10 Richest People in the World for 2021

Elon Musk, serial entrepreneur, at TED2013: The Young, The Wise, The Undiscovered. Wednesday, February 27, 2013, Long Beach, CA. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

The richest man in the world 2021 edition has been crowned.
In its annual Billionaire list, Forbes has crowned the top earners for the last 12 months and surprisingly, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos does not top the poll.
So who are the richest people in the world?
Amazingly, despite the challenges of 2020, the number of billionaires of Forbes‘ 35th annual list of the world’s wealthiest ‘exploded’ to an unprecedented 2,755, up 660 from last year.
In fact, the report names 493 newcomers to the list, marking one new billionaire every 17 hours.
Here is a list of the 10 richest people in the world for 2021.

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