, I want to share with you my results of ranking in YouTube using the video SEO ranking services.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to rank videos in YouTube then you have to see what happened after I purchased the video ranking service through a company called

In this review, you’ll see where my video was ranking in YouTube when I first uploaded it, then again after I used

…. etc.

Possible Video Tags: review,, video seo, youtube seo service, rank in youtube, video seo services.. etc.


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