2021 Facebook Ads – $0-$2K/Day Strategy Exposed [Case Study]

I can guarantee you that this is one of the most valuable facebook ad videos you will ever see here on youtube completely for free. Over the last month, i’ve, taken a facebook ad account from being completely empty and having no ads running to now doing over two thousand dollars a day with a very, very profitable row.

As and the cool thing about it is that i’ve filmed the entire process, which is going to be this video, and i’ve, even made sure to put no ads in this video whatsoever. So you can go through the video.

Take notes enjoy it and then utilize it that’s, the biggest piece here. What’s going on everybody tanner here with another video? I hope you’re all having an amazing and productive day. So far. First off, i just wanted to thank you so much for 100 000 subscribers.

This is a big milestone. I’ve, been running this channel for a few years now, and i’m very, very happy that this has happened, and i just wanted to personally. Thank you for helping me get to this place.

If you haven’t subscribed already, and you’re new here, just go ahead and hit that subscribe button. If you enjoy the content that you see today, so let’s, go ahead and hop on my computer and go over some ads and start this journey from taking this ad account from scratch to over two thousand dollars a day with a very, very Profitable row as so let’s, do it.

So if we go ahead and refresh this ad account, you can see here in the last 30 days here in 2021, we spent over eight thousand six hundred seventy dollars and brought back close to thirty. Eight thousand dollars in revenue with an average four point: three five return on our ad spend, which is really really good.

So the cool thing is that this is actually the ad account that i filmed the process from taking it from scratch to where it is now. So if we go here to today, uh you can see you’ve spent 488 dollars and brought back close to 2600.

So i have some new campaigns that are doing very, very well, which i’m, going to show you exactly how they work. So we’re, going to start off here with the first clip when i started this ad account. What i was doing and explaining that process, and then we’re just going to keep moving on and there’s.

Only a few updates about 10 to 15 minutes worth of content, and then i’m gonna hop in here and give you the full overview of what i’ve, been doing over the last couple of weeks. With this ad account and how everything’s working and how you can apply the same strategies to your facebook ad account, you know i’m, going over everything from how to test the product.

What to look for when you’re testing, that product in your facebook ad results and how to skyrocket your sales with my scaling strategies and most of these strategies here apply to pretty much any business.

You may be running facebook ads for whether it’s direct to consumer, like these facebook ads here for an e-commerce business or where you’re, just generating leads for an agency or anything else, and just so.

You have some background. This first clip that’s about to play was filmed on february 11th, which was the first day ads started running for these two product test campaigns in the facebook ad account and we hit a 50 a day spending limit.

So you’re gonna see how the campaigns are set up and a few more updates after that of how the ads are performing. What i’ve, been working on and then i’m gonna meet you back right here in just a few minutes to cover where the ad account is at now.

What i’m working on and making some adjustments. So you know what to do within your own ad account, so you can see success. Let’s, go ahead and actually go through the campaign structure, so you can see sort of how i structure a product test or if you know a product’s going to work.

You still do this, but it’s. Not as complicated as it seems, you know, these results, i would say, are not typical. I don’t want to be uh. Annoying here be flexing on a 37 row as on you guys, because in all honesty it’s, not tracking accurately.

There is several sales for this product um, which is making it very, very profitable, on a 50 amount spent um, but really over time. We’re, going to be able to see the real results and you know align that with the store and uh go from there.

So we’re, not just spacing it off of 50 spinning ads, so uh campaign structure. Let’s, go right here. First, the names of these so, like i said these are there’s, a higher ticket lower ticket? The way i title all my campaigns is: this a1 is standing for ad creative one.

This is the product name here and i’m doing cold targeting in the united states. Only so this way, when i’m launching campaigns – and i have you – know 50 campaigns or whatever it is, i can see exactly you know.

What is running within this campaign and not really be confused? I see a lot of people get messy with it and you can lose track of it really quick and start losing money, but anyways. Let’s, go to the ad set level here.

So you can see five ad sets in this campaign here and we’ll go ahead and edit one i’m optimizing for purchases because that’s. What i want, i want purchases i don’t want to optimize for view content or anything else.

In theory that sounds like it could work, but you’re just going to burn money, uh just optimize for purchase if you want purchase. If you want add to carts optimize, rather carts 20 day budget uh, because this is a higher higher margin – uh product higher ticket in general, so i don’t want to be waiting forever to get some sales, like, i said schedule for today, and This is the most basic thing you can do on facebook, united states, no age breakdown, no gender breakdown uh one interest, so one interest each, except for my no interest.

I don’t put anything in here. It’s just blank, but i always have this box checked. So if i unclick this, you see this audience size go down quite a bit 18 million. But when you have this click it’s, always going to say 230 million people, but you’re.

Just letting facebook find the people to buy your product so that’s. Why? I click it even when i do my lookalikes. They have a similar button but for expanding your lookalikes automatic placements, and then i made this campaign with five ad sets.

You can see here you can edit all these you can see they have the same ad creative. So a1 bc, because it’s, all the same ad and same product. Now that’s, a very, very important part of this. This would not be working at all if it wasn’t for those ad creators, because they’re, not very, very basic.

You know if you’re selling uh, like people used to sell air pods. Well, if you’re selling air pods, just doing like a white background like it’s, it could work, but it’s not going to work for a long time.

The key with longevity in e-commerce, in my opinion, is standing out and always testing new creatives, whether you’re doing 5k a day or 50k a day that’s, really what it takes for longevity, in my opinion, but you don’t need to, you know, worry about that from the start, necessarily as far as having multiple creative and keep making them.

Your main objective should just be getting consistent sales and you know, obviously, if you go into a product test with a crappy creative, then it may not work how you want it to work and it may be a good product that could sell.

But if it’s, not working, then you know you have a crappy creative. Then why are you doing that? Put together something nice and what i mean by put together something nice. I know sometimes budget may not.

You know be something that’s, super big, where you could spend 500 a thousand dollars on custom ad creatives for a product test. I know it sounds ridiculous um, but just stand out don’t don’t just take somebody else’s ad exactly and start using that um.

Try and just do something different. The biggest thing you can do is just you know, making your ad as relatable as possible. Um, you know. So if i was selling airpods, i would you know, bring that into you know.

What is what do people see airpods being used? For you know, people listening to music, so you see ads that apple runs or not even runs that has for airpods is just them actually being worn, whether it’s, someone running listening to music reading a book or whatever um.

You know just something of it being used and it doesn’t always have to be a video ad. A lot of people think that with drop shipping, you always have to be using video ads. I’ve, seen most success with image, ads and uh carousel style ads here on facebook, so uh this is update number one like i said this is just day one today february 11th refresh the sad account for you guys.

You can see again and uh yeah i’ll, see you in the next update in one second peace alrighty. So three days later, just a quick update, uh, i haven’t done anything to the ads because we’re. Still in a 50 day, spending limit still waiting for that to get removed.

Uh should happen any day now, but the ads have just now ad set level wise have started to spend the they’ve spent the total daily budget within four days, which is not really what we want a couple sales here and the necklace ad Set and for this product the lower ticket, one has three sales and no interest and two on louis vuitton uh, with an overall profitable row as which is good to see so like i said, we’re, just aiming to average.

You know if we can average a four to five row. As you know, this the limits go away and we could scale it uh that’s. All we’re. Looking for and we’ll, i mean go higher. If we can but uh that’s, the update for now, three days later, i’ll check in.

Hopefully, this limit gets removed by the next update and i’ll, be able to do some new ads and show you exactly what’s going on, but i’ll see you, then all right update, number three. So the last update was on february 14th and you can see not too much is going on.

We saw that 50 day spin limit, but luckily yesterday, which was the 18th. This is several days later that spending limit was removed. Um. So, overall yesterday was not a good day, but that limit got removed and now these ads are able to spin fully.

So you can see today no sales in these main campaigns, but this cbo, which i’m, going to explain in a second, is definitely doing well and overall over a 5.5 row as which is really really good. So basically, what i’ve been doing is not much just because the spinning limit got removed yesterday, so it shows the first time i actually did something with the ads.

So let me go ahead, make myself a little smaller here, so these ad sets here. This is obviously a higher margin product, but these were spending. You know they’ve spent over 60 without a sale. So i decided just to cut these for right.

Now and same thing here for this other product, this one’s a little bit lower ticket, and i believe these other ad sets will continue to get more sales and the row as will increase. Now that the spending limit is removed and it’ll be able to spend that full daily budget.

Finally, so that’ll, be able to give us some real results, but what i went ahead and did yesterday last night in schedule for today was i went here, and i saw the no interest ad set for this higher ticket product has been doing Really really well so what i went ahead and did was i duplicated it three times into a new campaign and what i did here just to show you the structure.

This is the new campaign here and i did it as a cbo, so you can see it’s. Three ad sets here of the no interest those three duplicates like. I just showed you and then i just turned it as a cbo. Instead of adset level budgets at sixty dollars a day, so that’s three times the original daily budget, so sixty dollars per day total just because, if i have an ad set that i see has over 10 sales and it’s, Profitable, this is just the next step.

I go to continue spending money on that targeting and uh. You know starting to scale up slowly, but surely so nothing too crazy. Yet i’m, going to let these run for another day and then get to work on some new ads and i’ll.

Keep you guys in the loop talk soon so now fast forward a few weeks. It is now march 17th. The last update was on february 19th and the reason i’m here now and not ending the video is because there’s so much more to get into looking back on those updates.

There’s. A lot of things. I wish i touched on more and gave more explanation on and i’m sure you felt the same way, which is why now we’re, going to be hopping into the ad account live and going over every little thing that i’ve, been doing since the last update and even previous to that.

So you get all your questions answered and are able to get results like this for yourself so right here we have a live view. Unfortunately, this is not for the one uh that we’re, showing you the ad account for this is something completely separate.

I just always like to touch on this in all of my videos and show you guys. This is something i actually do for living. This is something i enjoy doing running ads on facebook and to make sure that you’re learning from someone who is successful in whatever you’re, trying to learn so uh without further ado.

Let’s, go ahead and hop on to the ad account go through all the details, so you can build something like this for yourself and if you’re watching this video and are actually serious about taking yourself to the next level Within the ecommerce space, whether you already have a store that’s, doing very very well, and you want me to help scale it or you’re watching this, and you want to start completely from scratch and want my team and i To help you cut the learning curve and kind of boost that process, for you either way just shoot me.

The word ecom on instagram ecom, just shoot me a dm, and i will get back to you and probably ask you a few questions to see. If this even makes sense for you and how i can help, you so just shoot me that on instagram – and i’ll get back to you and we’ll see if it makes sense.

But now we are actually on the ad account so, like you saw, the last update was on february 19th and just to show you the remainder of that month, it the has kind of dipped down a little bit now. A 3.

51 is still good. It’s still profitable. I always like to stay. You know between a four and five, at least for the margins i have on this product um. Well now seeing it it’s, multiple products, so the stores kind of evolved and to give a little more background.

It is a niche store and we started with a few products and it’s, expanded now to something much bigger with a lot of similar products in the space um. Who knows, you may be able to kind of piece together what it may be? Just through the ads you’ve, seen here on the video so far so um, seeing here from february 19th to the 28th.

The big spenders on the ad account were the cold campaigns, so you can see here, 600 spent for this product with an average three row as and then this one with a 3.55 and the reason you can see some of these turned off here.

Even with you know, a row as close to three or above a three um is because they kind of died off later into the month, um well into march. So now, if we change the filter to monday march 1st to today the 17th, we can see that overall row, as is a lot higher and we have much more revenue generated.

So the sales have been much much more consistent, which is really what we’re. Looking for, and you can see down here into the month, that cold campaign just kind of died out and that product actually um.

I ended up just completely. Turning off all the ads, if you look up here, you won’t, see that product name and any of the active campaigns right now. So if i go in here into this cold campaign into the ad sets and let’s, say we put it on lifetime.

You can see that some of these here didn’t make sales and those actually turned off once they spend. You know about half of the break even point um. Without any sales, it just doesn’t make sense to me to keep them off so that’s, something i always look for and exactly what i did here.

I just went ahead and turned them off, and some of these other ones were okay, um, but just as time went on, they weren’t performing so lifetime. Even if these have a three four row as that’s really really good.

But the way that i look at my ads is we can even do this right now together is. I will take my ad account and go today all right. It’s march 17th, so i’ll, go here from the 14th to the 17th, so the last three almost four days.

We can look at what’s been working and what hasn’t been working, and this is something i would always recommend, especially when you’re in the testing phase, and even when you’re scaling. You know kind of where we’re at now.

There’s, a lot of different ads running it’s. Nothing super complicated just yet, but there’s, a lot of things running and you know if you’re at right around break. Even you know, keeping track of the unprofitable ads and turning them off and keeping up with that um is something that’s, really going to make or break the longevity of your ad account and whatever you’re selling here.

So if we go into each campaign – which is what i do, we’ll start off here with this cold campaign. This has actually been running for a long time. You can see 2.7, which is okay, so it’s kind of going down, but we’ll, keep an eye on it and see how it performs over time.

These two here still performing very, very well and learning limited um, pretty much. Just means that it’s, not getting as many sales as it should, within a seven day period to get into the active phase and typically, even if i have something performing really well with learning limited.

I know a lot of people kind of worry about it and it’s, something you should definitely keep in mind um, but if it’s working well, there’s, no reason to really be worried about it. The only time i see um learning limited becoming an issue is, if is basically the longevity of the ad set wouldn’t perform as long compared to an ad set that goes into active and then continues to run.

But if we even go here on lifetime, we can see here these campaigns are still doing very, very well overall, so putting the filters back from the 14th to the 17th, the no interest ad set itself is not doing the best.

Who knows it might bounce back over the next couple of days as we’re getting closer to the weekend, but no interest targeting just works very very well consistently, as you can still see here. This second campaign cbo on no interest, which is a cbo that i showed in one of the updates on how to do.

You’re, just duplicating an ad set, with over 10 sales three times into a cbo campaign, three times a budget. So this is 60 a day and you can see the ad sets here. It’s, just three of them and uh this one’s, still performing pretty work pretty well from the 14th to the 17th um.

The last several days spent 232 brought back a little over 1500 in revenue. So i’m, not touching this one and this one here again doing very well. This is a cbo, the same strategy but being used for another interest within that cold campaign, and i know a common question i get for product tests is how many axes should i be doing they think um.

You know it’s, a magic number. You do five assets, you do 10, 20, whatever it is, and realistically you kind of just play it by ear. Um, you know it. Doesn’t have to be super complicated, you kind of do what you think is right and what works well.

According to your budget, i didn’t want to burn a bunch of money for something that may not work um, but i don’t know if i ‘ Ve mentioned this already, but this store here that i’m running ads. For you know, i would consider this more of a brand.

This is custom content um. This is an actual brand. This is not just a normal uh. What you would call a crappy drop shipping store, the consumer can’t really tell if this is drop. Shipping or not, even though this is an actual brand uh with inventory, that i pretty much knew, was going to work um and when you put the work into something that you believe is going to work most of time, you can make that happen.

You know most people start out drop shipping, a really um basic store that consumers can automatically tell us a drop shipping store and running ads that they steal, maybe from someone else or using clips, which um can be okay, but it just really doesn’T work anymore that worked really well uh when i first started this channel a couple years ago, but nowadays uh definitely isn’t going to cut it.

You really need to put in work and now inventory isn’t, something you necessarily need uh, because there’s, still great suppliers out there, whether it’s from china or within the u.s that can ship your product in Good packaging and a pretty decent time, but inventory can make a lot of sense.

As you know, maybe an upsell. You have an x amount of inventory for people that choose us-based shipping and still ship normal orders from china, making them aware of what the shipping times may be. So these cbo’s here from march 14th to 17th.

I’m, not touching these. If we go into the ad sets here, this is actually for a new product that i was doing a test on and you can see here there’s, no interest. These are all look-alike audiences. So basically i’ve touched on this.

In my youtube channel before, but when you’re making sales – and you have you – know a good amount of data and it’s been profitable, then you can use that data to test other products that are similar in the space.

So i talked about this now being a niche store with multiple products within the same space. So now you can use this data here to test this new product and you can see here out of all the assets that were running um.

You know a very small amount of them worked. I probably should be doing some interest in here um, and you can see here this one 1.86 turn off so now that’s off there’s, only two assets running that are still performing this week so far for this product and Even if we go here to lifetime, you can see a lot of these.

They got a couple sales, but this wasn’t very profitable or they spent money and weren’t even close, so i just went ahead and turned them off. So going to this week, i’m, just going to leave those right here for now, because this product is kind of on the edge.

But what’s been working really really well um pretty consistently, even though you see this one here, this is a cbo at 200 a day. So this is something kind of new that i’ve been working on, so i don’t want to get you guys.

Your guys hopes up too much, but i think this can work very well. If you have a large amount of products, so basically these two top campaigns right here are dynamic product ads. So you have a catalog.

You import pretty much all your products from your store into a facebook catalog and you can pretty much just have facebook display products. I think um are going to be good for the person that’s, seeing that ad kind of in a carousel style or you can do retargeting using it, which has been working really really well.

So, within this campaign here it’s at hundred dollars a day, and if we go here to lifetime, you can see spent twelve hundred forty five dollars and generated around fifty eight hundred. So it was originally a one hundred twenty dollar day budget uh.

But i ended up bumping it up to see if it would continue to work, and that was a few days ago, and it looks like it’s, not really working as well as it was. Since i’ve bumped up that budget and now cbo’s, do tend to take quite a bit more time to optimize and perform compared to an ad set level uh budget, just because it’s using campaign.

You have multiple targeting and sometimes multiple creative and while opening this dynamic campaign, you can see it’s, a different campaign objective compared to normal conversion campaign. So this was a conversion campaign and we’re optimizing for purchases, but here you’re, choosing catalog sales and then whatever catalog, you have you select there, and this is a cbo.

And let me show you what i actually have in here, that’s been working. So what i did was start off with just no interest um to see how that would perform and on lifetime it most definitely has done well.

A majority of the sales within the campaign um, but i would say, dynamic product ads – are going to tend to work best and perform um very consistently for retargeting, but obviously for retargeting. You can only spend compared to how much traffic you’re, actually bringing uh to the store itself.

So going back to this week. We can see these a couple. Retargeting ones are doing very, very well. There’s, a couple different options that you can actually use and what’s cool about the dynamic product ads is that you can actually do the custom audiences.

Excuse me within the ad set itself and not have to make the audiences and input them and exclude other ones. So here i’m, doing retargeting ads people who interacted with your product on or off facebook, and i chose here the last 180 days.

People that have viewed or added to carpet not purchased the reason i do 180 days, even though this hasn’t been running for 180 days, because that’s, the highest timeframe you can do, and if this runs for over six months, Um it’ll, continue to update by itself, and you know, reach a more broad audience which allows me to spend more money and see continuous results now doing smaller.

Audiences most definitely can make sense um, depending on what you’re. Doing. Creative wise, but i don’t, have a bunch of fancy stuff going on right now and now. This top campaign here is another dynamic product campaign, and what i did here was actually take all the one percent united states pixel-based look-alike types and put them in this campaign using this same creative from the other campaign.

So i don’t, have a lot of creatives going on right now, um pretty much what i’m, doing right now: creative wise and this campaign right here for the dynamic product ads. You know you can see here it’s, all the same, so dynamic product ad ad one is the same one.

I’m using cold to warm, because what i would consider cold to warm is either cold, targeting or lookalikes, which are warm and then retargeting would be hot traffic. People that have already been on scrolling around and um.

You know are more likely to buy compared to someone just directly from cold traffic, so we have the product set selected and just doing these look likes as the custom audience and it’s not doing too bad at all.

The one percent add to cart is doing the best for sure, but if we go here on the maximum, let’s, see kind of where we’re at so this one 45 spent we’ll, go ahead and turn This off – and these are pretty new – so go to this week – this one 45, not anymore sales since the original purchases, so we’ll, go ahead and turn off the initiate checkout as well.

So we’ve, been at a pretty consistent point. I’ve, been very. I would consider a little bit of luck here, but also a lot of work has been put into this to bring it to where it is um. You know a common question about ads and why your ads aren’t performing or a common reason, is just because of the quality of the content that you’re, actually putting out there um.

You know the biggest piece is going to be the creative and the copy itself and then, when you go to the website and making sure it’s, not something super spammy or just doesn’t look clean. You can tell us a drop shipping store, you can tell it’s, just not something you would really want to buy from um.

You want to create a brand identity and now that’s, a separate video and series in itself, but where we’re at right now, i just wanted to cover ads. So if you have a good product, um good content – and you know a good website and good creatives, then you can really make things happen.

Exactly like this. There’s, a lot of brands out there, similar to this that have you know the same results or maybe even better results, and there’s, just a lot of money to be made out there in this world and um.

You know now, where we’re at right now, if we go to today, you can see 453 spent and 2500 in revenue, so i think we can scale up here pretty easily and that’s, something i definitely do want to do. But i never do it too aggressively.

I know some people have different strategies, but for me – and maybe what you’ve, seen in my past videos, what i always do with the product is start off with a cold test like this and then i move into the pixel view.

Content look likes and they just didn’t perform too well on here, which is why those campaigns are both off for both of the products. When i tested the view, content look likes and then you know at the same time.

I still have this one running for the cold campaign for this product and a couple cbo’s for that product. This one is definitely the winner of the group um, which is started everything and if you go here lifetime we have 372 sales, which is pretty crazy and um.

You know how do we build from here is the big question so that’s. What we’re, going to do right now, we’re, going to dive into the ad account a little bit more and see how we can grow and what we can improve on.

So the first thing i’m going to do, which is a step. I actually skipped here um in this campaign, just because of what i was seeing result wise with the cbo’s and the dynamic product ad. So a step that’s, usually very beneficial for most people when running their facebook ads after they start making some sales it’s to actually break down.

Excuse me, the ad sets that they have running that are profitable and have you know over 10 sales, because now we can do is actually look into all this data. So let’s sort this by purchases, so we can see the top one here.

No interest 38 sales 9.65 row as and what we can do is go ahead and break it down by age, and you can see the top one here, the top demographic 25 to 34.. Now, typically, the way i would do this is have like a notepad or a note sheet open.

I’m blasting, some music and just having a good time, and i write down each of these specific demographics. So this one i’ll kind of keep in my head and keep it short and to the point and allow you to do this on your own time and spend more time on it.

But what i always do is all right. We see all these demographics here with a few sales. I would probably stick with these top three. They have over three sales with a profitable return, so i’m gonna write down each of these separate age, demographics.

So basically, it’s just 25 to 34, 18. 24. 35. 44. But i’m going to keep in my head 25 to 34, because that has the most sales. So i’m, going to go ahead now and break it down by gender, so 25 to 34.. So we can see female has a majority of the sales, but the male sales are more profitable.

So maybe i would try both now before. I forget all of these, so i can show you kind of what i’m. Getting at here when i’m breaking down assets with profitable uh returns is, i would go here and duplicate that ad set three times so go ahead and do that and now we’re, going to open up our campaign here.

There are these new ad sets. We’re, going to click view and edit, and we’re. Going to do here is excuse me, 25 to 34 male female. So now what we can do is scroll down here, go ahead and schedule these ads for midnight, since it’s later into the night.

This is something i just do by habit at this point. It doesn’t matter too much um, and then we’ll, go here to the first campaign. We’ll scroll down here, change the age to 25 to 34 and pretty much what we’re doing here is taking something that’s working already and has been working for quite a while now and seeing.

If we can continue to spend more money on the same type of targeting but make it more profitable by zoning in on the most profitable demographics, so in theory it sounds like all right. You know we could be doing this and make a lot more money, but it doesn’t, always work, but it’s, definitely something worth giving a shot, because now, once we have these, if i go ahead and publish these three breakdowns And there’s, a lot more breakdowns we can do here, but what this is doing is allowing us to just spend more money on the targeting and what you can do here just continue to do the same thing.

As you know, let’s say this gets 20 sales with a 10 row, as we can duplicate that three times into a cbo. Follow the same strategy that we’ve been doing here that’s been working and it just continues to grow, and we’re just stacking.

The ad sets themselves so here on the pixel view content. I only did one to five percent because that’s kind of where i start to see. If this is something i want to continue and do the rest, the five to ten percent um, these just weren’t weren’t it for me.

Yet so what i was planning on doing is just collecting more data, so this was kind of early in the stages uh. But now, with over 300 sales close to 400, we can kind of start digging more into the other types of pixel based look-alikes.

So that’s, what i’m going to be doing here over time. You know, like i said i’m, not going to scale this too aggressive, um and kind of back here, just real quick to touch on breakdowns. There’s, a lot of things you can go into as you start to make more and more sales.

So once this ad set has over 100 sales, if it’s still running it’s still profitable, you know we can break it down by the region, so the states within the united states, because we’re targeting only The united states, we can do placement and um just all kinds of different things.

You can see all the breakdowns right here that you can do time of day is kind of a bonus thing um that i talk about in a couple of my videos and pretty much. What you can do is just sort by the timing and see which times, based on your ad account time zone, are performing the.

What the best excuse me. So we can go through here and see all right. You know 6 a.m. 25 row as for sales, and you can actually create ads and spend money only in those specific times, so it’s again, another one of those breakdown things where, in theory it sounds like it can work very, very well, and it definitely can and Does but it doesn’t work every time like you would maybe expect it to so going out of here and where we’re at now, we’re doing some retargeting.

We’re kind of growing into these other products within the same niche, using the dynamic product ads and adding to the catalogs um a lot of cold. Targeting still, you know these three campaigns here and then this other product.

So what i’m about to do now after i close up this video, is go ahead and do some cold targeting for this product right here, because it’s been working okay with the look likes, but i think maybe some cold.

Targeting might kind of refresh it and help it perform better, and i’m, actually going to go ahead and do the same thing here. I did for the dynamic product as for the one percent, but now do it for the two percent.

Pixel-Based, look-alikes and uh see how we can scale it that way, because pretty much at this rate, if we go to this month in march, we’re, getting an average five return for every dollar that we spend.

So if i add another 20 a day in spend – and that brings back 100 in revenue on average, then it’s, going to be a pretty smooth process. But you know don’t get confused this process, isn’t. Always super smooth um, you know, typically, it isn’t very, very simple: there’s, a lot of things that come into play and just keeping an eye on your ads.

A lot of people are careless, launch ads and then forget about it or not, really pay attention and be like. Oh, it’s spent 200 bucks. Where’s, my sales, when, instead, you could have saved that 200 bucks by spending.

You know 10 20 bucks paying attention to the details based off your click-through rate, your click cost per click and your cpm and all that good stuff, because you can see here for the dynamic product either.

Cpms are a lot lower than some of these other ones. The click-through rate is almost doubled, it’s much much better and the cost per link. Click is a lot cheaper and you know in that same case. You can see, you know, based off of volume.

The ads are much more profitable as well. So if you want to see more updates on this ad account and where i’m, taking it into the future and starting to scale it slowly. But surely just let me know by leaving a like on this video and leaving a comment on what you want to see next, because this process kind of changes.

You know i have the framework and the strategies that i follow, but i really play it by ear. Based off of the results that i see in each of the ad accounts that i’m working on this, one has been a pretty fun one to work on over the last month and now it’s at a pretty consistent point.

Doing about two thousand a day or more in sales, with a five average row as so, we’re, making the right moves. We’re heading towards you know that 10k a day mark that we want to achieve, and if you have any questions about this whatsoever that you want answered, leave them in the comments below.

So i can either answer it there or if it’s, something that needs to be explained visually that i can do that on a video. So once again i appreciate you all for watching. Thank you so much for 100 000 subscribers and if you enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a big like comment and subscribe.

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